My Saviour

Chapter 10

"I won't let him hurt you"

Lena sat in the great hall alone. she sat at the Ravenclaw table eating her breakfast when she noticed Montague walk in by himself. she stopped eating as she noticed his bruised face. His face was almost completely covered with cuts and bruises. He had one swollen eye also. Lena would be lying if she said she didn't like seeing him like that. She did. She loved it.

She looked over at Draco, who was sat at the Slytherin table. He winked at her as he bit into his apple. She had a feeling it was him and she couldn't help but love that it was. She wanted to thank him.

After breakfast Lena headed to her first class, being potions. She sat at the back as per usual. She went unnoticed when she did this, which meant Cho and her friends wouldn't try and talk to her. As much as she wanted them to, they would only say something about what happened or call her a slut. She hated that.

She was drawing on her book when she heard the chair next to her being pulled out. She almost jumped out of her seat as she looked. She saw Draco sitting next to her.

"Want some company today?" he questioned.

"I prefer to sit and dwell but I suppose I don't mind you sitting next to me" she teased.

He laughed a little at her comment "we can dwell together then"

She laughed as she looked back at her book.

"I suppose you're to blame for Montagues bruised face?" Lena said as she looked back at Draco and then his bruised knuckles.

"Yes, I am," Draco said simply but almost proudly "I couldn't help myself"

"Thank you," Lena said "seeing him like that made my day"

"Anytime" he grinned.

Lena looked at his knuckles again, she couldn't help but lightly touch them. Draco tensed up from her touch.

"Did it hurt?" Lena questioned.

"No. I didn't have much control when I was doing. When I realised what I was doing he was already unconscious" Draco said "I'm not good at containing my anger if you haven't noticed"

"I've noticed" Lena laughed.

Draco noticed her smile, something which was rare. He barely saw her smile but when he did he thought she looked even more beautiful than before. He liked seeing her smile, didn't know why, but it made him want to smile when she did.

The rest of the lesson, Lena and Draco spent talking quietly to each other or reading their potion book. All was good until Lena heard her name mentioned. She looked up and no surprise it was Michael, Lisa and Cho.

Just ignore them she told her self.

She couldn't hear what they were saying but they would laugh and then look at her.

"Ignore them," Draco said as he noticed "besides if they keep on they'll have a face to match Montagues"


After class Draco and Lena went their separate ways. Lena went to DADA and Draco went to Charms. The rest of the day went by as normal until Lena was walking from her last lesson. She saw Montague walking towards her at a fast speed. The second Lena noticed she stopped walking. She watched as he got closer.

Then she decided to turn around. She was walking quickly almost a run. That same pounding began in her chest and her palms began to sweat. She crashed into people as she struggled not to trip. As soon as she rounded a corner she looked back and saw him catching up to her, he was so close. Lena's extinct screamed at her to start running and she did so.

She looked back again as she rounded another corner and then suddenly she crashed into someone's chest. She looked up and saw that it was Draco. She was no longer scared.

Draco placed his hands in her shoulder's stopping her from falling. He had a look of rage on his face as he noticed Montague walking after her. He lightly moved her to the side as he stepped in front of her.

As soon as Montague was close enough Draco roughly pushed him back.

"What the fuck are you doing," Draco asked him.

"Seeing what lies your little girlfriend has said about me" Montague replied.

"Your face is already fucked but I won't hesitate to break your nose for the third time this week" Draco snarled.

"You can't protect her all the time" Montague spat "remember that" he turned around and left.

Draco turned around and saw Lena watching as he walked away.

"I won't let him hurt you," Draco said.

"I know. He just- scares me" Lena said almost like she was ashamed.

"I know it might be hard, but try not to think about him," Draco said "I promise I'll do everything I can to keep him say from you"

"I don't think you know how much I appreciate that," Lena said as she met Draco's blue eyes.

Draco smiled. Something he rarely did but seemed to do a lot when he was with Lena.

"I have an idea," Draco said "how about to distract us from everything we go to housemade tomorrow. It is Saturday and I never do anything anyway."

"I'd like that" Lena replied.

"Okay then. I'll look forward to it" Draco said.


Later that evening Lena was sat at dinner. She already had finished and was waiting for Snape to announce they could leave. Instead, he walked to the front of the hall with the Carrows at his side. This can't be good.

"I have an exciting announcement to make," Snape said "to put some light in these dark times I've decided to move the end of year ball to next Saturday. Same rules apply and I expect to see you all there"

Lena would usually be excited about this. But she would be there alone. She wouldn't go but it's a requirement for seventh year's to go since its the last one. This should be fun, Lena thought to her self.
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