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Once upon a time/Marvel Oneshots


Hi, this story is about Marvel and Ouat (Once upon a time). There will be little storys but mostly just one shots. I hope you forgive me for spelling mistakes or grammar, english isn't my native language. Requests are open I write nearly everything. I'm sorry, but slow uptades 😅👀

Tony Stanks wife
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Heyy, this will be a book about Marvel and Once upon a time (check it out if you don't know it it's really amazing). Let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Emely, I'm from Germany. I'm not a professional writer but my last book got 113k views so I guess I have at least a little bit of a talent. I'm not posting often but I hope it'll be better then just once in a week. Request are always open and I write just little storys or oneshots. I can write also a bit smut but not much because I don't have much experience, ask if you want to know something and I'm trying to post the first real chapter tomorrow or this night.

A few exemples of things I will be writing:

1. Peters sister (older)
2. Tony's daughter
3. Henry Mills sister
4. Henry's cousin (Rumpelstilzchen and Belle had a daughter who is the mom of the main Character)
5. love interest Tony/ any other avenger (also female)
6. Thor's/ Loki's sister
7. Buck's sister (also iced)
Request are open, love new ideas

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