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DESIRE ; Tom Riddle


"Don't call me professor. Call me Tom," he groaned, letting the vibrations pass her earlobe, and down the back of her neck, "it will sound better when you moan my name, as my fingers make you come in seconds." His words made her knees weak. He made her weak. * [ no slow burn | slight plot ] [ heavy sexual content | 18+ ] [ teacher;riddle x oc student ] I do not own the harry potter world, therefore credit goes towards J.K Rowling. I only take credit for my own OC character - Maia.

Romance / Drama
louise <3
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Yes, he’s a teacher.

He sounds hot as a teacher.

Just let me live.


[ 24 years old ]
[ don’t think too much of it pls ]

[ 17 years old ]
[ Slytherin | Pure Blood ]

There’s no cast for Maia. So picture her as anyone you like — I want your imagination to run free lol.



-highly sexual content | 18+
- smoking and alcohol
- age difference
- teacher x student
- bdsm and over kinks used
- again, 18+
- heavy language
- slight toxicity

{{ There is no Tom as Voldemort, nor any death eaters as Tom will be part of the Golden Trio Era. This shouldn’t be too confusing, but just remember that this is just for the plot and doesn’t follow the books or the movies! }}

This was a random smut concept that has come to mind, and will mostly have more sexual content than an actual plot, but I know that’s all you guys are here for lol.

Yes, as you have heard many, many times. This is a teacher x student concept, and will feature an age difference I have come up with myself. If you don’t like the whole concept of this story. Leave. It’s simple.

I donjt want any messages saying how this is wrong, when this whole chapter right here, is telling you it’s teacher x student.

If you don’t like how rough Tom is in this fan-fiction, then i’m sorry — I cant make stories that suits everyone’s satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy it though, as I sure will when writing it all.


Without further adieu;


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