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“Hey,” I sang as I pulled out a stool and sat next to my best friend, Malia Tate. She shot me a grin before replying.

“Hola, Val.”

I’m guessing she did well on her Spanish test.

Speaking of...

“Valeria Nunez,” my Spanish teacher called my name. I looked up at her just in time to see her handing out my writing formal.


I know, I know.

I might be Hispanic but that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be good in Spanish class instantly. My stepdad doesn’t speak Spanish so my mom’s pretty lenient with the rules in the house. We usually spoke in Spanish during dinner so we don’t forget the language but it hasn’t been the same ever since fucking Dave moved in.

“Need help?” Malia murmured to me. I looked at her and tried not to make it obvious I was deadass staring at her lips.

“My house tonight? We could have a sleepover,” I suggested. Dave and my mom were going out on a date night and won’t be back till tomorrow morning.

“I’m down,” she shrugged and pulled out her phone. I glanced to see who she was texting: Stiles. She was letting him know she couldn’t study with him tonight.

My petty ass smirked at the thought of Malia choosing me over Stiles but I knew she was straight and was only being my best friend. Unfortunately.

Sometimes I hate being lesbian and only liking Malia. Sure, other girls turn me on but Malia’s the one for me.

“Okay,” she grinned at me as she put her phone away before our teacher noticed. “Tonight, it is.”


“Hello,” I sang in an opera-style voice as I opened the door. Malia was holding a pizza box and I took it from her with a grin.

“You know just what I like,” I beamed.

“I know,” she stated, taking her shoes off. It was a thing in my house- no shoes worn inside unless they’re brand new. It had taken her a while to get used to the concept of it but she finally got it.

She followed me to my room where I had everything set up. My fairy lights were spread evenly and it was dark enough for me to turn them on. My mini TV was turned off- we had to study first, sadly.

“I don’t wanna study,” I whined as Malia got out her binder.

“Me neither but I’m feeling smart right now so,” she grinned and flipped open to her notes about Spanish directions. I got my binder out and started writing them down.

Malia unlocked my phone- she was the only other person who had the passcode to it- and started playing music. We sang along to One Direction softly while I finished writing down the notes. This was basically how we studied- one of us gives the notes to the other person, they write them down, they end up failing and the other person goes to their house and cheers them up with Dominos.

“Done!” I said after a few more minutes. My hand was cramping but my motivation was cuddling up with Malia and watching a movie which made me productive.

“Sweet,” she said, tossing our binders on the floor and made room for me to get closer to her. I grabbed the remote before snuggling up next to her.

“Which one?” she asked as she scrolled through my watchlist. I prayed she wouldn’t get to a certain movie I was finishing.

“What’s Bound?” she asked, interested.


“It’s a movie,” I noted.

“I noticed,” she said and clicked on it.

Since I was in the middle of a... scene- I grabbed the remote from her but before I could do anything, Malia shot me a wicked grin. “Hot.”

“Thanks?” I shot her one back.

She didn’t reply and had on her thinking face. It was as if she was debating between things in her head.

“Malia?” I tilted my head and she pinned me down to my bed.

Before I could think about how bad I wanted this, she smashed her lips onto mine and I ruffled her hair as I kissed her harder. She moaned as I trailed down to her neck and planted soft kisses on her skin.

I was so into it.

“Val,” Malia pulled back and had a horrified look on her face. “Do you know what this means?”

I cocked my head to the side. “That you like girls too?”

“Well... yes- and I just cheated on Stiles.” She put her head in her hands and moaned miserably. “Val, I’m a terrible person.”

“Mal, come here,” I hugged her tightly.

She pulled back after a few minutes.

“You are not a horrible person,” I said in a firm tone.

“But I’m a fucking cheater,” she brushed her hair out of her eyes. She had wanted bangs when she was younger so she got them a few weeks and was deeply regretting her decision. Sadly, werecoyotes don’t have magic hair powers like Rapunzel.

“At least you stopped it before we took it too far,” I bit my lip. “And you probably regret it too,” I mumbled softly but I knew she heard it.

“Val, I don’t regret it- I just can’t hurt Stiles like that,” she admitted.

I felt a little happier at her words.

“I know,” I sighed softly and she stroked my hair.

“I’m gonna tell him tomorrow. Do you still want me to sleep here tonight?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” I laid my head on her lap as she braided my hair. Sometimes she would tell me stories of how she survived in the woods as a coyote. Other times I would tell her things I did with Stiles and Scott in order to save Beacon Hills from evil creatures.

Right now we’re just laying down in silence.

I like it though.

Malia, you are not a horrible person.

*I love Malia and would never think of her as a cheater just to be clear. I mean, she’s such a badass, alright? If you don’t like her- that’s just embarrassing. Keep it to yourself <33

Story finished: 2/21/2021

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