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liam dunbar| winter formal pt. 2

“No,” London shook her head. Liam sighed and went back to the dressing rooms with another suit in his hand.

London cracked a smile as she continued scrolling through TikTok on her phone.

“What about this?” Liam walked out wearing a suit with a tie in his hand.

“I... like it,” London said and helped Liam with his tie. He knew she had practice putting them on because of her brothers.

“I think you’d look better with a bowtie though,” London murmured and took the tie off. Liam found one on a nearby table and arched an eyebrow.

“A matching one,” London corrected herself and found a matching one.

She forgot Liam’s suit and tie matched her midnight blue dress. She wanted to tell him but chose not to. He was fidgeting with his bowtie and London chuckled as she helped him put it on.

“I like it,” she repeated and he nodded.

“Me too.”


“You look so beautiful,” Faith gushed as she finished curling London’s hair. London ran her fingers through her dark brown hair but stopped herself.

“Thanks,” she said with a grin. Faith applied some blush but London stopped her when she dug out the mascara.

“I can do it.” She didn’t like it when people did her eye makeup. She always got worried they might do something to her eyes.

“I’ll be waiting outside. Get ready for a photo shoot,” she joked as she left, leaving the door cracked open.

London checked her phone to see if Liam texted her yet. Carter told her he would be at her house in 30 minutes.

Faith and her dad were going out on a date night in 15 minutes and London’s brothers were at a sleepover.

“Okay, I think that’s enough pictures,” London laughed once she felt her mouth getting sore.

“Yeah, me too. We better get going or they’ll give away our table,” London’s dad said kissing her head before grabbing his keys. Faith got her purse and phone and waved goodbye before heading out the door.

London slumped in her seat and went through her phone to see if Carter texted her yet. He was supposed to text her 5 minutes ago telling her he left his house.

That was the plan.


“Where’s London?” Liam asked Mason and Corey once he entered the gym. The dance was being held in the gym and it was nicely decorated with a winter theme. The club that ran the dances made the theme- Alice in Winterland.

Liam thought it was corny and he only came to see London.

“She’s not here yet,” Mason said and sounded worried, “but Carter is.”

“What? London said he would be driving her to the dance,” Liam shook his head.

Corey pointed to the back to see Carter flinging an arm around Trinity. Her lipstick was smudged and Carter had some red stain on the corner of his lip. Liam balled his fists in anger and thought of London to control himself.

He strained his hearing to hear what Carter and his gang were talking about.

“London is so fucking vulnerable,” Trinity cackled.

“She really thought you liked her? What a bitch,” one of Carter’s friends, Brent, chuckled.

Liam clenched his jaw as he heard Carter admit he only dated London to get his grades up.

“The sex is good, though,” he added.

“That’s it,” Liam growled but Corey and Mason pulled him into the boy’s bathroom just in time.

“He stood her up, dude,” Mason said.

“Do you know what that means?” Corey added.

“That I’m gonna kill him,” Liam answered with a growl.

“No! You need to go to London’s house. She’s probably confused and she needs you,” Mason said.

Liam’s glare softened as he imagined London breaking down over an asshole standing her up.

“Oh, shit,” he said and ran out of the school.


“Where the hell is he?” London murmured to herself. Carter was 20 minutes late and she had no clue where he was gone. He had turned off his location settings in Snapchat.

London felt her phone ping and she looked at the image she was sent from an unknown image. It was a picture of Carter giving Trinity a hickey. London felt her handshake as she kept staring at it. She realized it was one of Carter’s friends that took the picture from the tattoo that was showing on the lens.

“London?” a muffled voice broke her out of her thoughts.

It was Liam’s voice.

“Liam?” she opened the door to reveal a pale-looking Liam. It was freezing outside and he was shaking from the cold.

“Did you run here?” she asked, turning the heat up.

“I don’t have a license,” he reminded her.

“Sit down,” she pulled out a stool and he watched her make 2 cups of hot chocolate.

“Um... I have something to tell you,” Liam struggled to say the right words.

“Carter’s been cheating on me with Trinity. I know,” London slid her phone to him. Liam glanced at the picture and anger consumed him.

“That fucking asshole,” he scowled. “Can I kill him?”

“After you warm up,” London said hoping he didn’t take her seriously.

“What he did was fucking terrible,” Liam said, looking at her. London took a sip of her hot chocolate before answering.

“I know but I’m not mad.”

“You should be- wait what?” Liam almost choked on his drink.

“I honestly don’t think I ever liked him...” she murmured. “Not in like a strong way.”

Hearing herself say it out loud made her realize it was true. Sure, she dated Carter but she knew they weren’t going to get married and live happily ever after.

Liam’s heartbeat was rising. “You just dated him because....?”

“I don’t even know. I don’t regret it. I just regret trusting him...” she shrugged.

“Sorry,” Liam reached out to grab her hand. London didn’t care if his hands were freezing, she squeezed his hand back.

“You look great by the way. He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on,” Liam said but paused. “Wait did I say that right? I feel like I did but-”

London cut him off by popping a chocolate truffle in his mouth. “I wasn’t supposed to open these but whatever.”

“Fuck the dance- want to watch a movie?” Liam asked once he swallowed the delicious chocolate.

“Hell yeah,” London chugged down the rest of her hot chocolate.

She and Liam raced up the stairs and to her room.

“Still smells like Victoria’s Secret,” Liam observed.

“You were here like a week ago,” London threw a pillow at him while she got her laptops set up.

“Let me go change- pick a show,” she added and picked up a set of pajamas Liam left at her house a few months ago.


“FUCK YOU- CHOOSE T-V-D,” she yelled back.

“I’M DOWN- WHAT ABOUT YOU?” Liam blurted out and London’s eyes widened.

“OKAY, HOLD ON,” she hollered back and felt bold.

*I’ll probably come back later and add the smut.

Story finished: 2/16/2021

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