Black Heart


What will happen when enemies Sirius Black and y/n discover their feelings for each other? A slow burn enemy to lover

Romance / Other
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

y/n’s pov:

As I walked closer and closer to the Hogwarts Express my breath quickened. I thought of all the things that could go wrong in the sorting ceremony. What if I got into slytherin? I’ve heard things about that house that I wish i’d never heard and it terrified me.

I didn’t tell anyone this of course especially my father. I could tell that he was as nervous as me by the way his eyes darted around the platform and the way he fiddled with his fingers. I am a half-blood and I knew he didn’t want any pure bloods making fun of me. He looked at me and I instantly knew that it was time.

“You’ll be fine y/n and if you need anything just write me a letter. Okay?”
“Okay” I answered taking my trunk and stepping onto the train.
He waved me off and I sat down in an empty compartment. The rhythm of the train calmed me down and I took a book from my spare satchel I brought with me . It was my favourite muggle book that my mother bought me before she died.

I was halfway through the third chapter when a large group of people ran past my compartment pushing one another to get through. I opened my door and looked down the train to see two first years tackling each other to the ground.

A ravenclaw prefect,I could tell by the colour of her robes, stormed through angrily shouting. She hauled up off the ground and dragged them to her compartment.

I sat back down and thought about those two boys. The first one had shoulder length greasy hair and a long nose whereas the second boy had messy hair and wonky glasses perched on his nose. Whatever happened I knew that they would never get along....

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