teen wolf| short stories

theo raeken| brother's best friend

*my mom got my brother & I fun dips :)

*also idk why but I just keep getting short story ideas w/ the main character having a twin. I’ll try to switch it up but idk man...


“Leah- get your ass down here!” Gavin called to his twin sister from downstairs. He exchanged a wicked grin with his best friend, Theo Raeken.

“I hate brothers,” Leah grumbled as she heard him through her headphones. Even though the volume was all the way up, his yelling was still loud enough to hear. She might’ve been using her werewolf hearing, though.

She trudged downstairs and froze as she caught a familiar scent. It belonged to her longtime crush, Theo Raeken. Leah quickly collected herself before meeting him and her brother. Her twin and Theo have been best friends for a few years now and she didn’t know she managed to keep it cool every time he was close to her.

“Hey,” Leah waved at Theo and regretted it because she thought she looked awkward. He grinned at her, flashing his perfect teeth.

“We’re about to go practice some lacrosse and you have to come,” Gavin shoved his sister’s set of car keys in her hand. She was the only one out of the 3 of them who had passed her driver’s test.

“You’re the reason I regret having a license,” she sighed but accepted anyway. She only agreed because she would get to see Theo with a shirt off- playing a sport.

“Thanks, sis,” Gavin ruffled her hair as the two boys headed out the door.

“Yup, you’re the best,” Theo called out.

Leah swore her heart stopped beating for a second.


“Leah-” Gavin tried to warn his sister but too late.

The damage had been done.

Leah’s reflexes weren’t quick enough and the ball had hit her on the forehead. She felt herself drooping down and rubbed her hand where the ball had hit her.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“I’m so fucking sorry,” Theo ran over to help her.

“You’ll heal- come on let’s play,” Gavin scoffed but Theo ignored him. He knew Leah would heal- she’s been through far worse- but he still felt guilty.

“It’s alright,” Leah said, lifting up her arm to show a bruise forming on her forehead. In a matter of minutes, the bruise would go away.

However, the non-supernatural boys Theo and Gavin were playing with weren’t familiar with healing powers.

“Um, we’ll have to go get an ice pack,” Theo called out. Gavin nodded back and continued playing with the others.

Leah knew how bad he wanted to get on the team so she didn’t bother calling for him. In addition, she was excited to spend some alone time with Theo.

Nervous, yet excited.

“I’m so sorry,” Theo apologized again but Leah waved it off.

“It happens.”

She knew if it was Gavin, she would’ve given him a far worse injury to moan about.

He led her to the boy’s locker rooms after making sure no one was in there.

“Am I healing?” she asked as she looked into his warm eyes.

“You already healed before we entered the building,” he said, his eyes averting down to her lips as he bit his lips. Leah pursed her lips in response.

This moment had been in her dreams for so long and it was only a matter of seconds whether or not it would come true or not.

He tilted her chin up with his left arm and cupped her cheek. She felt him tracing mini circles on her skin before leaning down. Leah leaned up so their lips could barely brush past each other.

After a few slow seconds, Theo had his hand one of Leah’s thighs as he kissed her deeply. His tongue asked for entrance and she let him. They kissed, their tongues moved in sync.

Once they pulled apart for air, Leah was sure she was blushing hard.

“I don’t think we should tell Gavin,” Theo panted, breathlessly.

“For sure,” Leah agreed as she stared at him in awe.

*Sorry I made it super short. Not one of my bests.

Story finished: 2/22/2021

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