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Just a cute fluff since yesterday was Valentine’s Day



“Look out your window,” Derek said once I picked up my phone. He hung up and I ran to my window. It was the only exercise I did all day. Pinterest and Netflix are very addicting.

I opened my blinds to see Derek holding a huge teddy bear with a box of chocolates. I spotted Stiles and Scott laughing like fucking hyenas in Stiles’s jeep.

I laughed as I ran downstairs to let him in.

“They made you do it?” I asked, opening the front door. Stiles and Scott drove off, blasting 34+35 as loud as they could.

He nodded and pulled me in for a hug, setting the teddy bear and chocolates on the ground. I gave him a quick kiss before reaching down to pick up the chocolates.

“Woah,” I yelped as Derek grabbed my hips and pretended to fuck me from behind. He always did that when I bent down.

“What?” he shot me an innocent grin.

I popped a truffle in my mouth and moaned. It was so fucking good.

“It’s French chocolate,” he said, taking one and popping it in his mouth.

I grinned. He remembered I was French and craved French chocolate about a few days ago.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe,” he added snuggling his head closer to my neck. I chuckled as I ruffled his hair.

“You too,” I said finding it hard to believe Stiles and Scott actually got Derek to get me a fucking teddy bear.

“I don’t really need that bear,” I blurted out.

“Huh?” he looked up at me.

“You’re my teddy bear,” I said, wrapping my legs around his torse and he caught me. His smile broadened as he leaned in to kiss me. I let him give me a quick kiss before I pulled back and popped a chocolate in my mouth.

“Sorry, baby, but these are better.”

Story finished: 2/16/2021

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