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Haunted |F. and G. Weasley|

2. Transfer

-1993 Kings Cross station/ Platform 9 3/4-

“Excuse me, can you show me how to get on to the platform?” I ask an older boy walking in front of me with similar luggage. He turns around confession written all over his face from my request before muffling up words, “I’m sorry, but what year are ya?” he was well built and brawny with an accent unlike the others in his group, Irish I believe. “Fifth year-” before I could finish another boy interrupts, his dreadlocks swinging in his face before he pulls them to the side.

“I’ve never seen you before, you new?” he asks looking me up and down then at my luggage and the black and grey screech owl in its cage, “No I’ve gone here for years now and somehow forgot how to get on the platform” sarcasm dripping from my lips and he stood there dumbfounded for a moment before he realizes I was joking. He began laughing along with the others behind who got the comment a lot sooner than he did.

“Right, all ya have to do is run straight into the divider,” the first boy tells me with a mischievous smirk. I eye the wall, then met his gaze again. “Maybe you should go first and show me” I smile, which made his smirk grow bigger and turn into laughter.

“She doesn’t believe us” his comment made the others with him, laugh, “Lads let’s show the lady,” he says and the boy with dreadlocks got to the front of the group with his cart, they all took one last look at me before he started sprinting towards the wall. I thought was that either he was an idiot or he wasn’t lying, he runs straight through the wall not coming out on the other end.

Following right after him a red-headed boy did the exact same thing. I stood there amazed and the first boy chuckles at my reaction, “Ladies first” he smiles and gestured towards the wall. I look down at my luggage then back at the wall before taking off still hoping this wasn’t a trick and I would embarrass myself, I go straight through with the guy following after me.

I stop at the sight of the train and crowds of people. The train whistle blows loudly and voices of parents start to say good-bye to their children-

“You can join us on the train if you’d like,” he offers once he realized I stopped. I shake my head at his offer, declining. “It’s alright, thanks for the help” I smile at him which he returns one and continues down the train.

Most of the compartments are full, this one had seats open with a man sleeping. There was something very familiar about him like I knew him from somewhere. He sits up and looks at me staring at him, I put my head down and hurry off looking for a different compartment.

I couldn’t find any more empty compartments, my mind went to trying to find the boys from earlier and see if they had a spot open, but the train whistles again and I am forced to settle with the only one close to me that had a seat open.

The two chatty girls in the compartment stop talking once as I sat down.

“Are you new?” one of them asks looking uncertain about me, but not hiding it well. I nod my head, “Well hello, I’m Cho Chang and this is Marietta Edgecombe” she was smiling. “And you are?” Marietta asks with a snooty tone, “Jolene” I gave her a fake smile.

“Jolene what?” she pushes for more, but my attention is focused on the train hustling past buildings and trees, my answer was short and dull, “Ross.”

A small scoff leaves her mouth and the two went back to their thrilling conversation.


I was standing behind all the other first-year children waiting to be sorted, once they were, Dumbledore stands up and demands the attention of the Hall.

“We have a transfer, from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic” an uproar of reactions erupted and eyes and fingers were pointed towards me. What caught my attention was one professor staring at me as if he has seen a ghost, the same man from the train. “Silence! now please make our new student feel welcome” he finishes, turning it over to professor McGonagall who placed the hat on my head, it became quiet and soon the hat shouts “RAVENCLAW.”

The table began to cheer and I walk over there politely smiling at the others at the table. Dumbledore then returns to the podium and continues his speech.

“Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts, now let me say a few words before we all become too befuddled by our excellent feast. First, I would l am pleased to welcome professor R.J Lupin, who will fill the post of the Defense against the dark arts teacher. good luck professor...” Everyone claps for the man as he stands up, he catches a glimpse of me before he sits back down.

“...Fortunately, I’m happy to announce that his place would be taken by none other than our own Rubeus Hagrid.” Dumbledore continues, again we all clap for a giant of a man that stood up pushing the table away as he did.

“Lastly, By order of the Ministry of magic Hogwarts will be host to the dementors of Azkaban till Sirius Black is found. They will be posted at every entrance to the grounds, I have been assured that they will not disturb our day-to-day actives during the day, a word of caution dementors are vicious creatures. I warn that you give them no reason to harm you. But happiness can be found even in the darkness of time when the only one remembers to turn on the light” He finishes.

The feast begins and everyone’s eyes are fixed on me, I try to ignore them and focus on the group of people sitting around me trying to have a conversation with me. My mind drifts from engaging in conversations and scanning the other tables, I lock eyes with the guy from before, the one with strong, broad shoulders and a devilish smirk, which is plastered on his face now. I smile back at him then turn away.

The common room is beautiful, located in the Astronomy towers, and decorated with every value of blue and house representation. The rooms less impressive, three or four beds to a large room, each with curtains on the post for privacy and a cupboard for clothes and other belongings. Each room held one bathroom to share and unfortunately, I was to share a room with the two girls from the train, Cho and Marietta, how fun.

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