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liam dunbar| enemy's sister pt. 1

“Do I really have to go here?” I complained as my twin brother wrote down my name.

“Yes- even though I don’t want you to go either,” Brett sighed as he put the pen down. I frowned but caved in.

“Be good,” he said seriously but laughed. “Like Vera would do anything bad,” he muttered as he ruffled my hair.

I growled at him and could tell from the look on his face, my eyes were glowing.

“Will you be able to control your anger?” he asked in a brotherly manner before I stepped inside Beacon Hills High School.

“Yes,” I sighed. I always had trouble controlling my anger.

Just like Liam fucking Dunbar.

Speaking of, I saw him walking with Mason and a few other teenagers. I quickly stepped away before he saw me. I had forgotten he transferred here too from Devenford.

We better not have any classes together.

Or I’ll walk out of class.

No, I mean it.

I will.

I looked at my schedule. AP Biology with Mrs. Finch.

I looked around, hoping to see if I could find the place without any help.

I pushed past the crowd and once the bell rang, I knew I was a goner. I already had a few tardies in my record and I did not need one on my first day here.

I ended up finding the classroom a few minutes later.

“I’m assuming you’re Ms. Talbot? Our new student.”

“I’m assuming you’re my new teacher- Mrs. Finch?” I asked, trying not to come off as snarky but I couldn’t help it.

A few students chuckled and I bit my lip.

“You’re seated next to Liam Dunbar,” she pointed to the back and I froze.


Since I’m already in deep shit, walking out is not the best option.

I made my way to Liam who was hiding his face from me. “You are so not the best at hiding,” I murmured as I got my notebook out. It was filled in with notes from what we learned back in Devenford.

Brett’s the athletic twin while I’m known to be the nerdy type. I can play sports too, though. I helped him practice in order to get a scholarship at Devenford for us and our younger sister Lori. Even though he might look like an arrogant jock, he has a big heart and he’s extremely protective.

“I wasn’t even trying,” he mumbled back. I scoffed as I looked to the front of the room. Mrs. Finch had her hawk-like eyes on me.

Not good.

She already thinks I’m bad news.


“Now- for homework,” Mrs. Finch clapped her hands to get our attention. A few students were on the verge of falling asleep- me being one of them. I already knew this stuff from the extra credit I did back in Devenford.

Okay, maybe I am a nerd.

My superhearing caused me to have a more dramatic reaction to the sound and I almost fell off my stool. Luckily, no one noticed except for Liam who stifled his laughter.

“You have a project to complete on recessive and dominant genes,” she elaborated and started handing out packets. Each table got one packet. “This is a partner project. The packets list further information on your slideshow. If you have any questions, stay after class.”

A brunette in the front raised her hand. “Yes, Kiara?” Mrs. Finch asked her as she glanced at the clock.

“Can we choose our partners?” Kiara asked with an innocent smile.

“I thought I made it clear when I passed one packet to each table. The person sitting next to you is your partner. This is a formal project. Work together,” she replied. Kiara’s face fell as she looked at who she was supposed to partner with.

I feel you, Kiara.

I thought I was going to die.

If Brett found out I was supposed to work with our enemy...

The bell rang, signaling it was time to go. I’ve only been in here for one fucking class and I already hate this place.


My next few classes were light on the work. I was already ahead in most of them so I didn’t need to pay attention. Brett was supposed to pick me up after school but I didn’t see his car just yet.

“Waiting for Brett?”

I turned around and scowled at Liam. His best friend, Mason, was a few yards away and talking to some other people.

“You know, we’ll have to work on this project sooner or later, right?” he asked, shielding his eyes from the scorching sun.

“I’ll work on it myself tonight.” I was used to doing all the group work myself. I don’t mind it. Not at all. To be honest, it makes life easier.

People can be so annoying.

“How? I have the packet,” he replied, pulling it out of his backpack.

Scratch that.

People are annoying.

“Give it to me,” I said, reaching for it but he pulled back.

“Control yourself, Vera.”

My eyes were glowing but so were his.

“You first,” I challenged.

“Both of you-” Mason rushed over to us, “stop it.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My twin and younger sister were my anchors.

“Meet me at the public library in the evening,” Liam said as we saw Brett’s car near us.

“It’s clos-” I began.

“It won’t be closed for us.” And with that, he ran off- probably not wanting to get in another fight with my brother. And lose.

“Why were you talking to him?” Brett asked me angrily as I got in the passenger seat. Lori was in the back, doing her homework from Satomi: reading Japanese. Satomi gave us some tasks to do to keep us bonded with her pack. Sometimes she’ll tell us to speak, read, listen, or write Japanese or to fight each other using martial arts that she taught us only.

In other words, she’s a bad bitch.

“Nothing. I was just telling him to stay out of my way,” I replied.

I knew Brett was listening to my heartbeat but he looked worn out from lacrosse practice so he dropped it. Lori, however, was listening attentively but didn’t say anything.


“Where are you going?” Lori asked. I jumped in surprise because I thought she was with Satomi.

“Going out for a walk,” I said, praying she wasn’t listening to my heartbeat.

“You’re lying,” she sighed and sat on my bed with her legs crossed.

“Fine,” I sighed, “I have to do a project with Liam-”

“Shit! The one that you and Brett hate?” she gasped. I motioned for her to lower her voice and nodded. She looked astonished but intrigued at the same time.

“Don’t tell Brett. As much as I don’t want to do this but it’s a big part of my grade and I’m not on my teacher’s good side,” I said the last part quickly but she still heard me.

“Fine- I won’t but you have to let me copy off your homework.”

“You’re like 2 years younger than me- calm down,” I replied.

“No- I meant the assignment Satomi assigned last night,” she rolled her eyes. I pulled it out of my draw-string bag and gave it to her.

“Thanks, sis,” I shot her a grin.

“Have fun,” she smirked, “but not too much fun.”

“Lori! What the hell have you been reading?”

“I don’t think you wanna know.”

Part 1 finished: 2/15/2021

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