Haunted |F. and G. Weasley|


Jolene was just a transfer student coming to Hogwarts by requirement. She causes a little trouble and befriends two of the famous pranksters in Hogwarts: Fred and George Weasley. She takes a liking to them throughout the years they've spent together. However, a tragic battle at Hogwarts thems some of them broken. Fred and George fanfiction, but she ends up with one of them in the end. Also, I know people stop reading b/c they think Fred dies in the story, but please be patient with the story process.

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1. A Ghost from the Past

-Two years after the war: Diagon Alley, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes-

She walks down the cobbled stone streets of Diagon Alley, smiling softly at the strangers walking past her. A ghost of a girl, who once brought joy and laughter into his life, it left with her.

The thoughts clutter into George’s head, imagining her, which he has done multiple times before. Watching the strangers walk past the shop but in the chaos of the pushing people, he’d see her or a glimpse of her pushing down the alley without stopping. When it first happened, he had run out of the shop, frantically searching for her but it wasn’t true, she was never there.

And so today when he saw her walk past he lowers his head in defeat, the memories flood in his mind; the first time they met, their time at Hogwarts together, what happened during the battle two years ago, and how he lost her.

He pushes the thoughts away, he had too she was gone. He was only imagining it again, she couldn’t have been here, there was no possible way that she could be walking about outside right under his nose.

The rest of the day his mind was drawn to her memory, he was unusually quiet and short with customers. When closing came around, the noisy joke shop became dead silent and he was alone again.

He mindlessly places joke products on the shelves, only the sound of the bell above the door chiming could pull him out of his thoughts. He didn’t bother greeting the person, it was out of character for him, but he didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

Without turning around he spoke loud enough for the person to hear “Sorry, but we are close. We open tomorrow at nine if you’d like to come back then.” His motto tone voice proved his stressful, sorrowful day.

“Sorry, but I was hoping to find someone here” a women’s voice spoke softly. A familiar soft voice that made George’s heart stop. He turns around unwill to believe the sight of her. His mind was playing tricks on him again, she couldn’t be standing there in front of him.

“Hello Georgie” she smiles, but her expression was sad and apologetic.

“J-Jo?” a box fell from his hands and he stood there in shock.

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