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"Bet you think you're wayyyy cooler than me huh extra?" "I don't think, I know" She says smirking. In which overconfident, bold y\n meets Katsuki Bakugou and falls in love......but with his best friend.

Romance / Humor
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a series guide


This book was made for fun seeing as I was bored and wanted to escape doing school work:) also because I was listening to ‘cooler than me’ and this idea popped in my head.

THE ART COVER IS NOT MINE ALL CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR. The characters in this book aren't mine except for Y\n L\n who is the rea. All rights of mha\bnha go to Kohei Horikoshi

a guide~

1.prologue- cooler than me

2. “If I could write you a song”

3. “to make you fall in love”

4. “I would already have you”

5. "wrapped under my arm”

6. "I used up all of my tricks"

7. "I hope that you like this"

8. "but you probably won't"

9. "you think you're cooler than me"

10. "You got designer shades"

11. "just to hide your face"

12. "and you wear 'em around"

13. "like you're cooler than me"

14. "and you never say hey"

15. "or remember my name"

16. "and it's probably 'cause"

17. "you think you're cooler than me"

Thanks for choosing to read this book it means a lot:) I hope you enjoy. This won't follow the plot as I'm making them be on summer break since it will be easier for me to write, come up with ideas, and post every couple days as I still have to do school and the work they give us. Next week will also be a very confusing week as some of my classmates are going back to school irl and some aren't and the schedule has changed and so have my classes so I'm gonna try my best to post for those who are actually reading this and balance school along with it. Wish me luck- G.
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