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Despondency || A bnha OC fanfic


This book is about a 16 year old girl named Catrina, who has a sphinx quirk. She struggles with everyday life due to social anxiety, and has trouble socializing with others. Going to U.A might not be as simple as it sounds, especially not when you have a crush on Katsuki Bakugou.

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

The Divorce, part 1

It was any other average day. She would wake up, brush her teeth, receive a kiss on the cheek from her mother, eat breakfast; specifically sausage, eggs, and toast made by her father would be already plated on the dinner table. After that, she would meet her best friend out by the yard, where they always played fun games together. Just a normal average day. Right?

Catrina yawned and stretched out her arms as she got up from bed, smacking her alarm clock to get it to stop beeping. She groaned sleepily, opening the door to her dark room and making her way downstairs. "Morning, mittens!" A familiar voice sounded from the kitchen. It was a tall man with pale brown skin, black hair, ocean blue eyes and fiery orange wings. Her father, Omid Ramirez. "Did you sleep well?" "I slept fine," the twelve year old neko responded. Just then, a tall woman who was a little shorter than Omid walked in through the door, a purse in her paws. She had bright porcelain skin, snow white hair, bright yellow eyes, and cat ears where her normal ears should've been. Her appearance was complete with a long and fluffy tail, and cat-like paws instead of hands and feet. Catrina's mother, Christa Ramirez. "Oooh, I smell breakfast!" Christa chirped. Omid had responded, but Catrina hadn't heard what he had said.

The twelve year old girl opened the door to the bathroom, closing it and locking it behind her. She sighed, and stared into the mirror. She had the same colored skin as her father; pale brown, with spotted freckles under her eyes. She had extremely curly black hair, but it was complete with natural snow white roots. Her left eye was blue, her right eye yellow. She had the same cat-like features as her mother. Paws, ears, and a tail. She had her father's wings; a black base with white secondary feathers. Her white-tipped tail swished across the tile floor as she stared once more. Snapping out of her thoughts, she turned on the water faucet and splashed her face with cold water. She began to brush her teeth, occasionally glancing at her oddly sharp canine teeth. She always thought the concept of quirks were weird. She found it even weirder that there was a time when nobody had quirks in the first place. Her father's quirk was pheonix. His quirk granted him the hot fiery wings of a pheonix, and the ability to control and manipulate fire. Her mother's quirk was cat. Her quirk granted her cat-like features, and the flexible agile abilities of a cat.

When Catrina was born, her mother's quirk and her father's quirk combined; making Catrina's quirk sphynx. She had cat-like features, the abilities of a cat, strong wings, and the ability to manipulate fire. She always felt weird about her quirk, like it was too overpowered. Spitting out the soapy toothpaste, she rinsed her mouth out, and changed into more comfy and less dirty clothes. Exiting the bathroom, her advanced nose could smell the bacon and eggs from where she was standing. Her tail lifted up happily. She loved it when her father cooked bacon and eggs. "Breakfast is ready!" Omid shouted from the dinner table. "Coming!" Catrina shouted back. She raced down the stairs and practically threw herself into the chair, beginning to scarf down what was on her plate. "Jeez, slow down kiddo!" Omid chuckled. "You're gonna choke."

"I'll be fine," Catrina murmured through a mouthful of eggs. After swallowing her eggs, she began to chug down the cup of orange juice that sat beside her plate. "You better be," Christa giggled.
"I'm not spending 250 dollars just so they can remove a chunk of salchicha from your throat." Catrina gave her Hispanic mother a confused glare. "I'm kidding. Go have fun, hija. Dinner will be waiting for you when you get back." "Okay!" Catrina chirped, quickly putting her empty plate and cup in the sink before dashing out the door. "Ay, what are we going to do with her?" "Don't ask me, you're the one who gave birth to her," Omid joked, putting his hands up in defense. Christa laughed, and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek.

One year later...

It was 3 AM. Catrina's eyes shot open, and she could hear loud yelling and glass smashing from downstairs. She whimpered, hiding her face under her covers. The almost 13-year old girl's parents had been arguing over and over for two months straight. It was a nightmare. She always hated it when her parents were upset. Especially her mother. She had been so cold and distant recently, and always had bags under her eyes. In the mornings, Catrina always noticed that her mother's eyes were bloodshot, no matter how she tried to hide it. The words her parents were shouting were muffled by her closed door, so she couldn't make out what they were saying. The yelling finally stopped, followed by a loud slam of her parent's room door.

Scared, Catrina got up and opened the door, her paw shaking out of fear. She poked her head out from her door, and saw her dad, sitting at the dinner table with his face stuffed in his hands. She hesitated, but closed the door to her room and made her way downstairs. "Papi..?" Catrina murmured in Spanish. The African American man gasped, and whipped his head around to face his daughter.

"M-mittens! S-shouldn't you be sleeping?" Omid stammered.

"What's wrong..? Why was mami yelling..?" Catrina whimpered. "N-no, reason, she was just-" "Frustrated?" Catrina interrupted. Her dad stuttered, trying to come up with another excuse, until Catrina interrupted once more. "Please don't lie to me. I'm not 7 anymore, papi. I can handle it, I promise." Catrina said. Omid sighed, and looked down at his feet. "Y-you're right. You're almost 13 now, you deserve to know the truth." Catrina tilted her head to the side like a confused kitten, waiting for her father to explain.

"So... Your mother and I aren't happy anymore, and..." Omid paused. "And that means we don't love each other anymore." Catrina's fluffy ears drooped down sadly. "But-" "Let me finish." Omid scolded. "I've told you what a divorce was before, right?" Catrina nodded. "That's what me and you're mother are getting. We're getting a divorce."

Catrina felt her heart drop into her stomach. Her pupils dilated into large circles, her eyes becoming glossy. Her tail dropped to the ground. She couldn't say anything. It felt as if her voice had been stripped from her throat. She began to whimper, and not too long after, her whimpers turned into sobs. Omid felt his heart break at the sight of seeing his daughter so sad. "I know. I know." He murmured in an attempt to make her feel better, pulling her into a gentle and loving hug. It didn't work. "It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay," Omid whimpered, his voice beginning to crack. He began to sob with his daughter, his face hidden in her curly black and white hair.

It was the next day, specifically 8 AM in the morning. Catrina couldn't sleep, she just couldn't. Not after what her father had told her the night before. As usual, her alarm clock went off, buzzing and vibrating on the nightstand. She curled her paw into a fluffy fist and slammed it down on the clock, shattering it. She couldn't care less about her broken alarm clock. She sighed. and slowly made her way to the bedroom door, bags under her eyes as a result of not sleeping. Yawning, she made her way downstairs, but she smelled no breakfast. Her father wasn't in the kitchen. Instead, he sat at the dinner table, signing some papers. She made her way into the bathroom, and closed the door behind her. She did what she always did, stared into the mirror, splashed her face with cold water, and brushed her teeth. When she left the bathroom, her ears perked at the sound of her father's voice. "Morning, mittens. Sorry I didn't cook breakfast."

"It's okay, papi. I wasn't that hungry anyway." Catrina sighed. "Why don't you go play with your little friend Gregg? It's a Saturday, I'm sure he'd be available to play with you."
"Okay," Catrina said, making her way back upstairs to go change.
She came back down wearing a simple and plain black hoodie, a comfortable white undershirt and perfectly fitted gray pants. She wore no shoes, she did have paws, after all. Catrina always hated wearing skirts and dresses, or simple bright neon clothing for 12-year old girls with the words "Girl power!" or something cringy like "Let your rainbow shine!" on them. Instead, she turned to hoodies and sweatpants. Much more her style, and much more comfortable.

"Bye, papi. I'll see you at dinner," Catrina said with a soft smile, waving goodbye to her father and closing the door.

"Bye, mittens." Omid said with a soft sigh.
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