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“Watch where you’re fucking going!” Amber swerved to the right and slammed her foot on the brakes. She rolled down her windows and her eyes widened as she made eye contact with her enemy.

The boy who had almost choked her to death stood before her. He had circles under his eyes and wore the same clothes as last time she saw him- which was a month ago.

“Theo Raeken,” she murmured to herself and looked back at the steering wheel. It was dark and the moon was the only sign of light for miles.

“Amber Cheadle,” Theo muttered back, and instead of anger in his eyes- like Amber- he had grief in his eyes.

Amber softened her gaze on him and instead of getting out of her car, she asked, “Do you need a place to stay for the night?”


The car ride to Amber’s place was quiet. She was fine with it. She didn’t know why she was offering to let him stay at her place. She was once homeless for a mere week and had been taken in by her aunt once her parents disowned her. In other words, she understood what Theo was going through.

“I thought you had a car,” Amber murmured as she parked her car on the driveway. Her aunt Penny lived in a suburban house but was out for the evening. She wouldn’t be back for a week since her work caused her to stay at exotic places for week-long periods.

“It got towed a day ago,” Theo yawned.

Amber didn’t know how to reply- and she sure as hell wasn’t going to say “sorry.” He didn’t deserve it. Not after what he had done to her.

Amber could still see his nail imprints on her neck as she glimpsed at herself in the mirror.

“We should have another mattress,” Amber murmured and excused herself to run upstairs and find it. Theo nodded and sat down at her couch, studying Amber’s baby pictures that Penny had placed on the coffee table. She was recently viewing a photo album full of baby pictures but didn’t put it back.

“What are you doing?” Amber snapped. Theo realized he was peering at her pictures and froze.

“Shit, sorry,” he said, quickly. Amber shut the album shut and placed it somewhere else.

“I couldn’t find another mattress. Can you sleep on the couch?” she asked him. She was not going to give up her bed for him. He was still dangerous.

“Yeah,” he murmured. Amber handed him a blanket and was about to go upstairs but saw Theo toss and turn on the couch. It was leather- making it super uncomfortable. Penny had a waterbed for her back and Amber knew Theo wouldn’t like that one either. Leaving Amber’s bed the only comfortable place.

“Get up,” she ordered Theo and rolled her eyes. He didn’t bother arguing with an already pissed-off Amber.

He followed her upstairs and Amber opened the door to her bedroom.

“It’s the only comfortable place,” Amber sighed. “Just stay on your side.”

“Um, thank you,” Theo looked at her.

“Yeah, whatever.”

She quickly left to change in her pajamas.

Theo took over his side of the bed. Amber had left 2 blankets- one for him and one for her. He took the red one and left the fuzzy light blue one for her.

Amber stepped back inside wearing an oversized Nirvana T-shirt, overlapping the shorts she was wearing. She bit her lip before taking her side of the bed.

“Don’t do anything,” she warned him as she turned her lamp light off.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Theo’s attitude had returned. Amber scoffed and closed her eyes.


Amber’s alarm clock went off and she quickly opened her eyes to shut it off. She hadn’t even raised her hand when it turned off.

“Good morning,” Theo stretched his arms and Amber’s eyes widened once she realized her blanket was on the ground. Her body was sharing the same blanket as Theo’s.

“Ugh,” she groaned as she quickly got out of bed. I guess this is one way to get me out of bed in the morning.

“It’s Saturday. Why are you up so early?” Theo tilted his head to the side.

Amber started making her bed and sighed. “I volunteer at Deaton’s place with Scott on Saturdays.”

Theo made a face but recovered when Amber shot him a glare.

“You know Stiles is trying to get his dad to arrest you,” she added, softly.

“I figured,” Theo muttered and he helped Amber make her bed. Once they finished, Amber glanced at him and quickly looked away.

“Wanna come with me?” she offered.

“I should probably get going,” Theo nodded toward her window.


She watched him leave and locked the door behind her, wondering how they ended up together during the span of 8 hours.

Not together together or anything.


“Um, can I help you?” Amber greeted Theo with a puzzled expression.

“I brought you something,” he chuckled as Amber let him in.

He opened the box he was holding and Amber gasped.

“Happy birthday,” he grinned, sheepishly.

“Thank you!” she hugged him and instantly let go. She grinned nervously as he set the cake on her dinner table.

It was a small cake- meant for 2 people.

“I was scared you were going out somewhere,” Theo added while Amber cut the cake in 2 equal slices.

“No, everyone forgot,” she admitted. “I don’t blame them. They’re all too busy studying for midterms.”

“Shit, that sucks,” he said, watching her take a bite of cake. She grinned happily.

“How’d you know chocolate cheesecake is my favorite?”

“I know a lot of things,” he grinned back. “But I just guessed this time.”


“Yeah,” he nodded.

They had a small conversation while they finished up the cake.

“Want to watch a movie?” Amber asked, hopeful he would accept.

“It would be rude of me to leave you alone on your birthday, wouldn’t it?” he asked.

“Definitely,” she laughed, grabbing the remote.

She turned on the TV and scrolled the various movies that were on her watchlist.

“You choose- I’ve seen all of these,” she handed him the remote.

“But it’s your-”

“I don’t care. Now choose,” she rolled her eyes playfully.

He took a minute to scroll through everything and decided on his favorite Marvel movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“You have great taste,” Amber said, surprised he was a fellow MCU fan.

“Thanks,” he said in the same tone.


Throughout the movie, Amber had fallen asleep and her head accidentally touched Theo’s arms. He realized she was asleep and carefully turned off the TV. He adjusted himself on the couch so her head was on his chest.

Half of the blanket was the floor so he adjusted that so Amber’s legs were covered as well.

Amber smiled in her sleep and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer to him.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

Theo played with her hair gently until he felt his eyes getting droopy and fell asleep.

He decided he would deal with the consequences in the morning.

Story finished: 3/30/2021

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