Our Love is Blooming (Saiki k. x Coffee Jelly)


This is the love story of Saiki Kusuo and his love for coffee jelly. "I picked up the spoon and took the first bite. Delicious. Wonderful. This coffee jelly was so amazing. The jiggle, the bitterness, and the sweetness just melts in my mouth. I never felt happier in my life..."

Humor / Romance
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The First Meeting

When you have supernatural powers, the impossible becomes possible.

My name is Saiki Kusuo and I have psychic superpowers. Sixteen years ago an ordinary couple gave birth to a not-so-ordinary baby. Without using my voice, I had begun talking at only fourteen days old. Soon afterward, when I turn one month old, I started walking... that is... walking on air. And then when I was one year old, I ran my first errands... by using teleportation.

My parents started to worry about me since I was very different from most babies. Now you would think after a year of all this chaos they'd take me to get tested but, my parents are kind of weird.. and lazy. They're already full-grown adults yet, they still act like lovebirds. They take everything in strife- including me and all of my weird powers.

Flashback 1

"What are we going to do? I'm afraid our little Saiki stole the rice wine," my mom said.

"It's fine. I'll go pay them back tomorrow if there's time," my dad said.

I held up the receipt proving I actually paid for the rice wine.

"Our little psychic boy did pay after all! I had nothing to worry about!" my mom said enthusiastically.

"I don't know how he paid for it but our son is amazing!" my dad beamed.

Flashback 2

"Oh my! Kuu-chan! You're able to draw what we are thinking about in our heads!" cooed my mom. "That's wonderful!"

"Our son is such a wonderful psychic," my dad said, crying tears of joy.

Flashbacks End

And as time rolled on I became a normal high school student. I'm normal because I still have my superpowers. I can lift up cars, bend spoons without touching them and I can win any corporate give-away if I wanted to. Sounds luxury right? Well not to me.

Because of this power, my life is messed up. Did you think it's wonderful to be able to bend spoons? It only makes it harder for me to eat curry and rice! And how about being able to get free popsicles at will? Well, in the end, it only leads me to painful stomach problems. Did you think I'd be the happiest man in the world, who was born with everything right? Please don't make me laugh. I am the unhappiest man in the world.

I can do telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, teleporting, clairvoyance, etc. I can do most if not all of those things. However, being given a blessing also means having something taken away from you. In my case, a sense of achievement or surprise is something I cannot experience. It's true that I won't be able to feel anger or sadness if I didn't experience it but, that means I won't be able to experience joy or fun.

This is my crappy life.

Today is such a nice and peaceful day. I can relax quietly as I walk to school. You thought I could walk quietly and in peace when I can hear other people's thoughts.

Today's a new school year at PK Private Academy. I stand there in the auditorium along with 542 other students and no one has a single clue about my powers. If someone found out about my powers, the world would surely fall apart. If I really needed to use my powers, I will double-check to make sure no one's around. To see if someone is around me I use telepathy. I can sense anyone within 200 meters and it works without fail except for one person... Riki Nendou.

Although he constantly tries to make conversation with me, I am more concerned about why I can't read his thoughts. There is no such thing as a person without thoughts. I can read both humans and animals. But with Nendou, I can't read his mind at all. And I think I figured out why.

This guy is stupid.

It's been a long day dealing with Nendou. I seriously felt like I was having a heart attack when I thought he found out about my powers. Nendou is really unpredictable it's hard for me to handle.

"Kusuo! Let's go somewhere tonight," my dad said. I hear him think, I can't wait to take him to the new restaurant!

I shared my telepathy with him and said, 'I don't feel like going. You can go by yourself.'

"Eh~ Kusuo please?" he whines. "It will be so much fun." Just PLEASE~

I gave up trying to not go and decided to just go. I mean what could hurt going to a new restaurant? Probably knowing how the food tastes before I even eat it.

I grabbed my parents and teleported to the back of the restaurant where there should be no one to witness me using my powers. We walked to the front of the decently fancy, bedazzled building and were greeted warmly by the workers.

Ugh, more customers. I heard one worker think.

When is my shift over? I can't wait to see my boyfriend! I heard the other worker think.

These workers sure are lazy. But it's not my problem that they're lazy. I'm just here to get some good food.

We sat down and looked over the menu as I ignore my parents acting like love birds. Nothing seems to pique my interest. It's all very boring, except for the curry rice. A young waitress comes over to take our order. She looks at my parents. Ugh, they're so old, yet they still act like lovebirds. I heard her think. I mean I have to agree with her. They're embarrassing.

"Kuu-chan, you want dessert?" my mom asks.

Desert huh? Sounds horrible.

I could offer them our new dessert. I heard the waitress think. New... dessert?

"We have a new dessert special on our menu today." She flips the menu to the dessert section and points to the jelly. "The new Coffee Jelly."

Sounds interesting. '1 Curry Rice and 1 Coffee Jelly' I said, sharing my telepathic powers with her.

Shortly after our food came. I stared at the piping hot curry and rice. I picked up the spoon carefully, not to bend it as I took my first bite.


I was almost halfway done when dessert was served. I looked at the coffee jelly and... it's blushing? I did a double-take.

No, just my imagination.

I picked up the spoon and took the first bit. Delicious. Wonderful. This coffee jelly was so amazing. The jiggle, the bitterness, and the sweetness just melts in my mouth. I never felt happier in my life. It was so good I ended up ordering two more coffee jellies.

And thus my love for coffee jelly grew.

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