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tw: smut.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lori Rohr asked her best friend as she chewed her bottom lip nervously.

“Yes, I’m tired of being the only virgin in my junior year,” Ryla sighed as she scrolled through her contacts. She was looking for Devenford Prep’s school player.

Axel Davee.

“What if he has sort of STDs?” Lori wrinkled her nose.

“I’ll make him bring a condom,” Ryla shrugged.

“Do you seriously not care?” Lori laughed.

“I do- I just think finally fucking someone will take away the worries, though.”

“Look- he’s typing,” Lori pointed at Ryla’s phone. She had texted him to come over since no one was at her house. She hoped he got the hint.


“Sweet,” Ryla beamed as they read it.

“Wear something sexy,” Lori suggested and they ran to Ryla’s closet. She didn’t have many seductive-looking things so she cut one of her shirts to make it into a crop top. She wore a pair of Brett’s sweats because Lori told her it turned every guy on when a girl wore sweats. They were comfortable and felt right with her long legs. She still had to hold them up with a rubber band, of course.

“You look great,” Lori finished once Ryla applied some lipgloss on herself.

“Thanks,” Ryla shot her best friend a grin.

“I’m gonna get going. I don’t feel like staying for that,” Lori added and snuck out Ryla’s windows. Her parents weren’t home but it was a reflex for Lori to sneak out that way.

“Ryles- where are my sweat pants,” Brett had barged in her room. The girls were too busy getting Ryla getting ready to hear him walk in through her front door.

“Oh,” he saw her wearing them and decided they looked better on her.

“Do you want them?” Ryla asked, fingering the strings that held them up.

“No,” he said and sat down on her bed. Ryla wasn’t expecting Axel for another couple of hours- he was known to be late all the time- so she snuggled up next to him.

They were only friends but they snuggled together whenever it was cold.

“Remember the night we met,” Brett looked down at her very dark brown hair.

“Yeah, I was an out-of-control werewolf and you had to pin me down so hard. I swear I still have the marks,” Ryla lifted both her wrists to show him but there was nothing.

“I told you that you would heal,” Brett shrugged. Ryla leaned back on her bed and felt Brett studying her.


“You look like you’re dressed to go out. I don’t mean to be nosy but who’s the guy?”

“No one,” Ryla sighed.

“You’re lying. Sometimes you just forget I’m a werewolf too, huh?”

“Not my fault you’re so good at hiding your scent,” Ryla remarked. She still had to master that but kept procrastinating.

“Your fault for forgetting we were going to have a movie night tonight,” Brett pouted.

Ryla realized he was right. She had kept pushing them back and felt guilty. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it,” he said grabbed her arm and pinning it down to her bed. Ryla’s heart was racing as Brett’s eyes stared her down intently.

“Well, what would?” she began to ask but Brett already had something on his mind.

He hovered himself over her body and started planting kisses down her neck. She moaned at the feeling as his warm tongue made contact with her skin.

Brett knew Ryla was a virgin and knew what her plan with Axel was. He was a werewolf after all and werewolves get... jealous.

“Mhm, Ryles?” he looked back up at her before doing anything else. “I know you’re a virgin. Would you rather me do it or him?”

“You know?” she asked, breathless.

“Yeah, I think you forgot I have flawless hearing,” he chuckled.

“You do it,” she murmured, stroking his hair softly. Her soft touches started growing into tugs as he started ripping off her clothes. Ryla was always insecure about her belly fat and sucked in her stomach.

Brett started tickling her, making it so she had to laugh and couldn’t suck in her stomach. “What’s wrong with a little fat?” He kissed her stomach before letting his lips trail up to her breasts. Ryla sucked in air as he sucked her tits with his warm tongue. “Brett,” she moaned and he switched to the other one.

His lips started trailing down her body and stopped as he looked at the wetness he caused to Ryla.

“Did I do that?” he tilted his head before kissing her inner thighs.

“Did I do that?” she nodded her towards the boner that was coming from him. He growled but pulled her closer to him by grabbing her legs then started kissing her inner thighs. She moaned his name as she tugged his silky, copper-colored hair.

“Alright, baby,” Brett murmured as he got to her panties. He removed them with one quick pull and touched her.

“Brett, do it,” she moaned.

“I will,” he shushed her with a quick kiss before entering a finger inside of her. As he slipped a finger in her, she gasped, not ready for the feeling.

“It’ll hurt at first but I promise it’ll get better,” Brett murmured in her ear. Ryla threw her head back as she moaned. She was getting wetter so Brett added another finger. He pumped harder and harder and found her g-spot within seconds.

“I’m about to cum,” Ryla gripped her hand on his free arm.

“Do it, baby,” he said, ready to taste her and eat her out.

Once she cummed all over his fingers, Brett let her take a quick break while he licked his fingers clean. He moaned her name as he tasted her.

“You ready, babe?” Brett asked, hovering over her body getting ready for part 2.

“Yeah,” she said, unbuttoning his jeans.

Brett threw his jeans on her bedroom floor and they landed close to his sweats and Ryla’s other clothes. His bulge was getting bigger and he was ready to enter her. However, he knew she wanted to take it slow so he touched her curves slowly before doing anything. Ryla was already a horny mess and tugged Brett’s hair as she moaned. She hoped she wasn’t coming off as desperate but Brett was turned on by her tugging.

He spread her legs farther apart and leaned in so his head was between her legs. He started licking off the extra cum, moaning as he sucked. Then he ran his tongue across her pussy before swirling it around her clit. Ryla threw her head back once more as his warm tongue pleased her.

Ryla leaned her head forward to push Brett’s head just a little deeper. His tongue worked like magic on her and she let out breathless moans. She could feel him smile as he heard her soft moans.

She wrapped a leg around him as he flicked his tongue over her clit. He pulled back and licked his lips as he took his boxers off. Ryla bit her lip as she saw his 8-inch boner. Brett pulled on a condom with ease and hovered himself over her once more.

“It might hurt but you’re a werewolf. I think you can handle it,” Brett kissed her cheek before sliding himself into her.

Ryla gasped once she felt the tip of his dick enter her. She grabbed onto his shoulders as he started slowly riding her.

“Brett,” she whimpered and he kissed her neck a few times to comfort her.

She moaned louder as he hit her g-spot and kept going at a certain pace, afraid to hurt her.

“Go faster,” she pleaded and Brett picked up his pace. Ryla’s grip on his shoulder got tighter but he ignored the pain. He was sure if he kept going her claws would come out but he kept going.

Luckily, Ryla got used to the feeling and loosened her grip on him.

“Okay, baby-” Brett was about to ask her how she felt but she cut him off.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” she gasped.

“Me too,” he kissed her ear and softly bit it before letting her cum. Once he was out of her, Ryla safely cummed and Brett didn’t waste a single second. He stuck 2 fingers in her cum and moaned as he licked his fingers clean.

Ryla grinned slyly and went to go clean herself up despite all of Brett’s whines. He wanted to clean her up himself.

“How are you feeling, baby,” Brett wrapped his arms around her protectively as she snuggled closer to him.

“Still hurts but I’ll heal,” she mumbled into his neck.

“Still down for a movie?” he asked, tilted her chin up so he could kiss her. She beat him to it as she leaned up and planted her lips on his softly.

“I’m down.”

Story finished: 2/24/2021

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