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Her Lover’s Hands

The Second Task

The day came. February 24. Oddly enough I could find Fred, Ron, Hermione or Cho anywhere. Like they disappeared. George kept asking me if I knew where he went. I told him the same thing everything. 'If I knew you wouldn't be asking me.'

Cedric was pumped up and ready. Harry was terrified and had every right to be. The Black Lake is no joke. Fleur wasn't showing it but she was scared and Viktor, well, you can never tell how he's feeling.

I was ready. I knew what I was up against. Filtch blew the cannon. Too early again. I shoved the it in my mouth and swam as fast as I could to the cove. It took me about 20 minutes to get there, but I did.

I looked around and there were 5 people almost lifeless tied to the bottom of the lake by a rope. At least I know where everyone went. I knocked myself back to my senses and I heard muffled voices. I think it was Dumbledore. I grabbed Fred and swam. Then I realised Fleur wasn't coming. I went back to get Gabrielle but Harry got there before me. So I kicked my legs with all my energy.

I got to the surface and the gillyweed just wore off. Fred was conscious again. I hugged him as tight as I could. "You're okay!"
"I'm okay. Calm down."
We went onto the stands and Dumbledore gave me a pat on the back. I almost fell with all the pain I felt in my legs. Fred had a mark on his ankle from the rope. Then Cedric showed up with Cho, and Harry with Ron and Gabrielle. Fleur was so relieved.

Fred hugged me. I jumped a little out of pain in my arms, legs, and back. "You okay luv?"
"Yup. Everything's just fine." He gave me the look of 'okay, but I know you're not.' Then Dumbledore announced the winners. Fifth place, Fleur. Fourth, Viktor. Third, Cedric. Second, Me. First, Harry. Then we all got back in the boats and left. Fred and the rest of everyone that was stuck underwater went on one boat. I, and the rest of the champions stayed back for a few boats.

"Ariana." My eyes shot wide open. I started shaking and I don't know why. I just fought mermaids and grindylows.
"Malfoy. What do you want."
"Still with Weasley I see. You know you can always meet me at the Astronomy Tower. 7:00-8:00 every Saturday night."
"I'll keep it in mind. Goodbye Draco."
"Bye Ana."

As soon as he walked away I got on the boat. Did Draco just ask me on a date? No. He couldn't. He has a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend. He still likes me though I know that. He always has liked me, but he cheated on me. Makes sense. I'm just kidding it makes absolutely no sense.

I got to land and walked up to Fred. We walked back to the castle together. I didn't want to tell him what just happened. I love him, but he just can't know. He put his arm around me, as to keep me warm. "You sure you're okay?"
"Just a little shaken up is all."
"Same. What's that?"
"What's what?"
"On your face."
"What's on my face?!"
"You're bleeding." I touched my face there was blood on my fingers.
"Fred? Why am I bleeding?! Was I bleeding when I got out of the water?!"
"No. You were fine. What happened when I got on that boat?"
"I have no idea." What the hell did Draco do?

"Ariana. What do you need?"
"What the hell is on my face?!"
"It seems to be a scratch."
"Which spell?"
"Uh. I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Which spell did you use on me to make me bleed?"
"Just a simple tracing spell. You know the one you use to write words in the sky?"
"Go to hell."
"I think i'm fine right here." He turned and walked away. Bloody bitch.

I went to hospital to get some bandages and Draco was passed out on one of the beds. Then Madam Pomfrey walks in. "Ariana dear. What do you need?"
"Just a bandage please."
"Okay then."
I still wanted to know why Draco was here. She handed me the bandage and I put it on as I left. Then I headed to dinner. It was pretty boring to say the least. It was just like any other day.

So we're the next few months.
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