Her Lover’s Hands


Slytherin Girl, Ariana Snape, Between two pureblood boys. Two pureblood enemies. First with Malfoy who cheats on her with Pansy Parkinson. Then an older Weasley twin, Fred, who's had a crush on her since he first saw her. But they both have competition. Almost every boy in school has a crush on her. Almost. Her best friends Ron, and Harry don't. They're like her brothers. Harry saves her life from a boy with a tie. Twice.

Fantasy / Adventure
sophia lynn
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Love Struck

"Truth or Dare?"
"What are you thinking about right now?"
He took a sip of truth serum and says, "Ariana"
"Ariana, I said Ariana."
"Oh. Her? Why her Draco? What about me?"
"Pansy I mean your great in all but-."
"Yes Ana?"
"You like me?"
Blaise laughed. Crabbe and Goyle just looked at each other. I was stuck with my jaw wide open. Draco Malfoy likes me? I would've sure thought it was Pansy. I mean she hides photos of him in her trunk. Pansy excused herself from the common room and left to her dorm. Draco left to the Astronomy Tower. He didn't say he was but I know him. He loves the stars. Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle kept laughing. "Shut it." They shut up. I got up and left to the Astronomy Tower.

"Draco?" He quickly turned around. Wand in hand. He was scared, you could see it in his eyes. "Leave Ariana. Go."
"Ha. Yea like i'm leaving. Talk to me. What's wrong? Is it Pansy? I mean she is obsessed with you. I would-."
"No. It's not Pansy. Your face. When you found out I like you. I know you don't like me back but-."
"Draco? Who ever said I didn't like you back?"
"Draco. I've liked you since 1st year."
"Wait. So you're telling me you've liked me for over 3 whole years and didn't tell me?"
"You didn't tell me!"
"I thought you only liked me as a friend."
"No. At least I don't think so."
He stayed silent. He looked at the floor and smiled.
"Now come on it's nearly midnight. If Dumbledore saw us out this late we'd be killed."
He laughed a little. "Yea you're right. Let's go."

Weeks pass. Pansy has now told everyone I had "stolen her boyfriend." Which I didn't because they were never dating in the first place. Draco was being super secretive. The Yule Ball was coming up. Except I'm also a Tri, Quad, Quin, Wizard Champion. There are 5 of us. Me, Harry, Cedric, Fleur, and Viktor. I already have a dress picked out. It's blue. Light Blue. Like the sky.

It was lunch. I was talking to Fleur about the tournament and the ball. She was going with a Ravenclaw boy named Rodger Davies. I knew of him. He dated Cho Chang a while back. I was asking her if she had figured out the egg. She said no. I told her about the Prefect's Bathroom. I was the first to figure it out. I mean. The eggs scream. I knew the second task was in the Black Lake. My dad told me. So I just thought if it's in the lake and screams above water it might do something under water. It sang. I have to fight bloody mermaids. For an hour.

There were 10 days till the ball. McGonagall had made us practice the waltz for like 2 hours every day. It got annoying, but I still didn't have a date. Draco hadn't asked me yet.

I was sitting with Harry, Ron and Hermione during dinner and Harry and Ron didn't have dates. Harry asked Cho but she said no. I think she's going with Cedric.
"Uh Harry. Look."
"Bloody Hell is that Dra-"
"Harry, Ron? Harry did you say Draco? What about him."
I turned around. He was asking Pansy to the ball. Pansy.

The next day he came up to me at breakfast and...
"Guess who?"
"Hi Malfoy."
"Hey. Wait did you call me Malfoy?"
"Yes why?"
"Because you only call me Malfoy when you're mad at me."
"Okay and? What did you want anyway?"
"I was going to ask you to the Yule Ball."
"Go with your girlfriend."
"Uh. You are my girlfriend."
"Then your side piece."
"What do you mean?"
"Pansy. You asked her last night. Didn't you?"
"Well- Uh"
"So go with her. Goodbye. Oh Draco. By the way. We're done."
"You're joking right?"
"Does it look like i'm joking? Goodbye."
He left. Ron started to laugh. Harry looked shocked. Hermione was impressed, and Fred started to whisper something to George.

I had Muggle Studies. I sit next to Neville in almost every class. I hear someone say something behind me. I turned around and Fred and George were in the doorway. I looked at Neville and he motioned to go. He was going to the ball with Ginny. Honestly now that I think about it I have no idea who Hermione is going with. I raised my hand. "Uh Professor may I use the loo?" She nodded so I got up and left.

"What do you two think you're doing?! I'm in class!"
"Meet us at the Astronomy Tower after class."
"George are you kidding. You got me out of class to tell me to meet you at the Astronomy Tower?!"
"Oh My Merlin. Okay. Bye."

I walked back into class and sat down. "You went to the loo that quickly?"
"No Neville. Fred and George want me to meet them at the Astronomy Tower after class."
"Well are you going to?"
"I mean yea I told them I would. Cover for me in Potions."
"You do realise your father was my boggart last year."
"Just tell him Dumbledore needed me."
"Okay. Yea. I can do that."
"Thank You!"
"Yea. No problem."

Class was over so great I get to miss potions. Dad is going to kill me. And if anyone sees me going there i'm definitely dead. I'm at the stairs and there is a very bright light at the top. Uh. Okay? "Fred? George? Why is it so bloody bright up here?"
"Hey." The light went out.
"Oh Fred. Hi. Where's George?"
"In class."
"Uh okay? Why am I here?" He puts out his hands and in them is a bouquet of white roses. My favourite. "For me?"
"Yea." I take them from his hands. He then puts his hand on mine and I look up at him. "Ana?"
"Will you go to the ball with me?"
"Will you go to the ball with me?"
"Yes! Yes of course!" I'm pretty sure he couldn't breathe after the hug I gave him. But he hugged me back and for the first time in a while I felt loved. Truly loved. Draco had never given me a genuine hug before. Not once but of course he would to Pansy. Then I went back to reality. Away from my thoughts and suddenly Fred kissed me. Obviously I kissed him back but he kissed me, and left the tower. Just left. Didn't say anything but left.

I stand there trying to process what had just happened. Fred Weasley. One of my best friend's brothers, asked me to the ball and kissed me. I was stuck there with my jaw dropped. I walked to the ledge and just looked at the sky. It was dusk. The sun was going down.

I left to the Slytherin Common Room to put the flowers in my dorm. Did I mention I shared a dorm with Pansy? That bitch. I then left the common room and went to the Great Hall. The feast was about to start. I decided to sit at the Gryffindor Table next to Fred. My dad gave me a look. Ya know the look like 'You skipped my class, now you're sitting at the Gryffindor table.' Yea that look. I just rolled my eyes. Fred put his arm around me and offered me a pumpkin pasty. I ate it. Then Draco tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around.
"Bloody hell. What do you want Malfoy?"
"So you've switched to a Weasley?"
"You cheated on me with Pansy."
"And you're sitting at the Gryffindor table?"
"Yes. Do you have a problem with that."
"You're a filthy blood traitor." I stood up and tackled him. Then I started punching him. Let's just say it took 5 students and 2 teachers to get me off of him. The 5 students being, Fred, George, Harry, Ron, and Lee. The 2 teachers, my dad and Professor Moody.
"YOU BLOODY BITCH! YOU'RE A CHEATER AND A BULLY YOU KNOW THAT?!! YOU BETTER PRAY TO MERLIN THAT I DON'T SEE YOU ANYTIME IN THE NEXT WEEK OR YOUR'E DEAD!!" At this point it was just Fred and George holding me back. Madam Pomfrey and my dad took him to the hospital wing while I ran to the Astronomy Tower. It was my safe place.

I sat there and cried for at least 2 hours. Fred came up there and just held me. He didn't say anything for awhile but I just cried on his chest. "Your'e not a blood traitor. You know that right?" Here's a short backstory. First wizarding war, lived next to the Potters. Fenrir Greyback killed my parents and gave me the dark mark. Apparently Voldemort had a vision of me become his apprentice. Given to Remus Lupin to raise me, when I was 4 he left me on the doorstep of Hogwarts and Charlie Weasley found me. I then became Snape's daughter and started attending Hogwarts as a student at age 5.
"Yea but I am. Every pureblood Slytherin is a death eater. I have the mark and i'm a Slytherin but I hang out with Gryffindor's."
"Love that doesn't make you a blood traitor. That just makes you better than every other death-eater Slytherin. You're unique and beautiful and kind. You are better than him. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." He kissed me and we ended up falling asleep in the Astronomy Tower.

We woke up to George, Harry, Ron and Hermione shaking us awake. "Wake Up you two! We've been looking for you all night!"
"Hermione bloody hell what time is it?"
"7 am."
"You really woke me up at 7 am on a Saturday?"
"Yes! Hurry get to breakfast before someone notices were gone!"
"Okay. Okay i'm up!"
"Brilliant now let's go." Fred kissed me on the forehead and we left for breakfast. Hermione used some spell I didn't quite hear to make me and Fred look somewhat presentable. Harry had told me Draco was in pretty bad shape and was still in hospital. He would probably be there till a few days before the ball. There was a week left till the ball, and christmas break was the day after. I was going to stay with the Weasley's. Fred had already sent a letter to Molly but he didn't tell her we were dating yet. We wanted to tell her in person.
"Now. Where did you go last night?"
"Dad! Hi. Uh I was sleeping."
"Where? Don't lie. Miss Parkinson already told me you weren't in your dormitory."
"I was in Hermione's."
"Now why would you be in the Gryffindor Common Room."
"Dad. We both know i'm not friends with any Slytherins. At this point my dorm should just be with the Gryffindors."
"Fine. I'll put in a word with Dumbledore."
"Really? Thanks dad."

I sit down at the Gryffindor table again and Pansy comes up to me. "Wow. You break up with Draco, put him in hospital and now are hanging out with a Weasley. You really are a blood traitor."
"Say that again and you'll end up in a hospital bed right next to Draco, looking just like him." She walked away pretty quickly. George nugged me a little and laughed. Then everyone started laughing. Harry had to wipe his glasses because he started crying of laughter.

After about 5 minutes of laughing Ron asked if anyone was up to go to Hogsmeade. Everyone agreed and i'm guessing she was passing by but Fleur asked what a Hogsmeade was. We brought her and her sister Gabrielle with us. Harry, Ron and Hermione stuck with them mostly and the twins were with me.

We got some stuff from Honeydukes and they of course needed to go into Zonko's Joke Shop. Something about pranking Professor Dumbledore as an early Christmas present.
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