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The train boy


Inspired from a friend's real life story

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On the 14th of August, 2017

The day where I saw my crush for the first time.

I was going back home by Train with my mom and brother since we were visiting our relatives for some days. We got on the train and the part where we were was a bit crowded, we sat on our seats by some miracle. The bus ride is taking hours and the time is ticking by so slowly. After a few hours, mom sat in my place next to my brother while I sat in hers. And as I was sitting down I saw him, and my eyes couldn't stop staring for a little while as I forced them to look somewhere else. He was wearing a white shirt, brown boots and blue jeans. His hair was pushed back. He was tall and had the perfect skin I wish for, it was literally glowing. There was another girl next to him that looked a little similar to him, maybe his sister I'm not sure. Next to me was a woman with a baby, so I started playing with him. I almost forgot that guy the baby was so cute and the way it giggled or made any mere sounds was just adorable.

Suddenly my mom called me and I looked at him again. He was giggling at the kid, he looked away and I looked at mom. Turns out she was just checking if I'm okay since I feel a little uneasy in crowded places.

At the next stop the woman got off and since we were waiting for the other bus because there was a crossing, he came and sat beside me. I felt a little nervous, a lil silly of me but my heart was just beating so fast, that I was afraid someone would hear it. He was looking out of the window, and I was just in some other world, he was something else he had this aura he held me captive within.

A few minutes later a middle aged man wearing an orange shirt said that it was his seat. So that guy stood up and went to stand again where he was. I stood and opened the way for the man to sit and sat back down again. During that whole time he was standing for three hours always asking the girl if she's okay and if she needs anything.

[Time skip]

We got off at the same station and he was carrying two luggage and his bag. He passed in front of us as we were waiting for dad to show up. As he was leaving I was watching his while poetic quotes started to bubble in my mind, such as 'πšπš‘πšŽπš— πš‘πšŽ πšπš’πšœπšŠπš™πš™πšŽπšŠπš›πšŽπš πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πšŒπš›πš˜πš πš, πšπš˜πš›πšŽπšŸπšŽπš›'

On the 27th December 2020

Since that day I always had him on my mind and I did read somewhere that if you like someone for more than 4 months it's love and it's three years now and every crush I got on someone was just because he looked similar to him. I don't know if I'll ever get to see him or if I'd be able to get over him.

Today my aunt decided to go out with me to buy a SIM for her. On our way I noticed an old beggar and I somehow zoned out, and when I was back to my senses I saw him!

I froze completely in my spot staring at him as if he was a mirage. And oh God! It's him, my three years crush, my train boy, he grew taller now he was wearing a white shirt, black jeans and a black coat, he had cute fluffy hair. Next to him was the same girl, I thanked God I was wearing a mask since I blushed way too hard, he noticed me and smirked and damn If I didn't turn into a tomato then I don't know who I am. Then I noticed that there were a few boys next to him that I knew and they all are SSC candidates, and I couldn't be more relieved. I finally got to know his grade and how to find him whenever.

Later on that day I talked via whatsapp to my best friend about him and told her about his grade.

Laura:"wait wait wait he's an SSC candidate

? Don't tell me he had a girl next to him that's smaller than him. She got short hair doesn't she?"

Y/n:"You know him?"

Laura:" huh? Oh no I don't I saw him many times and I think I know where he lives".

Y/n:"That's great"

Laura:" uhm I got to go mom is calling me"

Y/n:" oh okay"

I layed on the bed staring at the ceiling. I can't believe I found him. After all these years of him haunting my mind, even in my dreams he appeared often.

Laura's POV

Oh God she's been crushing on my cousin taehyung the whole time, oh damn, wait a second, oh God I think I have the biggest tea right now. I quickly dialed my cousin number from mom's phone so that my friend won't notice I've been lying.

Taehyung:" hello aunt how are you?"

Laura:"oh shut up dude I wanted to ask you something, did you see the girl you like today? a quick yes or no"

Taehyung :" what the- how did you know? Are you spying on me? Someone told you? Do you know her?"

Laura:" Dude I only asked for a yes or no"

Taehyung:" Dude you tell me now everything you know about her!" Laura:" so imma tell you a detailed story because you're being mean" he sighed on the other end "she's my best friend and nope you didn't see her on my stories because it's hidden from you and she been crushing on your F***ING ass for the whole damn 3 years, while both of you dorks have been living near each other. Sometimes I question your eyesight and how both of you even got to see each other on the train. Oh and you smirked to her today huh😏".

Taehyung:".......... That's none of your business, it's late now so I'm coming tomorrow and if I don't have her address by tomorrow you're a dead meat".

Laura:" I already told you I'm her best friend, you think she won't kick your butt outta the house if you were mean toward me😁" Taehyung :"oh god! Okay I'm sorry, thanks smurfie"

Laura:" I-"

Oh poor me people don't underst0 and they can't do anything without me.

I went to sleep after that even though it was so hard to sleep because of the thoughts bubbling in my mind I was just excited to finally see them together.

Taehyung's Pov

I layed on the bed processing what just happened. Three years ago I saw the prettiest, cutest, loveliest girl ever on the train while coming back home with my sister. She was so polite with others in the bus, and her innocent act of playing with the baby had me smiling like I never did. She simply left a mark on my heart saying I'm hers. I couldn't like anyone after her. Today I finally got to see her again and above all I'm so close to meet her finally and I'm literally on cloud 9.

After all the thinking I finally was able to sleep a little, and I woke up late. I quickly washed and headed towards my aunt's house. Taehyung :"hi everyone, how are y'all doing" I greeted them and spent a little time with them then I said I have to leave. Laura followed me knowing what I meant

Laura:" so she's actually close to here it's just you have to walk straight and on the first turn you go right then walk straight til you see a house painted yellow, don't even ask about that, and that's her house. Uhm I don't think it's the very best time to do this, she's celebrating her birthday after two days and I think you could come as well because her friends sometimes come with a random person we don't know and she's pretty chill about that. I think you should take her home as it was me who usually walks with her there.

On the 30th December 2020

Today was coming to an end quicker than expected and the night was almost there, our y/n was a little nervous by now which normal she's always been like that in parties and in anything else. The number of the people coming was just too big as she was a little popular in school, but she couldn't not spot that one person coming with her friend, her breath was caught in her throat and her eyes almost became teary but she tried her best to stay collected till the party ended. Not gonna lie she felt like a literal clown seeing him with her friend which means she obviously knows him, maybe even told him about her feelings by now. The whole thing was happening in slow motion looking at everyone's eyes while they sing her happy birthday she felt it to her bones, every year she felt this much loved by others on this specific day, and her brain would always make her sense the whole situation as sad that she cries and it get a lil dramatic. Then their singing ended and she blew the candles, as she was hit by the cream right after that and from that we started a big cake war oh how chaotic people are wasting food for fun, we danced and sang a little and I already felt sorry for all of them when my bff started singing. As the party started coming to an end, my friend came to me and told me that she's leaving earlier because her mom called and she told me that taehyung will walk me back home. The party ended and everyone left as well as I did but someone stopped me.

Taehyung:"Hi, I think Laura told you I'd accompany you home cuz it's a little dark right now."

Y/n:" your name is taehyung??"

Taehyung:" yes I'm taehyung nice to meet you..?"

Y/n:" y/n my name is y/n"

Taehyung:"nice to meet you y/n"

Y/n:"nice to meet you too"

Taehyung:”I know it's weird to ask in this situation but can you let me have the honor of being your friend?”

Y/n:”i would absolutely have no problem”.

2 months later

We were out for a walk, since it became one of our habits,but he suddenly stopped and turned to look at me.

He put his hands on my shoulders turning me to look at him and while he stared into my soul.

Taehyung:"I don't really know how to say this, and I'm not so good about making it look as great as it looks like in dramas but, Y/n I love you, my heart feels like exploding when you I see you and when you give the mere smile,my stupid self somehow managed to crush on you just by seeing the sight of you in the train that night I couldn't not think of you the whole time you even messed up my dreams with your pretty existence to make em unbelievable even as dreams. Would you please have mercy on my heart and accept my feelings cause I don't think I'll be able to take it no more."

You were speechless, he said he can't do as good as dramas! such a liar!

Y/n:" I-"

Your tongue got tied and the words were stuck and you couldn't do anything but jump and hug him that he fell backwards, he hugged my back tighter while laughing with joy.

You didn't notice the silence because of your pounding heart until he looked in your eyes like it's the galaxy. He came closer slowly while both of you closed your eyes. He placed his soft lips on yours, waking the butterflies. He placed his hand on your cheek delicately savoring the moment. And that's how our happy ever after started ~

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