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Easy To Love (Remadora)


What happens when opposites attract? Welcome to the world unknown to the muggles of the world. Welcome to the story of a young auror and her werewolf companion.

Romance / Adventure
Attica ✨
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Admin note:

Hello angels! Thank you so much for choosing this story. I honestly can't wait to write more for it! I'll try to update as much as I can.
I'd just like to point out that this is entirely fanfiction and I am not claiming to own the characters or the world they're brought to life in.
- Attica <3

⠀⠀{⠀ ——---- 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 . . . 〞

01: Last Day On Earth by Kate Miller-Heidke
"It's the end of the world and you've come back to me in my dreams."

02: Easy To Love by The Jezabels
"Just let me be easy to love."

03: Just The Thrill by Molotov Jukebox
"Is it just the thrill of something new because I can't have you?"

04: Yellow by Coldplay
"Your skin Oh, yeah, your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful And you know You know I love you so."

05: Queen of Disaster by Lana Del Rey
"When I saw your face, it was incredible. Painted on my soul, it was indelible. Let's celebrate our twisted fate- we're the broken ones"

06: Fever Dream by Mxmtoon
"Now, love is just another leap of faith. But I jump right in."

07: Line Without A Hook by Ricky
"Oh, baby, I am a wreck when I'm without you... I need you here to stay."

08: Light Me Up by Ingrid Michaelson
"Well you're not what I was looking for. But your arms were open at my door. And you taught me what a life is for- To see the ordinary isn't."

09: Remember by Kari Kimmel
"One moment imprinted inside my mind. Could there be more to this love or will it be left behind?"

10: State Lines by Novo Amor
"Dear, I wouldn't bet your heart down. Clear, but I couldn't get my head around.
Was it all any more faded after all? I've been awake in every state line, dying to make it last us a lifetime."

11: Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you. Yes, there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you."

12: Is This Falling? by Charlie Bennett
"Is this falling? I don't know yet. It's too early to tell what you're thinking or how I feel."
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