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“Hey- she looks like your type. Go talk to her,” Scott pushed Stiles towards another attractive girl they came across. Iris tried to hide her annoyance as she watched Stiles talk awkwardly to the blond. She looked older than them- probably in her early 20′s. They were 18 though so it wouldn’t be illegal.

It’s always the older ones, Iris thought bitterly. She had lost her ex-boyfriend to an older bitch too. She didn’t want another heartbreak but it’s not like she could control it. Besides, she and Stiles weren’t even together like that. They were only friends.

“Is your ice cream okay?” Scott asked his twin sister with a puzzled expression.

“Yeah, why?” she tilted her head. She took another lick of her cookie dough ice cream to show it.

“I dunno. You just have your annoyed look that you give when something isn’t going the way you want it to.”

Iris didn’t reply so they just watched Stiles enter his number in the girl’s phone. She had given him a slip of paper in response.

“What was her name?” Iris asked as she crossed her arms.

Stiles might be book smart but when it came to feelings or literally any other thing-

She was surprised at how dumb he could be.

She liked him, obviously.

Ever since Scott had introduced the 2 of them and Stiles had complimented her My Little Pony-themed lacrosse equipment, she had a crush on him. Defeating evil supernaturals was how her small crush turned into some big love thing. They were both normal humans after all who never understood how confusing being a supernatural could be.

She didn’t want to tell him until she knew he might have liked her back. She wasn’t as bold as the other girls who flirt with the most random guys they see. She wished she was- but she’s not.

She only dated a few other guys to get over her crush on Stiles. She kept telling herself she shouldn’t feel bad about using them as a distraction. After all- they did end up cheating on her.

“Cynthia,” he said with a grin, her name rolling off his tongue like it was some beautiful Harry Styles merch.

“Cynthia,” she repeated with no interest.

“We have a date tonight,” Stiles grinned cheekily.

“Yay,” Iris made no effort to show how bitter she was.

Scott and Stiles exchanged a look.

“Probably just her period,” he murmured to his best friend.

“I hate boys,” Iris huffed and walked home by herself.

Scott and Stiles went to go look for Malia or Lydia to help Stiles find what to wear for his date.

“Is something wrong with Iris?” Stiles asked Scott as they spotted Malia and Lydia discussing her latest math test score. She had a frown on her face making it obvious she flunked it.

“She’s always moody. Don’t worry about her,” Scott assured him. Stiles knew that wasn’t true but shrugged. He finally wasn’t going to spend his Saturday night pouring over books. He would rather be with Iris discussing multiple supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills but he didn’t want Scott to know.

Sometimes he wondered if werewolves could read minds.

“Look, I know you like reading things about the supernatural with Iris but come on! Lighten up,” he hyped up his best friend.

“Yeah,” Stiles faked a smile.

Scott was too busy kissing Malia on the forehead to notice.

“Hot date tonight?” Malia looked at her ex. Even though they had a thing a few months ago, they were mature enough to put it behind themselves. Sure it was awkward seeing his best friend makeout with his ex but Malia made Scott happy and that’s what Stiles always wanted.

“Yeah,” Stiles said and Lydia tilted her head.

“I don’t believe it,” she decided.

“What? Look- she gave me her number,” Stiles said and pulled out the slip of paper the blond had given him.

“We’re gonna go...” Malia said, pulling her and Scott away from the 2 of them. She sensed them about to argue and would rather makeout with Scott than witness them yell at each other- in public.

“Um, Stiles?” Lydia glanced at the paper. She knew the phone number area code in Beacon Hills and 432 was not one of them.

“This is a fake,” she flatly stated.

Stiles tilted his head as he studied it. He had been over the moon about receiving her number he hadn’t even studied it.

“Fuck,” his grin fell. Lydia patted him on the back and walked away.

“I better tell Scott and Iris,” Stiles murmured to himself as he scratched his head. The thought of spending another Saturday night with Iris cheered him up slightly.


“Hey,” Scott opened his houses’ front door to see Iris slumped on the couch, watching 13 Reasons Why for the tenth time. She only watched it when she was in a bad mood and hated the world.

Apparently, Scott knew that.

“You reek of anger,” Malia slumped down next to her. Iris looked at her, sucks that she’s straight.

She had a small crush on Malia for a while but stopped when she started going out with her brother. Every time she saw Stiles and Malia together she had sort of a... bi-panic.

“Maybe because I am angry,” Iris muttered, shoving her face in popcorn. Malia let her eat some before pulling it away from her. Iris shot her a frown as Malia took it gently away from her.

“Why are you so mad? Please tell me you’re not actually on your period. Wait-” Scott paused. “Never mind- please tell me you are on your period.”

Iris shot him a nasty look. “I’m not on my period.”

She quickly added, “don’t worry- I’m not fucking pregnant,” before Scott started panicking.

“This is weird,” Malia wrinkled her nose. “It’s situations like these where I’m glad I don’t have a sibling- anymore.” She had a soft look in her eyes and Scott kissed her on the cheek in a comforting manner.

“Anyway, want to tell us why you’re so moody?” Malia recovered from her emotional state quickly.

“No- I’m good,” Iris said, pushing Stiles away in her mind.

“Come on!” Scott slumped down to her other side.

Iris clenched her jaw in annoyance.

“Fine!” she shouted after Malia and Scott’s words got too much for her to handle. It was times like these where she was glad she wasn’t a werewolf. She could barely control her anger.

“It’s St-”

“We all know you like Stiles,” Malia cut in.

Scott almost fell off the couch. “What?” he yelled.

“Yeah, I mean she reeks of anxiety every time he looks at her or whatever,” Malia observed. “Haven’t you noticed, True Alpha?”

“Um,” Scott bit his lip.

“Yeah, it’s sort of true,” Iris admitted. She never said it out loud in case someone was nearby overhearing her.

The girls looked down on the floor to see Scott who had fallen off the couch.

“What?” he shrieked.

He had actually shrieked.

Malia and Iris glanced at each other before Iris nodded.

“Well, you better stop him and tell him before he falls in love with that Cynthia bitch. She was never his type,” Scott said, getting back up with Malia’s assistance.

“What? No way in hell,” Iris stood her ground. “I’ve liked him forever and just because you 2 know doesn’t make me want to tell him even more.”

“What if we tell him,” Malia suggested.

“Don’t you dare,” Iris growled at her. Malia whimpered as Iris glared at her.

“Well... we have a movie night and the theater is awaiting,” Scott said, dramatically. He kissed Malia before he got his car keys.

“Later,” they waved goodbye to Iris before heading out.

She locked the door as they pulled out of the driveway and froze as she heard a loud-


It came from upstairs.

“Hello?” she called out as she slowly grabbed a baseball bat. Stiles had got it for her as a Christmas present and it was the same one he used as a defense. She never thought she would love a gift more.

She slowly crept upstairs and was ready to smack the intruder on the head with her trusty bat. If she could knock Liam Dunbar on the full moon fully transformed and wild as fuck unconsciousness with it, she could knock anyone else.


Iris almost hit the person with her bat but they had caught it mid-hit.

“Stiles? What the fuck,” she lowered the bat.

“Almost hit by my own gift,” he sighed as he slumped in her bed. Iris wasn’t allowed to bring a guy in her room- Stiles was the only one allowed since they’ve been best friends since they were children and Melissa trusted him.

“Sorry, but you shouldn’t have snuck in like that. You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she protested.

“Sorry,” he shrugged, sheepishly.

“Anyway, don’t you have a date or something,” she crossed her arms as Stiles wrapped himself up using Iris’s favorite blanket.

“Um,” he hesitated. “The number was a fake...”

“Shit- sorry,” Iris motioned for him to make room for her on the bed and sat down next to him. She tugged on her blanket slightly to get him to share.

“I’ll only share if you admit that what you said downstairs was true.”

Iris froze. “What?”

“Do you really like me?” he bit his lip and stared intensely at her.

Iris didn’t know what to say. As much as she wanted to share a blanket with Stiles, she couldn’t take the embarrassment.

“No, I don’t,” she lied.

Stiles brushed his thumb over her lips before replying. “I’m no werewolf but still, I can tell when you’re lying, McCall.”

“Maybe I do,” she replied, staring down at his thumb which was lingering over her lips.

“Maybe I like you back,” he murmured, getting closer to her. Iris didn’t back away- she felt numb all of a sudden. She always wanted this. It was like she was about to have her first kiss all over again. Not that it went very well.

Stiles tilted her chin up, bringing Iris back to the present tense as she gazed into his warm eyes. He leaned in and closed the distance between their lips. Iris kissed him back.

Stiles’s hand cupped her cheek, tracing mini circles on her skin as he kissed her harder. She accidentally slipped her tongue inside his mouth and he let her have it.

Once they pulled apart for air, Iris swore she had never blushed harder.

“Did I make it clear?” Stiles said. “That I like you back.”

“I don’t think so. Wanna do it again?” Iris pursed her lips, catching on.

“Why I’d love to,” Stiles said, flipping her over so she was on her back. He slipped his shirt off with one hand while tracing objects on her skin with the other. He hovered over her body and started planting hickeys down her neck. Iris sighed in relief as she tilted her head back.

She always wanted this with Stiles.

It went differently than how it was in her dreams.

But she liked it.

She loved it.

*imagine the rest in your dreams 🖤

Story finished: 2/21/2021

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