Zelia is from a dangerous family, The Salmeris family. Her father is well known by The Dark Lord. What happens when Zelia moves to Hogwarts and catches the eyes of Draco Malfoy. They will go through typical school drama but once Draco recieves his mark everything gets a lot mkre serious. So serious that they will both be fighting for their lives. Follows the Harry Potter series but with a twist.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Zelia's pov

I was wandering through my home, strolling through the long castle-like hallways looking at photos of my great grandfather. I never knew him, he died when I was two years old and I don't remember him at all. However, I have heard the rumours and all the stories, how he is evil and how people describe him as the devil.
pfft silly if you ask me.

My personal favourite is one story my father told me when I was thirteen and I've remembered it since.


"Zelia, come here darling" my father called out to me, while he was sat a the long dining table smoking.

I hopped off the piano seat and went over to him. "yes..father" I sat on the chair beside him.

"you do well to remember that our family name, Salmeris should be respected by others and if anyone dares to disrespect it, ever! you should put them in their place!" my father explained slowly in his deep voice.

"how do I put them in their place," I asked curiously.

"well... I was hoping you would ask that" he said with a smirk. " you show no kindness! You make sure they know not to ever disrespect you again. You make them scared. They should fear our name. you do whatever you need to do to make them scared" he said while lighting his cigarette again and leaning back in his seat.

"like the cruciartus curse?" I asked. My father raised an eyebrow and mumbled "exactly... I can tell you're going to be a very powerful witch when you grow up, my angel"

(He wasn't wrong, by the age of eleven I could already master wandless magic. Only simple spells of course, but that changed as I got older. I started doing spells that I shouldn't have been able to do at such a young age.)

" you see, your grandfather was a very talented and ruthless wizard, he is the reason why so many witches and wizards fear our name," he said proudly.

I looked at him curiously, I knew that many feared him and I know that he is evil but for some reason, I look up to him. How he is so strong and isn't afraid to stand up for himself. I never had any friends growing up because my father wouldn't allow me to. he said caring makes you weak and the only thing we should care about is our family.

"when someone disrespected your great grandfather at a pub in Hogsmeade, the three broomsticks, while he was attending Hogwarts he made sure not to show any kindness. Why should he when his classmates where always making fun of him. He wanted to give them a taste of their medicine-and worse! He through the two boys across the bar using only his mind, he then use one of the unforgivable curses, the cruciartus curse. While everyone one was either stood there in fear watching or running out screaming, he made sure that the two boys would never forget his face, that they would never pick on him again, that they would fear him" my father explained.

"after that the two boys never once dared to look at Bel again, throughout the whole of his last year at Hogwarts! Everyone feared him after that and he only got more evil over time" my father said while standing up.


I was now at the piano stroking my cat, bored as per usual. I was always stuck in this big house, with nothing to do! This house is in the middle of nowhere so I can't even walk around the town and go and make friends, not that my father would allow me to. But I never did follow the rules. This house is in the middle of a Forrest so I only ever wandered there. My father was always busy with some work or a meeting of some sort. And my mother was either cooking or out at my grandmother's house, or that where she said she was. I never liked to ask questions, I just kept to myself. I only ever had my self.

A few years ago I was wandering in the forest and I came across a treehouse, turned out it belonged to Bel when he was younger and I don't think anyone knew about it, I never told my father or mother where I went or what I had discovered.

I was sat on the rope swing, I was looking up at the tall trees, the afternoon sky slowly turning into night. Some movement was coming from a bush in front of me, I stood up from the swing, with my wand drawn. Waiting for someone to come out but no one ever did. Instead, a little black cat with piercing green eyes came wondering out.

"Well hello there," I said while bending down to the small animal. The cat came over to me and started bugging me with its head. I took her home and ever since she has been my only company. I named her tia.

My father wasn't too happy that I had bought home a cat. He said it was probably a filthy muggles cat but he soon forgot about her, whereas my mother thought it was good that I had some company. Tia stayed in my room so she was never any trouble to my parents or any of the strange guest that would come over to go to my father's sketchy meetings.


A few days later

I woke up from my slumber with the morning sun shining on to my white sheets. I just stayed lying, watching the doors of my balcony, which looked out to the Forrest. All you could see for miles were trees but it was calming in a way. No matter how lonely I felt. I learned to enjoy loneliness.

After a few minutes, I stepped out of my bed and wandered down the stairs and the long hallways. I was heading towards the kitchen when I heard my father call my name. I turned on my hill and entered the living room. My father was stood, one hand leaning against the wall. Looking out the long window. My mother was sat on the sofa.


The last time something like this happened was when they found my weed. But I learned my lesson... and hid it in a better place. My treehouse in the woods, there was no way they found it...

"Zelia," my mother announced with small anger to her tone. Confusion, just pure confusion was on my mind.

"you're not going back to beauxbatons," my father said still looking out of the window.

Oh thank fuck for that, I hated it there! the girls were so rude and stuck up. Not my cup of tea. I had one friend at that school called Lena, we both were loners but she never judged me for my family name. She's the only person I've ever called a friend.

None of them ever dared to speak to me. Apart from one girl who laughed at me for whatever reason. So I did the only thing I knew to do and cruciod her ass. I told her that if she ever told anyone I would ruin her life, and she knew I could so she kept quiet. Pathetic!

"instead you will attend, Hogwarts," my father declared while turning around, finishing off his scotch from his cup. He placed his cup down and walked over to me.

"what? why?" I asked angrily.

"ze don't make a scene, we think Hogwarts would be better for you!" my mother explained.

"you don't have a choice, darling," my father said in a deep slow voice, now stood in front of me.

There was something they weren't telling me but I know not to ask questions.

"you will start this Monday... I will drop you off in London and send you off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry" he said laughing and the last part in a sarcastic tone.

My father never liked Hogwarts, he hated it. He met my mother there and he said that was the only enjoyable part. They were both in Slytherin along with my great grandfather, Bel when he attended Hogwarts. My mother and father wherein the same year as the one and only Tom Riddle along with Severus snape who my father was good friends with.

"Okay then," I said knowing I don't have a choice and I would never dare to stand up against my father.

My father huffed and said "your mother will take you to get your supplies tomorrow from Diagon alley" looking at my mother and said "that will be fun.." he said laughing while lighting a cigarette.

My mother gave him an evil look and looked over at me and smiled " go on then..go and..um" my mother said knowing she has no idea what I get up to in the day. I rolled my eyes and said "yes I'll go" and walked out.

As you can tell me and my parent's aren't the loving type and very rarely show affection or even talk throughout the day. I don't mind too much, never really put much thought into it.

I'm beyond happy that I'm leaving that dreadful school beauxbatons, but I'm sad that I won't get to see Lena for a long time or even ever again. I will miss the time I and Lena would go and explore the french villages. We used to stay at during the breaks during the school years. because I didn't want to come home and be bored out of my mind.

Lena's parents died when she was a baby, so she stayed with her aunt, who lived in Paris. We would stay there during the breaks and go and explore Paris. We'd party and use invisibility charms to steal muggle alcohol which is much better than fire-whisky and butter bear! We'd go meet muggle boys and have the time of our lives.

I'm dreading starting Hogwarts, no surprise everyone had heard the rumours about my family.. oh and about the stupid rumour going around that I have some silly prophecy. This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait. I'll just keep my head down and hope that no one recognises me.

No one knows what I look like, there aren't many photos of me but there are loads of my parents and Bel. My mother always told me that I look like bel when he was younger. Let's just hope no one says anything because I will not hold back to put them in their place!
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