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flordia man


george flys to flordia to live with dream but they both have a secret....

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

the call ~ georges pov
i woke up and checked the time, it was 9:48 there was a text from dream: wake up georgie. i hate it when he called me that. i got dreassed in a gray hoodie and jeans, i sat at my computr and started the stream. dream joined the call with sapnap, tommy, tubbo and quackity. we started playing minecraft and after i while i decided to get off, i ended the stream and went to get food. i hadent eaten all day, it was all ready 7;00 pm. as i was getting food dream called and asked how i was, i knew if i told him i hadent eaten yet he would get mad. i finally told him and before i could speek he asked me to move to flordia.

i did it ~ dreams pov
i called george after he ended the sttream, the whole time we were talking he sounded off, i wanted to make sure he was ok. he said he hadent eaten all day, after that i couldent controll my selfi did it i asked him to move in with me. it was silent, did he not feel the same about me? i couldent think like this we were just friends, george would tell me if he felt the same. we have been friends for almost five years. he couldent be gay he would have told me. finally after the silence george said he would love to move in.

the ticket ~ georges pov
he did it he finally did it, he asked me to move in with him. i asked him when i should book- he cut me off and said he would pay for it, i said he didnt have to but he insisted on paying. he booked it for the next morning. i started packing everything i owned in three suitcases. did dream feel the same as i did to him? deffinitly not if he was gay he would tell me right? i packed all my clothes, i packed some skirts. would dream think im weird for wearing a skirt.

the house ~ dreams pov
it was offical george was arriving tommorow. i was thinking of what to do till he got here, then i rememberd i had to clean the house. i hurried to clean the guest bedroom first. after i finnished i wnet to the store to get georges favriote foods. i got a text, it was george he asked how he would reconize him at the airport. i texted him back that i will be waring a green hoodie, black jeans and rings. he told me we would be waring a white crop top and a black skirt. i could imagin him in a skirt, he would look so cute. i couldent wait to meet him.

butterflys ~ georges pov
i texted dream when i was on my way to the air port, he texted that he would be waring a green hoodie, black jeans and rings. i told him i was waring a white crop top and a black skirt. i got on the plane and when it took of i fell asleep. nine hours later i woke up and i was in flordia. i got off the plane and went to baggage claim i saw a t all man in a green hoodie it was dream. i had to look up just to see his face he looked so much better than i thought. i went to get my bags but dream had already picked them up.

the car ride ~ dreams pov
i saw a short, cute brown haired guy in a white crop top and skirt, he ran up to me and hugged me. i grabbed his bags for him and brought them to the car. we drove an hour to my house when we arrived i saw him noticing evey detail as we walked in. i showed him his room and were the pc's were. {later that day} I walked into the kitchen and bummped into him he turned and looked up at me, his brown eyes staring into mine. we were silent then i felt his lips press aginst mine i picked him up and he wraped his legs around me. he was so cute in his skirt. he pulled away and it was awkward for a second till he said he had to go make a new youtube video.

the kiss ~ georges pov
i walked into the kitchen to get food i haven eaten in 10 hours. i bummped into dream and stared into his ocean blue eyes. i felt his lips press against mine, he picked me up and i wraped my legs around him. i pulled away and said i had to go make a new video. after a while i noticed it was almost 2 AM. i went to go see if dream was asleep, he looked so peacefull while he slept. i changed into my pajams and went to sleep.

georgie ~ dreams pov { 14+}
i woke up and peeked into georges room he was still asleep, i creeked open the door and wraped my arms around him. i felt george cuddle in closer to me. i said wake up georgie, george sat up and faced me while blushing. i fell back aleep and we cuddled for a while. george got up to make pancakes. i ate them then went to stream . after a while george cralled under my desk he started to undo my belt i looked at him but he kept going, george pulled down my jeans and started to tease me. he felt me get hard then i told my stream i had to go early. i picked him up and brought him upstairs, i put him on the bed and started to undress him. i started to put it in him and me moaned, after a while we stoped and it was almost 1pm.

the beach ~ georges pov
it felt so good, i went to stand up to go change but i collapsed on the floor. dream carried me to my room and healped me change. we were going to the beach and to get rood. we got lunch at pizza hut and then drove to the beach. we got in the water and swam around for a bit when we got out of the water dream asked me to be his boyfriend

the end of chapter one
let me know if you have a suggestion for the next chapeters on my tiktok {maddie.wastaken1} and chapter 2 will be out within the next 4 days of so :)
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