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“How are we going to control ourselves by tomorrow?” Erica scowled at Derek who had just lectured his new pack again.

“Yeah, the full moon is tonight and we only have a few hours,” Isaac grit his teeth.

“Stop exaggerating- it’s technically only the afternoon,” Boyd muttered under his breath.

“Still- that’s about 6 hours from the full moon.”

“If you 3 would just shut the hell up,” Derek snapped once they all started arguing back and forth. They hushed and looked back at him. He had on his hard thinking face but caved in.

“I have a person,” he began.

The sound of a dagger hitting the wall interrupted him. All 4 of them looked at the intruder, Erica ready to attack and the boys ready to run away.

“Finally, I thought I was just going to have to interrupt,” Camryn scoffed as she pulled out her dagger from the wall. She had struck it there before and it was on the verge of collapsing but didn’t care.

“But you did, anyway,” Derek replied.

“Who is she?” Isaac pointed at her.

“It’s rude to point,” Camryn informed him without giving him a second glance. He lowered his finger but arched an eyebrow at Derek.

“That’s Camryn- my sister,” Derek sighed.

“Oh,” Isaac’s face fell. Neither of them was expecting Derek to have another sister besides Cora.

“Yeah, I made it out of the fire just fine. We kept in touch this entire time. I was just on the run from these psychotic Hispanic hunters,” Camryn sighed as if she did that every day- which she did.

“How is she going to help us control ourselves?” Erica looked at her alpha.

“Because I helped little Derek when we were younger,” Camryn smirked. It was a subject neither of them wanted to discuss.

“You did what?” Boyd let out a chuckle.

“How old are you, exactly?” Isaac asked at the same time.

“I’m your age. I finished school early, though,” Camryn replied and pulled out 3 sets of chains from her bag.

“You still have them?” Derek asked, surprised.

“Of course, I still have them,” Camryn rolled her eyes.

“I’ll take this one. I’m sure you can handle 2,” she added and motioned for Isaac to come join her on the opposite side of the room.

Derek, who was overprotective of his sister protested. “No, you take Erica.”

Camryn knew what he was thinking. “Please, we both know that still wouldn’t stop me from having a little fun,” she smirked as she chained up Isaac.

“I forgot how wild you can get,” Derek muttered as he motioned for Erica and Boyd to go outside with him. “We’ll be in the vault!” he hollered before closing the door.

“We’ll be... here,” Camryn hollered back.

Isaac shivered at the loud noises and goosebumps formed on his skin.

“When did he bite you?” Camryn asked as she slumped down with her back to the wall.

“A week ago,” he answered.

“This is so fucking stupid,” Camryn had to say the thing on her mind. She knew Derek’s intentions weren’t exactly bad- but creating a pack full of teenagers that don’t know shit about the supernatural...

And she was offended he didn’t ask her for help.

“What is?” Isaac asked as he looked out the window.

“Derek shouldn’t have turned the 3 of you. You’re just teenagers. This bite isn’t permanent- once you have it, you have it for life,” Camryn answered.

“I believe I read the terms and conditions before signing up,” Isaac murmured, sarcastically.

“I’m being serious here, you’ll regret this all one day,” Camryn clenched her jaw. She was about to lose her cool. Bottling up all her anger towards her ignorant brother didn’t do her or anyone else any good.

“Did you? I know you were born one and all but did you regret being a werewolf?” Isaac asked.

“Did I? Oh, I still do,” Camryn fingered her dagger.

“Why?” Isaac couldn’t help but ask. He knew the sun would be setting in an hour or 2 but he had the feeling Camryn needed to talk so he sat down next to her. He watched her hesitate and debate in her mind whether or not to trust him.

“I won’t say a single word,” he said, softly.

Camryn sighed. The temptation was too hard to resist.

“There was a guy,” she began and Isaac didn’t like where this was going. He balled his fists up to control his anger... or was it envy?

Camryn didn’t notice, she was too busy playing with her dagger.

“I trusted him like the vulnerable little bitch I was. Derek and Peter told me not to get too attached or I’ll do stupid things. I did, anyway. The next thing I know, we’re fucking and he shoots me with a gun infused with wolfsbane,” she wiped a tear rolling down her cheek before Isaac could see it.

“I almost fucking died if it weren’t for Derek and Peter who found me,” she finished and her voice cracked. There was a bit more to the story but she couldn’t bring herself to tell it. “So, that’s why I never came back to finish school. I learned from the distance. I have a few jobs and the money isn’t hard to get,” she added.

“I’m so sorry,” Isaac bit his lip, deciding whether or not to hug her or something. He was never really good with these sorts of talks. He was guessing Camryn felt the same.

“My dad locked me in the chest freezer in our basement. He also hit me a lot,” he murmured. Camryn looked up at him. She never would have guessed that.

“Guess I’m not the only one who’s good at hiding,” she murmured. She took a few seconds to get herself together before tying Isaac down.

“The moon’s gonna shine in an hour,” she said, looking at the sky. It was one of those days where night fell early- which in this case, wasn’t beneficial.

Isaac felt it. His anger towards everyone- but mostly his father. He hadn’t said a single word about him to anyone except the police. Talking about him now made him angrier.

Isaac growled softly as Camryn had her back to him, watching the moon appearing.

“Isaac,” she turned around and saw him try to pounce on her. She dodged it and luckily, the chains held him back. His claws were out and so were his fangs. His eyes were glowing brightly but Camryn wasn’t threatened. She growled back every time he growled at her to keep him in control.

Isaac winced as he stepped on Camryn’s dagger and took a few steps back, accidentally slamming into the wall. Once he healed, he started growling threatening things to her back again.

“I want to stab you with your fucking dagger.”

“Go ahead. Wouldn’t be the first time,” Camryn waved it off as she growled back at him. Isaac growled back, muttered more curse words at her. Camryn, being her stubborn self, spat them back at him. He was draining all her energy but she still argued back, catching her breath.

She checked the time on her phone.


“Already?” Camryn murmured.

“Put that phone away,” Isaac scowled, “before I break the fucking thing.”

“Mhm,” Camryn rolled her eyes but put it back in her leather jacket pocket. It was one of Derek’s many leather jackets she stole before running away.

“Fuck you,” Isaac scowled with a hard glare. Camryn let her eyes glow right back at him.

“You could never.”

Isaac scoffed, “If I tried, I could.”

“Not likely.”

“Oh, yeah?” his voice wasn’t as gruff anymore. Camryn felt him changing back slowly.

“Yeah,” she played along.

“Then let me try and I know you’ll give in.”

She hesitated. “It’s still the full moon, Mr. Confident.”

“After that, then?”

Camryn saw his eyes, teeth, and hands go back to normal. The effects were wearing down. She was surprised how little it took him. She was a hot mess when she was learning to be in control.

“Do what, again?” Camryn asked as she walked over to Isaac and untie him.

“This,” he wrapped a hand around her throat once he was untied and pinned her to the wall. He trailed kisses down her neck causing Camryn to lean back as she moaned softly. Isaac’s lips trailed back up and Camryn closed the short distance between her lips and his. Camryn asked for entrance as she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Isaac, surprised by her dominance, let her have it. Camryn moaned softly as she tugged his hair and wrapped a leg around his torso, bringing him closer to her. His body heat was giving her warmth and she liked it. She liked it very much.


Camryn and Isaac pulled back to see Derek with his arms crossed. Boyd and Erica were behind him, a little dazed and confused. It was from the full moon side effects and from the sight they had just walked in on.

“I walk out for like 3 hours and this is what happens? This is fucking Alberto all over again,” Derek muttered and rubbed his temples with his left hand.

“Who’s Alberto?” Isaac smirked at her.

Camryn bit her lip, trying to hold back a smirk.

“No one.”

“If this is going to be a thing,” Derek added and pointed at the both of them. “If I find out that you hurt her,” Derek rephrased and looked at Isaac. His eyes glowed red, showing his alpha rank. “I will hurt you and make you regret everything- and I mean everything.”

Camryn scoffed, trying to shut down the tension between the two.

“No need to get all Hardin Scott, I can handle myself,” Camryn winked and pulled Isaac out with her.

“What are you thinking about?” Isaac looked at her with a smile playing on his lips.

Camryn kissed him on the neck before replying. Her long legs didn’t need her to stand on her toes or anything. She was actually an inch or 2 taller than Isaac.

“Just something I want to do to you once we find a private place.”

*Tall girl appreciation 😜👏

Story finished: 3/3/2021

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