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“But Scott,” I whined but he wouldn’t give in.

“I’m sorry, Sierra but he is your brother,” he sighed as he put on his jacket.

“But I’m not even a fucking werewolf,” I complained as we both watched Theo chain up Liam and my brother, Dylan.

“Plus, they’re both your betas,” I pointed out and crossed my arms.

“Here’s a 50,” Scott sighed and handed me the bill. I instantly dropped my attitude and took it with a grin.

“Theo, make sure Sierra doesn’t get hurt,” Scott warned him before leaving.

“I can handle myself,” I assured him.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Scott rolled his eyes. He knew how annoying I could be.

He left in a second leaving Liam, Dylan, Theo, and I alone. This was so not the way I wanted to spend my Friday night.

“Can you control yourself?” I double-checked as I asked Theo.

“Would Scott ask me to come if I couldn’t?” he smirked.

Liam and I exchanged secretive glances. It was actually me who asked Scott to invite Theo.

“Right because Scott asked you- therefore you’re here,” I mumbled as I played with my fingers.

“Hello?” Dylan spoke up and we all looked at him. He nodded towards the window. The moon was shining. Liam started growling and Dylan’s eyes were glowing. They both lurched forward to attack Theo and I but the chains held them back.

I clenched my jaw to calm myself down.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let them hurt you,” Theo said in a rushed manner as the 2 out-of-control werewolves lurched forward once more. The chains rattled and the sound made me cringe.

“Control yourself,” Theo shouted at them.

“How?” Liam growled back.

“Think of an anchor,” I advised. Scott said something about one a few days ago.

“A- what?” Dylan asked as the chains pulled him back once more.

“Think about Drake,” I said. Drake Cooke is his boyfriend and his bi- awakening. They’re cute or whatever but they make me feel single as hell.

“What about me?” Liam asked. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Think about your family or someone that’s close to you,” I said and looked at Theo who glanced back at me as a reflex.

I quickly looked away. Thankfully, it was dark so he couldn’t see me blush.

“How long do we have?” I asked him.

“They should be controlled in a few hours. Want to go upstairs while we wait- unless you enjoy hearing their annoying threats?” he arched an eyebrow.

I cocked my head to the side and pretended to think. “Upstairs,” I answered, grabbing some snacks.

“Hey,” Dylan lunged forward and tried to snatch my hair. Theo pulled me back just in time.

“What?” I snapped at him.

“I hope you choke on a popcorn,” he spat and I rolled my eyes.

Theo closed my room door making me nervous as hell. I played with the new phone case that I haven’t put in my phone yet because I’m lazy as fuck.

“You’re anxious?” Theo remarked as he sat next to me.

On. My. Fucking. Bed.

Sometimes I forgot I’m close friends with supernaturals. Sometimes I even forget I live with one.

“He’ll live. The first full moon nights are the worst but we make it out alive,” Theo assured me. I wasn’t worried about that. I knew Dylan would get over it. I mean, he did make it alive when he was bitten by some rogue werewolf. That’s right, Scott isn’t Dylan’s actual alpha but he takes in almost everyone so...

“Then why are you so nervous?” Theo asked.

I swear he’s doing this to me on purpose. He ran his fingers through his hair and I clenched my jaw from doing anything embarrassing. This boy has got to become a movie star or something. Wait- then the other girls would want him. Never mind, I like him just the way he is.

Please tell me he can’t read my thoughts.

“Nothing,” I waved it off.

“Sure?” he placed a hand on the side of my face and turned me around to face him. Slowly.

I looked into his mesmerizing eyes. I accidentally let my lips trail down to his gorgeous lips.

“Sierra?” he whispered and I looked up. I tried to cover up the fact that I was thinking dirty thoughts about him again.


“Should we?” his gaze was still on me. I don’t know how I’m able to maintain eye contact with him. I blinked a few times, unsure how to respond.

“Do wh-”

He tilted my chin slightly up and planted his lips on mine. Neither of us pulled apart.

I kissed him back deepening the kiss and he placed his free hand on my waist as a reflex. Without thinking, I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair. It was a beautiful feeling. He tasted good. His hair was silky as fuck. His hand placement on my body was a ten out of ten.

Make it eleven out of ten.

A vase being shattered from downstairs broke the kiss. We both licked our lips and ran downstairs. I was probably blushing like crazy but Theo had a calm face on.

“What happened?” he asked Liam and Dylan. They were both back to normal by now.

“Nothing, we just wanted to stop you 2 before you started fucking.”

*regrets life decisions*

Story finished: 3/9/2021

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