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derek hale| stealing kisses

“Maeve?” Allison Argent called for her older sister. She had just gotten home after a long school day and wanted to have some girl talk with her sister. She was only a couple of years older than her and was her best friend- and therapist. Not literally, though.

“Fuck,” Maeve shook her boyfriend, Derek Hale, awake as the sound of her sister’s voice woke her up. They had a long night and wanted to sleep in but accidentally slept in until 2 in the afternoon.

He moaned as he rubbed his eyelid.

“Allison’s home,” Maeve hissed at him.

“Fuck,” he quickly pulled his shirt on while Maeve unlocked her window for Derek to sneak out of.

She hated that she couldn’t date a werewolf because of her sister. She hated that she had to lie when the topic of dating was brought up in the Argent household.

Derek quickly kissed her cheek before sneaking out just in time for Allison to barge in.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking?” Maeve snapped at her sister. Allison froze right before slumping down on Maeve’s bed.

“Shit- I’m sorry.”

Maeve calmed down, “it’s alright- you gave me a heart attack.”

“I thought I heard voices in here- a male one. Did you finally get a boyfriend?” Allison changed the subject.

“Ally, you know I don’t have time for boyfriends. College is stressful and shitty as is,” she reminded Allison with a pointed look.

“I guess you’re right,” Allison sighed.

Maeve ruffled her sister’s hair before asking the question. “Is it Scott?”

“Yeah,” Allison didn’t bother lying. “It hurts seeing him with Kira but we both know it’s for the best.”

Maeve felt guilty. If her sister couldn’t see her werewolf boyfriend, she shouldn’t either. But she loved Derek and couldn’t bear the thought of being with someone else.

“I’m sorry,” she finally said and turned her TV on. “Want to watch some reality TV and laugh at bitchy people can be?”

Allison grinned.

Maeve prided in herself for knowing how to cheer her sister up.


“Maeve?” Derek called for his girlfriend as he snuck in through her window.

“Looking for my daughter?” Argent had his gun pointed at Derek who froze. He had thought Maeve would be home alone.

At least that’s what the text she said had read.

“You texted me through her phone, didn’t you?” Derek sighed as he realized.

“Not so smart for an alpha, are you?” Argent confirmed. He lowered the gun but it was still cocked. “I thought I told you to stay away from my family.”

“Well, your daughter’s one of a kind,” Derek admitted. He was probably blushing- which is something he never did.

“I know. I’m her father,” Argent pursed his lips.

“I just don’t think it’s fair you’re not allowing her to date who she wants,” Derek spoke up. He knew the topic was sensitive but he knew how much Maeve hated lying to her family. She never said it but he could tell.

“Dad-” Maeve had just walked in and froze at the sight of her father staring daggers at her (not so) secret boyfriend.

“Maeve,” he replied.

“I swear it’s not what it looks like,” she shook her head trying to bite back tears.

“Does he make you happy?” Argent had caved in. He knew for a month about Maeve and Derek. He had seen how happy they made each other. When their mother died and the whole family was in a state of depression, Derek was the one who kept Maeve going. In return, she helped the whole family get through the trauma. He had also saved Maeve once from some wild werewolves. Argent knew he could never repay that favor.

“Yes, of course, he does,” Maeve nodded, violently. Derek nodded too as he looked at his girlfriend with literal heart eyes. Derek knew he had never fallen for someone so hard before.

“Then I’ll allow it,” Argent said in a firm tone. Maeve’s soft smile grew bigger and Derek’s emotion-free expression turned into a soft grin.

“I’ll have to talk to Allison now. Unless any of you want to do it?” Argent turned around but Derek and Maeve were already making out.

He sighed but was happy that his daughter was happy as he walked to tell his other daughter the news.

*another short one- treat it like an imagine.

requests are open :)

Story finished: 2/22/2021

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