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“Wake up, Walker.”

“No,” I rolled over on my stomach and turned away from my boyfriend, Derek Hale. He sighed and acted like he gave up but started tickling me instead.

“Holy hell!” I let out a monstrous squeal but he didn’t let me go just yet.

“Are you gonna wake up, now?” he chuckled as I squirmed to get away from his strong grip. His hair was messy thanks to me from last night.

“Yeah,” I replied and stared at the ceiling. I had my college interview- my third one this year. As if Beacon Hills wasn’t in danger, I had to go to a fucking college interview.

“Sucks you didn’t stay in your first college,” Derek mumbled as I got out of bed with great difficulty. I already missed being in his arms, being wrapped in my many fuzzy blankets. We watched some of our favorite movies last night and lost track of time.

“I told you, babe. The teachers couldn’t teach and the people were too... sketchy,” I murmured. I picked out a formal outfit after studying my closet for a few seconds.

He raised his hands in surrender. “Your interview- not mine.”

I bit back a smile as I walked to my shower.


“You’re going to do just fine,” Derek gave my hand a slight squeeze before I got out of his car. I didn’t realize how nervous I was until I calmed down as we made physical contact.

I’ve aced college interviews before and this is my second year in college. I guess last year really got my nerves jumping around.

“Thanks, babe,” I shot him a smile. He leaned in to give me a quick kiss before I walked inside the building. Other people my age were already heading inside and I read that being late lost you “points.”

As I walked to the building I shot everyone that passed by me a soft smile. I didn’t realize how much of a nerd I was being with this interview until Derek pointed it out a few days ago.

“Eden Walker?” the interviewer called my name. I had been waiting for about 5 minutes and was fidgeting nervously. I hoped the interviewer didn’t see it.

I wished I had time to chew gum to settle my nerves but the book I was reading told me not to chew gum. It would make it distracting.

“Hi, my name is Julia Barton. Nice to meet you,” my interviewer stuck out her hand and I shook it with a smile.

“Hi my name’s Eden Walker,” I said and wanted to slap myself.

She knows that, dumbass.

“It’s alright to be nervous,” Julia chuckled as she opened the door to her office. It looked roomy bur I was still nervous as fuck.

The music Derek and I were listening to on the way here had calmed me down for a little. Mostly because he was making snarky comments at my music taste and I almost transformed while we were waiting out a red light.

Once we started talking, my nerves settled down and I got more comfortable. Julia must’ve noticed because she started asking the key questions. “I understand that you were at a different college last year. Since that college wasn’t as academically challenged as ours, are you up for the challenges here?”

I took a deep breath and waited a few short seconds before answering.

“I believe that I am. I’m always up for a challenge-”

That’s true. Even though I was almost killed by that bitch Jennifer Blake, I did end up poisoning her.

“And I believe that there is nothing wrong with a good challenge. I’ve read that it’s healthy for our body and our nervous system.”

Derek would scoff and call me a nerd but it’s true.

“Me too,” Julia agreed as she added more to her notes. I held my breath as I waited.

It’s times like these that I wished werewolves had stronger vision as well as hearing.


“Thank you for your time,” I thanked Julia. The interview lasted about 40 minutes and I thought it went pretty well. I made a mental note to send her a thank-you note once I got home. I read it helped get extra points.

“Of course,” she said as she held open the door for me.

I found Derek sleeping peacefully in the passenger seat of his car. I’m pretty sure he expected me to drive us back to my apartment. I rolled my eyes as I got the car started and pulled out of the campus parking lot.

I saw a Taco Bell and pulled into the driveway. It was our favorite fast-food place and since I think the interview went well, I might as well treat us. Derek had a 20 dollar bill resting inside a cup holder and I used it to pay for our food.

I quickly ordered our food and got the money ready. Derek always ordered for us since my social anxiety kept me from doing everyday things like fucking ordering food from my favorite fast-food place.

“Oh,” Derek stirred awake.

“Morning- again,” I beamed at him.

“That’ll be 18 bucks,” the guy at the second window said. I handed him the bill and he left to get change.

“Hey, wasn’t that my-” Derek realized but I waved it off.

“My bad.”

The guy handed us our food and I looked at it with lust. I love Taco Bell.

“You have the patience to wait a few minutes?” Derek scoffed at my expression.

“Of course I do. Who do you think I am? You?” I said referring to the number of times Derek got impatient for... us to be alone...

He arched an eyebrow at me. “Oh, really?”

“Yes,” I said as I took a right turn.


“Der-” I began but realized he wasn’t next to me. We fell asleep watching Tangled last night and I was sure he would wake up next to me. I wasn’t worried about where he was. It was normal for him to disappear in the middle of the night. After a few hundred scares from it, I got used to it.

I yawned and debated whether or not I should sleep in. It had been 2 long weeks since my college interview and I tried everything to get my mind off it. Derek even offered to rewatch every single MCU movie with me to get my mind off it. Stiles and Scott broke into my apartment in the middle of the night and I almost gave Stiles a concussion when I banged him on the head with a frying pan. Lydia offered to study with me but that made my anxiety even worse. Malia offered to look up hot guys and girls on the internet with me. Derek ended up shutting that idea down.

Corey and Mason baked a cake for me last night. I would say it was... creative.

“What the...” I looked at the banner that was above my kitchen table.


The whole gang was here with a grin on their faces.

Stiles and Scott were fighting over who got to hold the cake. It ended up falling on the floor with a splat. My little puppy, Crystal, Derek and I adopted a few months ago ran over to lick the icing. I chuckled as Derek glared at both of them and Scott and Stiles blamed each other for the accident. Lydia rolled her eyes and murmured, “Tell me why I’m in love with him?”

“Don’t look at me,” Malia licked some icing off her fingers.

“Wait- what’s going on?” I asked with a confused look. Corey and Mason both shot me a grin.

“Would you look at that?” Liam chuckled. “You’ve been asking about it for the past 2 weeks and now you forget?”

“What- ohh,” I bit my lip. “Show me.”

“Right here,” Derek said, hugging me from behind. He knew those were my favorite kind of hugs.

I tore open the envelope as the gang eagerly waited.

I skimmed the letter, “Congratulations... you have been accepted to the...” I broke into a grin and the breath everyone had been holding was exchanged for a grin.

“Sweet,” I chuckled as Derek pulled me in for a tight hug.

“Your turn?” I asked him, knowing damn well what his answer would be.

“Baby, you know damn well I’m not the college type.”

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Short Story finished: 2/15/2021

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