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“In position?” Liam Dunbar spoke on his phone.

“Yup,” Brett Talbot replied back. He quickly ran back and met up with Liam. They exchanged smirks and Liam got his video recorder ready.

Downstairs, Hadley Yukimura was on the phone with her older sister, Kira.

“You’ll do amazing,” Kira encouraged her.

“Thanks, sis,” Hadley sighed as she cracked her neck.

“Now get in there and nail that dance audition,” Kira cheered and hung up.

Hadley glanced around, looking for one of her friends but didn’t find anyone. She headed toward the big door and opened it.

Just as she opened it, the bucket over her head- which she hadn’t seen before- tipped over, splashing a neon orange substance all over her.

She gasped out a swear word and shut her mouth shut to avoid any of the slimy substance going in her mouth.

She heard familiar cackles and whirled around.

There they were. Brett and Liam were laughing so hard, they were clutching their stomachs.

“You fools,” she shrieked, blinking back tears. “I had a fucking dance audition,” she cried out in rage. “Now I can’t fucking go,” she managed to sputter before tears streamed down her face.

She was a mess.

She had been looking forward to this dance audition for weeks. She even worked out to make sure her body looked great in the uniforms once she got in.

She stormed off and tried to clean herself up, avoiding the stares from other dancers passing by. She muttered curses and swear words directed straight to the boys.

“Fucking Brett,” she growled under her breath. “If you weren’t so hot I would’ve killed you myself a while ago.”


“We fucked up. Big time,” Brett moaned as he put his head in his hands.

“Let’s just go say we’re sorry,” Liam suggested, pulling out his phone.

“Are you serious?” Brett scowled, snatching Liam’s phone away. “You don’t fuck up a girl’s audition and just apologize.”

“What do you say we do, lover boy,” Liam laughed. As much as Brett didn’t want to admit, Liam knew he had the hots for Hadley.

"You don’t do anything. I’ll handle it,” Brett said hotly. “You’ve done enough.”

“Are you blaming me for the situation?” Liam gasped. “It takes 2 to tango, you know?”

“There you idiots are,” Kira fumed with anger. Scott was behind her looking disappointed at Liam.

“My sister missed her audition thanks to your stupidity and she’s at home, sick because of all the stress. Do you have anything to say now?” Kira scowled.

The boys knew ugly things could happen once Kira was full-on raging angry. So, being the idiots they actually are, they tried to calm her down.

“We have a plan,” Liam said at once and Brett swore in his head.

“Oh, yeah?” Kira looked unconvinced.

“Yeah,” Liam pushed Brett slightly toward her. ”Loverboy here will tell you.”

“Way to throw me under the bus,” Brett muttered under his breath.

“I will check on her the entire day,” Brett looked at Kira.

“Don’t you have a lacrosse game tonight- against us?” Kira asked doubtful Brett would miss a game just for her sister.

“Yeah, I know,” Brett nodded. “But Hadley’s more important. And I really am sorry.”

Kira looked at Scott.

“He’s not lying.”

“Good. Want me to tell Hadley you’re coming over tonight?” she pulled out her phone.

“No, I have something better planned,” Brett’s lips twisted into a small smile.

“I swear to God I will kill you if you make shit worse,” Kira warned him with a menacing scowl.


“Who is it?” Hadley managed to speak in a hoarse voice. Her parents and older sister were out at the lacrosse game. Even though neither of them wanted to leave her alone, she practically pushed them away, wanting some alone time to herself.

“Me,” a voice called out.

Hadley sighed, not knowing who it was, and opened the door.

“You,” her eyes narrowed as she saw Brett. He shot her a nervous smile and handed her a rose.

“I’m allergic,” she flat out stated.

“I knew that,” he quickly threw it away and handed her some chicken noodle soup.

“I’m vegetarian,” she deadpanned.

“Also, knew that,” he chuckled nervously.

Hadley shivered and wrapped herself tighter around her blanket. She waited for Brett to pull something else out of his backpack.

“Shouldn’t you be at the lacrosse game,” she realized.

“You’re more important,” he said, handing her a box of chocolates.

“I’m sick not on my period,” she grumbled but opened the box anyway. She let Brett inside and settled down on the couch again, laying down. He watched her with an amused smile but looked away when she scowled.

“Thor is way better than Wanda,” he murmured, looking at the TV screen. Hadley was watching her comfort TV show- WandaVision.

“But can he hold back an infinity stone while destroying another one?” Hadley arched an eyebrow.

Brett sat next to her on the couch, Hadley put up her legs and settled them on his lap while he thought over his next words.

“Thor’s a literal God.”

“Yes, but can he destroy an infinity stone? Can he create an entire reality of his own? Can he defeat a highly trained witch?” Hadley arched an eyebrow.

Brett’s cocky grin faltered.

“Truce?” he said when he couldn’t come up with anything else.

She rolled her eyes.



“You okay?” he asked, nervously after a while.

She sneezed in response.

“Sick but better than I was in the morning,” she replied.

He felt terrible.

“I’m so sorry,” he rubbed her bare leg with his hand absentmindedly as he shot her an apologetic look.

She sucked in a sharp breath as she felt his warm hands on her skin.

“It’s alright,” she bit her tongue and offered him a warm smile.

He put his hand to her forehead, checking her temperature. “Your fever went away- Kira told me you had one.”

She lifted a hand to check, her fingers brushing Brett’s. They looked at each other and blushed.

His face flushed a deep red that made her burst out chuckling.

“What?” he tilted his head to the side.

“You don’t look so confident now, do you?” she smirked.

“I-” he shook his head and smirked instead.

He shoved her blanket to the ground and hovered his body over hers.

“May I?” he tilted her chin up, hovering his lips over hers.

“Go ahead,” she said, amused.

He smashed his lips against her. They kissed for about a few long seconds and pulled apart, catching their breaths.

“Not bad for someone who thinks Thor heaves more power than Wanda.”

“How about both?” Brett suggested, not wanting another argument. He wanted more kisses from Hadley.


Stort finished: 3/30/2021

*gonna be my last one for a while- unless someone requests :)

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