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Her baby (Little space/ gxg)


"Who's Mommy's little snowflake?" "I am!" "Who's Mommy's little slut?" "Me!" •Little Space• ~gxg~ Warning: ⚠️ If you hate or aren't okay with any of the following, don't read: Includes extremely sexual content, gxg and bxb stuff. A little BDSM and possibly angst, much fluff. Curse words and other R rated things. MDLG All Rights Reserved

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I wanted to make this because I haven’t read a gxg little space story before (I know they’re out there). So enjoy!
Little Space: Littlespace is a mindset in which an adult relaxes into a state of carefree, responsibility-free safety. It may be a developed time in which an adult relives childhood memories, scenarios, or desires that were unachievable in their adolescence. An adult in littlespace may involve another adult referred to as a caregiver, engage in activities viewed as childish, and some may even participate in adult sexual interaction during their time in littlespace~

I sighed, putting on my blue sweater over my gray skirt. My blue knee socks with pandas on it usually cheered me up, but today I don’t think I could be cheered up.

“Ella come on!” Jisoo came barging into my room. I grabbed my phone off my bed and followed behind her downstairs, a pout on my face.

I watched as Jisoo hugged her daddy for what seemed to be like the 20383737th time today. They were always hugging, cuddling and doing other cute stuff. I wasn’t complaining, I was happy for her...it just made me all the more lonely.

I wanted something like what she had. Someone to love and to love me. Except I didn’t want a daddy, I wanted a Mommy. But that probably wouldn’t ever happen. It was rare already to find a caregiver for someone in little space. So it was even rarer for a girl to find a female one.

“Ready baby?” Jinyoung smiled down at her, she smiled back, nodding her head eagerly. I sighed walking past them to the door.

“Let’s just get this over with.” I grumbled to myself, opening the door and making my way outside.


Everyone was having fun except for me. All the littles were running around, giggling and smiling. The daddies talking in the kitchen. I knew of only one mommy but she was way older than me and already had a little.

I hadn’t been able to go into little space properly in 2 weeks. It may not seem like a lot but I was suffering. School work had been super stressful, which made me want to be little even more, but I had to get my work done. I was here now, I should be letting all my stress go and playing, but sitting here watching everyone happy with their partners...I just couldn’t.

“What’re you doing over here?” A voice startled me out of my thoughts. I looked up from my hands to see a woman standing in front of me. My breath hitched, she was more like an angel. She was beauti- I realized she had asked me a question.

“Um... just, admiring...the walls.” I said fiddling with my fingers, wow, I’m so awkward. Luckily she let out a little laugh before sitting next to me on the empty couch.

“Aren’t you a little?” She asked, pushing a section of her long black hair out of her face. Her face...her porcelain skin was milky white, her eyes a dark beautiful brown. Her nose was adorable and her lips...

I must’ve lost my train of thought because she was looking at me expectantly. Oh, I was asked something. What was I asked?? Oh yeah.

“How...did y-you know?” I couldn’t seem to complete a normal sentence around her. She smiled softly as she glanced down at my clothes. I guess the fluffy panda sweater and bow in my hair kind of gave it away.

“Where’s your daddy?”

“I don’t- have one.” I had never seen her before, I knew everyone here, our community was fairly small. Why was she here, could she possibly be- “I don’t want one either.” I said looking at my hands.

“But you’re a little, how could you not want-” I looked her in the eyes, hoping she would understand. Something registered on her face. “Do you want a Mommy?”

I nodded my head, my cheeks getting pink. I squirmed under her gaze, she looked as if she was looking at me. Like really looking at me, as if trying to figure out something.

“What’s your name?”

“Ella.” I replied, looking at my hands again.

“Ji-Eun.” She said her name, her voice was sweet. “Do you have a phone Ella?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice. Why was this model-type girl sitting next to me, and talking to me? I took it out of my pocket, showing it to her.

“Can I see?” She held out her hand, asking for the phone. Why? Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have handed it over, but I did. Something about her made me trust her, even though I probably shouldn’t.

“Siri, call 051-***-****” I looked up at her as she held my phone up to her mouth. I heard the phone ring, but she ended the call. “Here.” She handed me my phone back. “Now you have my number.” She smiled, standing up. “I hope to see you again sometime, Ella.” Ji-Eun walked away, her hips swaying slightly. The way she said my name made my heart race. What just happened?


“Well are you going to text her?” Jisoo asked flopping on my bed.

“I don’t know...why would a random beautiful woman give her number to me?” And want to see me again...maybe she just said that and didn’t mean it.

“Ella, you underestimate yourself, you’re amazing and gorgeous.” Jisoo had been my best friend for years now, doesn’t mean I believe her about the whole amazing and gorgeous part though. “What if she could be your mommy-”

“She’s probably not into girls.” I said trying not to get my hopes up.

“Text her.” Jisoo repeated for the fifth time. I nervously went to my call history, I copied the number and made a text.

Me: hey, um it’s Ella, from the thing earlier

“You’re so awkward.” Jisoo rolled her eyes as I sent the text. I doubted the woman even remembers me. As we waited for a response I changed her name in phone to “Ji-Eun😍” Which made both Jisoo and I laugh. She hadn’t seen her, but I assured my friend that the woman was gorgeous. My phone buzzed after maybe 2 minuets, surprising both of us.

Ji-Eun😍: Heyy, I didn’t think you’d actually text me


Ji-Eun😍: I don’t mean that in a bad way! You just seemed really shy.

Jisoo snatched my phone away from me making me yell.

“Hey!” I tried to get the phone back as she got off the bed, typing. After a second she got back on the bed letting me see what she wrote.

Me: I was only shy because you were so stunning

I groaned, slapping Jisoo’s arm.

“Why would you send a text like that?!” I took my phone back, laying on the bed. The woman was probably just new to the city and wanted friends, I doubted that she was into girls, Jisoo probably just scared her away.

“Just trying to-” Jisoo was cut off by a new text alert, I looked at my screen quickly.

Ji-Eun😍: oh yeah? I’m not going to lie, I approached you at first because I thought you were really cute

I don’t know who screamed louder, me or Jisoo. My heart was pounding as Jisoo said something about how I should thank her.

Me: really???😳☺️

Ji-Eun😍: Of course, and when you said you didn’t have a partner...I couldn’t believe you at first. This is sudden and feel free to say no, but would you like to go on a date with me?

“Oh my freaking goodness!” Jisoo jumped on the bed, excitedly. I was frozen, was this real life?

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