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What would a teen wolf short stories collection b w/o the alpha??

Absolutely nothing.


“Hold on,” Lydia Martin stopped Phoebe from walking out of the classroom. Classes were done for the day and Phoebe was in a rush.

“You’re saying that you invited Scott to a movie night at your place?” Malia Tate tilted her head.

“Yes,” Phoebe nodded. “So if you could just let me go...”

“Not a chance, blondie,” Malia scoffed. Phoebe twisted a strand of her brown hair which had blonde highlights.

“Are you trying to get out of the friendzone?” Kira cooed.

“No. I just want a movie night with one of my best friends,” Phoebe lied with ease.

“She’s lying,” Malia pursed her lips.

“She’s so in love with him,” Lydia said at the same time.

Kira nodded at both statements.

“Okay, so what if I like him? Is there a rule that you can’t date a true alpha?” Phoebe sighed. She just wanted to go home and get the snacks ready for the night.

“No- we just have no life and want to help play cupid,” Malia snorted.

“Speak for yourself. I have a date tonight,” Lydia ruffled her hair before leaving them.

“I have kitsune practice with my mom,” Kira sighed and left.

“Okay, so I basically meant that I have no life,” Malia clapped her hands. “But they didn’t need to know that,” she whisper-shouted.

Phoebe scoffed and started heading out the door.

“CALL ME IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE!” Malia hollered after her.



“Dude- did she only invite you?” Stiles asked Scott as he zipped his backpack in a rush. He wasn’t paying attention as he closed it and the zipper broke, causing everything to fall out.

“Yeah,” Scott answered, helping him clean everything up.

“She definitely likes you!” Liam exclaimed.

“Please, you don’t know anything about girls,” Mason scoffed.

“Says the only other gay in here,” Liam snorted.

“Then how did I manage to pull more girls than you?” Mason shot back.

Stiles and Scott exchanged a glance and left the 2 of them fighting in the hallways.

“Are you finally gonna kiss her?” Stiles asked Scott.

“No! I mean- I want to but I don’t know... I don’t want her avoiding me after,” Scott stuttered. They saw Malia heading out of a classroom with an annoyed look on her face.

“Malia,” Stiles called after her and she turned around.

“What?” she crossed her arms.

“You’re a girl,” Stiles nodded at Scott. “And you know if a girl likes someone...” he said slowly.

“I was a fucking coyote most of my life. I don’t even know if I like someone so go talk to someone else,” she replied and walked off.

“Well, she definitely doesn’t like you,” Scott chuckled, dryly.

“Let me call Lydia,” Stiles perked up. He rang her number and she replied. “Hey Lydia,” he put her on speaker.

“What is it this time?” she sighed and clicked a girl.

“You’re a girl... and you know if a girl likes a guy....” Stiles hoped she got the hint.

“Um, last time I checked, I was a fucking Banshee, not Cupid,” she hung up.

“Girls are so confusing. Why don’t you date me instead?” Stiles groaned. Scott patted him on the back as they walked out of the school.


“Hey,” Phoebe answered her door and Scott grinned at her. His stomach was filled with butterflies before but the sight of his crush somehow eased him.

Phoebe felt the same but obviously, he didn’t know that.

“I basically got all the snacks I could get my hands on,” Phoebe rambled on and on as she went around to her kitchen to get the food. She went shopping after school to get junk food. She knew the candy Scott liked and got extra.

“Sweet,” he chuckled and opened his mouth as Phoebe tossed a Sour Patch into it.


They made their way upstairs to her room. Phoebe knew the ruled about having no boys allowed in it but she knew her mom broke those ruled anyway.

How else would she even be alive?

“Which one?” Scott asked as he sat down next to her. Phoebe wrapped a blanket around herself as Scott grabbed the remote, turning on the TV.

“You choose,” she grinned as she snacked on caramel popcorn.

Scott thought for a minute. He really wanted to kiss her and didn’t want to chicken out. He recalled Stiles’s words in his head before doing anything.

“You’re a True Alpha, right? So Alpha-up, man.”

“Phoebes,” Scott turned to look at her. She shot him an innocent look as she started back. His eyes accidentally trailed down to her glossy lips and he tried playing it cool.

Phoebe had a feeling he was thinking about someone else than the movie they would be watching.



Phoebe gave up on Scott kissing her first. She grabbed him by the throat and slightly choked him before planting her lips on his. Scott grinned into it as they made out.

*I’m working on a Bucky fanfic & book 2 for my miss spy & her spy series soo life is stressful right now.


Chapter finished: 2/25/2021

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