My Saviour

Chapter 12

"He couldn't keep his eyes from her"


Almost a week has passed since Draco and Lena watched the sunrise together. Today is the day of the ball. Lena hasn't done much all day, only stay in the library and read. She's done this often when she is nervous or anxious about something. But she doesn't know what she has to be nervous about.

Draco, on the other hand, has been in the owlery waiting for a response from his parents. He has been in the owlery a lot the past few days. That's because his father has been sending him letters with updates on the war. Draco would much rather ignore his father and all of this bullshit evolving the war but he can't. He has no choice but to be involved because of the mark on his arm. Something he is so ashamed of and hates more than anything.

He has been angrier and has kept to himself the past two days because of this. He hates his father more than the mark on his arm. And he hates this war most of all. He hasn't seen Lena in two days also. And he wonders if his sudden rise in temper is because of that. She's been at the back of his mind and has been thinking about her. What she's doing. If she's okay.

The stress is becoming like a drug and he is overdosing on it.

But the ball is this evening and he is somehow looking forward to it. Because he knows that she's going to be there and for some reason she always makes everything seem fine.


Lena got ready for the ball around six, an hour for the ball. She had a dress already bought for the ball. She expected to wear it at the end of the year but sooner is better she thought. Lena and her mum had bought it during the summer before she died. The dress was a long dark Emerald green dress, a slit up one of the legs. The dress fit tightly but after her hips, the dress loosely hang. It was slightly revealing at the chest but not too much. And finally, the dress had an open back.

Lena has never worn a dress like this before but it's was her mothers favourite, so she chose it. Her eyes prickled with tears at the thought that her mother will never see her in it. Her tears fell and so did Lena. She sat on the ground against her wardrobe and cried. She hadn't cried in a long time and it all just fell. Uncontrollably.

She wanted a hug, anything. She missed her parents so much. They always loved her the most. She couldn't remember being sad before they died. The feeling of sadness was so unfamiliar to her. But now it's all she feels and she wants it to stop. She needs someone to hold her tightly and tell her that everything will be okay. Someone who will truly mean it. She hasn't felt loved in such a long time and she wonders if she'll ever feel it again.

Lena doesn't want to go to this ball. She's going to be alone. Watching everyone have fun and laugh with the people they love. Lena was always so kind to everyone, but what does she get in return? Nothing. She gets to watch the people she was once therefor, be happy while Lena is in desperate need of love.

After a few minutes of crying, she forced her self to get up and to put on her dress. Lena slipped into the dress and struggled to do the zip up by herself. She finally got it.

She turned around and looked at her figure in the mirror. A smile appeared on her lips as she looked at her dress, thinking of her mother. She could have sworn she saw her mother stood beside her for a second. But she wasn't. Because her mother was dead.


Lena had finished getting ready. She applied makeup for the first time in weeks. And did something with her hair. She didn't do much makeup, a natural look. Lena pinned half of her long curly hair at the back of her head and then pulled strands out at the front. She found her self looking in the mirror again. She hadn't realised it until now but this was how her mother used to do her hair. Lena looked like her. She fought back the tears and bite hard in her lip. She wasn't going to cry again. Lena pulled herself together and made her way to the ball, she just wanted to get it over with.

The ball had started ten minutes ago and Draco began to wonder if Lena was actually going to show. He stood leaning against a wall in the great hall, which was fully decorated. The room lit up a light blue colour. In the middle a dance floor and students dancing on it. Tables and chairs spread around the room with students spread across it.

Draco was surprised that Snape still wanted to do a ball this year, after everything that has happened and is going to happen, a ball seems stupid.

Draco pulled a flask from his pocket and took a few sips of the strong alcohol. He attached the lid and put it back into his pocket.

That's when he saw her.

Lena. She walked into the great hall. She had her head down like she didn't want anyone to see her but Draco noticed and a few heads turning her way. He couldn't keep his eyes from her. He admired her. Her beauty, her presence, her figure. She walked in, making her way to the drinks table. She hadn't looked up, not once since she stepped in.

Draco made his way towards her, he didn't have much control over it. His legs were moving for him but he wasn't complaining. She had her back away from him so she didn't see he was walking towards her.

Once he got closer to her, she still hadn't noticed. She was looking at the drinks.

"They haven't any real alcohol," Draco said as Lena turned and looked up at him, almost in shock.

Draco almost took a step back in shock by her beauty. He knew she was beautiful but for some reason not seeing her in a few days, he almost forgot.

"Oh, Draco. Hey," Lena said as she noticed Draco stood next to her.

"Hey" Draco replied, trying to hide the smile on his face. "You look beautiful by the way"

Lena blushed. She didn't expect Draco to compliment her, she hasn't been complimented in so long. "Thank you" Lena smiled "as do you"

"I look beautiful?" Draco questioned, as he raised a brow and a smirk on his face.

"You know what I mean" Lena sighed as she turned back to the drinks table with a smile on her face.

"Here," Draco said as he offered his flask to her"

"What is it" she questioned.

"Better than that shit," Draco said as he gestured to the drinks the school had supplied.

Lena took the flask from Draco and took a sip from it. Her eyes squinted as she felt the burning liquid enter her throat. Even though it tasted like acid, she took a few more sips before handing it back to Draco.

"Thanks," she said as he took it back and put the flask back in his pocket.

The music in the great hall changed to a slower song. A piano type beat. They watched as couples of students joined the dance floor getting ready to dance. Draco noticed Lena watching them and he could tell she wished she could join in.

"May I have this dance?" Draco said as he held out a hand.

Lena looked at him in surprise, but she took no more time to hesitate "you may" she took his hand and tried not to smile too hard.

They walked to the dance floor together, hand in hand. Lena noticed they were getting many looks from surrounding students. Looks of surprise and confusion. Cho, Michael and Lisa stood together with horrified looks on their faces and maybe even a hint of jealousy in their eyes. Draco noticed Montague have an annoyed almost angry look. Draco also noticed Blaise and Theodore, his old class makes who he rarely spoke too anymore, give him a small smile. Like they were happy for him.

Once Draco and Lena joined the other students on the dance floor, they stopped. Draco putting his hands on Lena's lower back and Lena putting her hands around Draco's shoulder and on the back of his neck. They both felt comfort in each others touch. And their eyes screamed it, as they looked deeply into the eyes of each other.

The beat of the music played and Draco took the lead, gripping her lower back tighter as Lena's hands lightly brushed the hairs on the back of Draco's neck, which sent shivers down his spine. The two danced with the slow music spinning around them lifting away gravity. With each step, they looked into the eyes of each other. Lena wasn't use to things like this but the feeling of Draco's hand and cold rings on her back was something she loved. He watched as her hair spun and bounced more with each move and each beat. She was truly gorgeous and Draco hasn't felt like this about anyone in a long time.

He wasn't sure if he ever has.

They continued to dance and moving in beat with one another while surrounding students watched but it was like it was only the two of them at that moment. This was perfect. This was dancing and art coming to life, strong pointed moves didn't matter here. All that mattered was the person in front of them.

They danced and spun. The blue lights twinkling with every step, Draco twirled Lena outwards and he watched as she spun in a delicate circle and her dress blowing out under his hand. She twirled back in, crashing into his chest. Connecting eyes once more.

The music began to slow but they still danced. They looked at the most dashing in the room. Dancing in rhythm with the music and the only ones who screamed passion among the other students. And for the first time, Lena felt at peace and Draco felt- Draco wasn't sure what he felt but he felt something for her.

The music came to an end and the students who watched everyone dance clapped softly. Other students began walking into the dance floor and a few walking away. But Lena and Draco stayed starring at each other, still holding each other. Draco's heart was racing and he had an urge. He looked at her beautiful hazel eyes and she looked in his deep blue ones, which were filled with danger.

And then. Then he leant in and kissed her on her soft lips. As he kissed her he felt like a volcano had exploded in his chest. His hands moved up her back to her cheek. Holding it tightly.

Lena was surprised by his actions but she kissed him back, holding the back of his head, kissing him with passion. Nothing could break the two apart. It was only them at that moment.

But suddenly Draco broke the kiss, taking a step back from Lena. Lena stood in confusion as Draco had a worried look on his face.

"I'm- I'm sorry," Draco said but before Lena could reply Draco turned on his heel and walked away.
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