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Her Lover’s Hands

The Yule Ball

The Yule Ball was tomorrow and I had already packed to leave to the Burrow in two days. Draco was out of hospital and had gone on like 5 dates with Pansy in 3 days. Fred and George pranked Dumbledore with a phoenix popping out of a box. He wasn't very pleased. They got detention.

I had a new dorm with Hermione in the Gryffindor Dorms. Dumbledore said I would still wear my Slytherin uniform because I was still a Slytherin and my house points would be awarded to Slytherin but I would sit with basically live with the Gryffindor's. Sitting with them, sharing a common room, sitting with them during quidditch games etc.

Hermione showed me her dress and finally told me who she was going with. Viktor Krum. I told her Ron would go bonkers and she agreed but no one could know. Not even Fred and George. It was so hard to keep it a secret. We had to tinker with her dress a little bit it ended up perfect in the end.

The day came. The Yule Ball. Myself and the other champions had to dance first. I messed up once or twice. I couldn't stop staring into Fred's eyes. The music stopped and I looked over to Draco. He was mad. And jealous. Fred left to get us some drinks. I sat down next to Harry who was bored. Him and Ron were with the Patil twins. Parvati had left with a Drumstrang boy. Padma was mad.
"What are you so happy about?"
"Fred just left to get drinks."
"Okay? Why are you happy?"
"Why are you sitting down during a ball?"
"I'm bored."
"And i'm in a ball gown. Get up and dance. Now!" Then Hermione came over she looked happy. Then Ron ruined it. I left the Hall and hugged Hermione. Fred came back with the drinks. I gave mine to Hermione. She needed it. She then yelled at Harry and Ron to go to bed. Then she left to bed. I went back to the ball.

It was now almost the end and Fred walked with me back to the Gryffindor Common Room. I got dressed and ended up staying in Fred's dorm. I'm pretty sure George and Lee got a picture because there was one of us sleeping on Fred's bed in the morning.

The train was leaving at 11 o'clock and Lee got everyone up. I got my trunk and we went to the platform. I sat with Fred and George on the train. Lee eventually joined. Fred had his arm around me almost the entire time.

Before we got off, I had to go around to find Ron and Ginny and make sure they knew not to tell Molly and Arthur that Fred and I were dating. They agreed not to tell. George knew too.

We got off the platform and Molly was waiting. "Ariana dear how good to see you again."
"Nice to see you too Molly." She then went over to say hi to Harry. He was staying at the Burrow too. Hermione was going home to her parents. Molly said Arthur was stuck at the Ministry. Ginny and I sat in the passenger seat and the boys were in the back. Let's just say it was very cramped.

We finally get to the burrow and Percy was there. So was Bill. Charlie was still in Romania. We sat down for dinner. Molly wanted to wait for all of us before we ate. Arthur finally got home at 8. Only Ron, Ginny, Harry and George knew Fred and I were dating.
"So anything new happen while you all were at Hogwarts? How was the Ball?"
"Oh Molly it was Brilliant. Also um. Fred and I started dating." She looked surprised. Bill was laughing. Percy kept going on about how inappropriate it was and that we were so young. Arthur was congratulating us. Molly ended up doing the same. Ginny and George were telling Percy to shut it. Ron was laughing hysterically. So was Harry.

I spent the night in Fred and George's room. Fred kissed me good morning. Molly had made me a sweater. But over the next few days my mark started to hurt more and more. I was used to the pain but it was never like this. It was burning, like fire was touching my skin. I just brushed it off. Thought it was nothing.

Bill told me the stories behind his scars. Fenrir Greyback had given them to him. I like to think of my mark as my battle scar, so in a way he gave me my scar too. At least Bill and I had that in common. Fred and George were planning on doing a firework show for New Year's. Merlin knows how that's going to go.

Before we went back to Hogwarts, Molly had knitted everyone scarves. She made mine match Fred and George. Ron's and Harry's matched too. Ginny's was pink with some brown.

Harry and I discussed the tournament quite a lot. He said Cedric had figured out the egg. So did he. "So we have an hour underwater, we have to fight mermaids and they took something from us."
"Okay but what did they take? And how are we supposed to hold our breaths for an hour?"
"Well i'm using gillyweed. I recommend you do the same. Talk to Neville about it, he knows more."
"I will thanks."

We got to Platform 9 3/4 at quarter till 11. While on I sat with Fred and George. Draco had slipped me a note. It said 'Good Luck next task. Don't die. I still hate you though. -DM.' I gave him a note back it was kinda mean but it was true. 'Thanks. You still cheated on me. -AS.'

Fred and George ended up going around trying to sell their products. They called them Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Or at least that's what they called their somewhat company. First and second years tended to buy them the most, to get out of class.

We get back to Hogwarts and i'll say Draco shoved me at least 3 times before we got on the carriages. My dad was waiting for me when we got to the front door. I hugged him. We got to the Great Hall and Pansy was still calling me a blood traitor. I've had worse names. I was called 'Death Eater' for a good 2 years. I was also called 'Daddy's Girl' for a year. Then the names stopped. Somewhat stopped, for maybe 3 years, then Draco and Pansy came in.

I went to the prefects bathroom like 3 times a day to listen to the egg. Gillyweed was my best choice, but i'd have to be quick. I can't waste anytime in there.
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