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“Lacrosse tryouts, huh?” Elena peered at the flyer that was just tossed to her. Her werewolf reflexes allowed her to catch it before it hit her on her head. The asshole who tossed it at her groaned and walked away to find another victim.

“I don’t like that look on your face,” Brett said as he neared her. Elena smirked in reply, knowing she was making it worse.

“I want to try-out,” she simply stated. Lori, who overheard, walked over with interest.

“No girl has ever made the team before. Sure, they tried but the coach is hella harder on the girls,” she informed Elena.

“And he’s a dick,” Brett nodded. They all knew the reason he was taking up lacrosse.

“Come on!” Elena nudged Brett, “I think I can make it.”

Since it was only the three of them, Brett brought up the subject on werewolves. “Elle, you barely know how to control yourself. What if you transform when some asshole knocks you over?”

“I’ll knock him down first,” she simply replied.

Brett sighed. “You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

“Please?” Elena bit her lip and played with his hair, standing on her tiptoes. Lori was on her phone with her earbuds in blasting loud music so she couldn’t see- or hear them. Brett clenched his jaw.

Elena knew the effect she had on him.

He also knew the effect he had on her at times.

“Fuck you, Elle,” he gave in.

“You wish,” she kissed him on the cheek before dragging Lori away with her.


“Okay, tryouts are tomorrow. We only have a few hours before someone calls the cops on us,” Brett informed Elena. She got in her stance, ready to shoot at the goal. Brett put on his helmet and got ready.

They were practicing at the Devenford Prep school field. The forecast was a light drizzle and neither of them cared if they got wet or not.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Brett called out. Elena shot and Brett quickly saved it from getting in the goal.

“Fuck,” Elena cursed.

“It won’t be easy,” he added as Elena missed yet another shot.

“I figured,” she clenched her jaw.

“Control your anger,” Brett warned her as he tossed her another ball. She easily caught it and managed to pass it to him without it dropped. They passed it back and forth until Brett told her to start shooting again.

“Go for speed and distance,” he added.

Elena nodded and struck the ball towards the goal. Brett tried to block it but she had made it.

“Whoo!” Elena cheered and jumped. She quickly controlled herself but Brett chuckled.

“Try it a few more times,” he said. He didn’t go any easier on her. Elena missed a few times but Brett gave her more and more tips.

“Okay, stop holding it like that,” he finally said. He thought she would switch how she held her lacrosse stick but she never did.


Elena tried switching sides but almost hit Brett on the face. He quickly dodged it.

“Like this,” he murmured as he came up from behind her and held the stick firmly. Elena planted her hands on it.

She felt his breathing go slow but could hear his heartbeat beat insane.

And vice versa.

A few rain drops trickled on Elena’s face and Brett wiped them away. He looked into her eyes and they both ignored the rain that was falling down on them.

Elena couldn’t wait. She leaned up and planted his lips on his. He let go of his lacrosse stick and she did the same as she brought her hands up to his hair. He wrapped both arms around her waist.

Brett deepened the kiss and Elena slipped her tongue inside his mouth, taking control. His hands started roaming her body.

They pulled apart for air.

“We should get going, you’re wet,” Brett remarked as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Elena smirked.

“No- I didn’t-” he quickly denied but waved it off.


“Allen, Elena,” their coach hollered her name. No other girl bothered showing up at try outs. The coach looked at her like she was a sewer rat as Elena put on her helmet.

She made out with Brett just seconds before try outs in an empty classroom.

She had managed to run laps with the other boys without getting tired or losing stamina. The coach showed no sign of being impressed.

Elena sighed and cracked her knuckles she got ready to shoot.

Brett was already in the team and whispered tips but Elena waved it off. She stayed up all night playing lacrosse with imaginary equipment.

She shot towards the goal and missed the first time. A few of the boys snorted and Brett gave them the finger.

The coach shook his head.

Elena tried again and made it.

“Lucky shot,” the asshole in goal sneered.

Elena ignored him and shot a few more times.

She made all of them.

“I prefer an even number,” she told the coach before leaving with Brett.

She intertwined her fingers with him. He shot her a proud look as he leaned down to kiss her. She kissed him back and grinned once they pulled apart for air.


“Did I make it?” Elena rushed to the board which held the players who the made.

Brett and Lori exchanged nervous looks.

“I’m sorry, Elle,” Lori shot her a pitying look and walked away.

“You made it,” Brett grinned at her. Lori grinned at them before joining another friend.

“Deadass?” Elena asked before cheering.

“Did you hear my heartbeat?” he smirked as he pulled her in for another kiss.

Story finished: 3/11/2021

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