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The Doe and Stag 17-21


James and Lily’s 7th year and beyond focuses on the friendship of the marauders and James and Lily’s romance.

Fantasy / Romance
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It was a warm summer's day. The sky was clear and it was a normal day in this muggle neighborhood. In Cokeworth, England there were few people that stood out. Lily Evans was one of these people. A redheaded girl who was 17 years of age. Most wouldn't think much of this age. But lily being abnormal in most people's eyes could do some things... just not in front of muggles. Lily was of age in her world and could perform magic outside of school now. Although she had turned 17 in late January she was just now getting back to her house from school.

Lily's sister was constantly in her room or at her fiance's house. Lily was okay with this because her sister and she were not very close anymore. Petunia called Lily a freak for being able to perform magic. Lily was used to it now and just ignored her. Her parents were happy to see Lily after being at school for the majority of the year. She had gotten to see them over the Christmas holiday, but that was 6months ago. Since then Lily ended her friendship with Snape for once and for all and started to hang out more and more with a group called the marauders. Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus, along with her other friends Mary, Marlene, Alice, and Frank. They all had begun to get very close. So close in fact that James was going to send them an owl of when they could come over to his place for the last month of summer. Lily had been looking forward to the owl. She wanted to see her friends again. She was also nervous because she had started to catch feelings for James. But she will not tell anyone this information. James ever since 3rd year would ask Lily out a couple of times a year. Lily was planning to accept the next one but again no one knew this. The group was going into their 7th and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a boarding school in Scotland.

Lily had been back at her home for about a month and she should be receiving James's owl any day now! Lily had forgotten to tell her parents until this morning. They were not the happiest. But they were still allowing her to go.

On Wednesday only a day after telling her parents Potter's owl was at her window with a letter. Lily heartily opened the window and let the owl in and gave it a few treats before ripping open the letter. The letter upon opening it read:

Dearest Lily,

As you know you have been invited to stay at my house for the month of August until we return to Hogwarts on September 1st.

I will be picking you up at your house at 11 am tomorrow morning. Please bring everything with you.

I really miss you Lily and I'm sure everyone else does as well! I can't wait to tickle you like I did last year. I'm serious! Yes, I just made a pun. A Sirius pun!!!

Ok miss you and see you tomorrow,

The hot and handsome quidditch player James!

Also at some point, I do wish to speak with you.

After reading the letter Lily started laughing but also began to blush. What did Potter want to talk about? Also, those puns were bad. Lily quickly sat down and scribbled a note back to James and sent his owl back. She proceeded to pack up everything. After packing, Lily went down to tell her parents and help with dinner. Her parents insisted on a movie night as it was her last night. She obliged and her parents and she decided to watch Starwars. A movie lily had not watched yet and had just come out in May of that year. Lily liked the movie and went to bed after because it was so late. Her parents had fallen asleep already while watching the movie.

Lily woke up like normal and glanced at her clock. It was 9:30. She had enough time to take a shower and get dressed before James showed up to pick her up. She had lugged her trunk down the stairs along with her owl's cage. Her owl was going to meet her at the Potter's house.

11 am rolled around and there was a loud CRACK outside. She poured out her window to see James. A tall boy with black circle glasses. He had dark brown hair which was always very messy. He had on jeans and a red chaser shirt that showed off all of his mussels. The shirt had a number 7 on it which was his number on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He had black converse on and he started his way toward Lily's house. Lily waited for him to knock on her door when she opened it. James bent down and placed a kiss upon her cheek.

Lily, I miss you!

They embarrassed themselves in a hug and then the Evans made their way around the corner to meet this boy. James proceeded to introduce himself to Lily's parents. They seemed thrilled with him! Mr. Evans asked James if he could have a word with him in the other room. They made their way into his office and Mr.Evans closed the door. He spoke firmly to James.

You seem to like Lily. I will allow you to date her if she agrees at any point in the school year as long as you promise me one thing.

Anything responded James

Treat her well and if you don't... I don't think we will have to worry about that.

James and Mr.Evans shook hands in agreement.

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