My Saviour

Chapter 14

"What's the worse that could happen
To a girl who's already hurt"


Lena and Draco walk back into the great hall together. There's loud, much more upbeat music playing now. Students are dancing and talking like nothing bad is happening. Like the wizarding world isn't at war. Among all the smiles and laughter there's Draco and Lena, with sadness in their eyes and fake smiles.

Draco notices his classmates, Theo and Blaise waving to him, Lena also notices.

"Go," Lena said with a smile.

Draco nods to her and walks away, over to Theo and Blaise. Lena watched as he did so. She looks away and looks around the room. She sees an empty table and walks towards it. She pulls out a chair and sits down. She begins fiddling with the sequins that are on the table.

She is thinking about the conversation that she just had with Draco. She knows she shouldn't be talking to Draco. She knows it's wrong. He's a death eater and she's- well she's just a girl. But what's the worse that could happen to a girl who's already hurt. Lena hasn't got anything to lose. She's ready lost everything.

Lena looks up and notices Michael, Lisa and Cho looking at her, whispering and laughing. She fights back the tears and looks down.

"So you and Malfoy, huh?"

Lena looks up confused. She sees Pansy Parkinson taking a seat next to her. Lena doesn't know what to do or what to think.

"I saw you two dancing," Pansy said.


"Don't worry. Draco and I where a thing but that ended many years ago. Let's just say something got in the way" Pansy said.

"I'm sorry to hear that" Lena replied.

"It was for the best" Pansy smiles.

Lena offers a kind smile. Still confused but she doesn't mind.

"What's their problem?" Pansy asked, gesturing to Michael, Lisa and Cho.

"Me" Lena responds "they have a problem with me"

"How come?" Pansy said.

"Sorry. I don't talk to many people these days" Pansy added.

"It's okay. Neither do I" responded Lena "I used to be friends with them until I became too much of a problem to them"

Pansy smiled like she understood what Lena was saying.

The two of them sit at the table for a while, just sitting so they didn't have to sit alone.


Draco walked over to Theo and Blaise. He didn't know what to think of the conversation he just had with Lena. He wasn't sure if he has made a mistake by showing her what he was or if he wanted to show her.

"What's going on with you and the girl?" asked Theo.

"Lena?" Draco asked "I have no idea"

"By the way, you danced together, there's definitely something," said Blaise.

Draco looked over at Lena sitting at a table. He didn't know what was going on but he likes it. He liked the way Lena made him feel. He enjoyed her company.

"Does she know what you are?" asked Theo.


Theo and Blaise sighed in disbelief.

"You do realise you have just put a target on her back," said Theo.

"Can you trust her?" asked Blaise.

"I know I shouldn't have told her but I couldn't help it. When I'm around her I don't feel like I want to die. I feel normal for once. And yes I can trust her" Draco said with an angry tone.

"Does this have something to do with what Montague did?" asked Blaise.

"What did Montague do?" asked Theo.

Blaise and Draco looked at each other.

"He raped her," said Blaise quietly and Draco looked away annoyed at Blaise telling him.

"What?!" Theo said in shock.

"I'm guessing that's why you beat the shit out of him the other week," Asked Theo.

"Yes and he should be lucky I didn't kill him," Draco said annoyed.

"You like her don't you? I mean you really like her?" said Blaise.

"I think I might," said Draco. "I tried to stay away from her, I really tried. But I can't and I won't"

"We'll all be dead soon anyway," said Blaise.

"Malfoy" Said Theo. Draco looked up and saw Theo gesturing towards where Lena was sat.

"Fuck" said Draco and he stormed over to her with rage and anger flooding through his veins.


Lena and pansy sat quietly at the table. Lena liked it. Someone's else company was a foreign thing to her but she liked it.

"Would you dance with me" their science was broken by a drunk Montage sitting closely beside Lena.

Lena's hearts started pounding in her chest. He always scared her, every time.

"No," Lena said bravely.

"Come on. Just one dance? For me" Montague placed a hand on her thigh and Lena felt like she could throw up.

"She said no," Pansy said.

Montague glared at Pansy and looked back at Lena. She could smell the alcohol on his breath he was so close to her. He hadn't been this close since the night of the party. Flashes of images appeared in her mind that night.

"Okay. How about we go back to my room and repeat what I did to you last time" Montague snarled with venom on his tongue.

Pansy stood up and walked towards Montague. "How about you take your desperate perverted arse somewhere else"

"How about you mind your business" snarled Montague.

"She said no" Pansy reminded Montague.

Montague stood up grabbing Lena's arm as he did so. Lena was so terrified her surrounding begun to fade and all she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding and her rapid breaths.

Seconds later Draco pushed Montague so hard that he fell to the floor. Draco went straight down and grabbed his collar. Punched him once across the face and then held his collar high.

"What did I tell you! Stay the fuck away from her." Draco spat.

"Malfoy!" Theo and Blaise pulled Draco away from Montague. A few students stood and watched but the loud music was loud enough the Professors did see or hear.

"Let go of me" Draco yelled. The rage Draco felt was indescribable. He wanted to kill him.

"Are you okay?" Pansy asked Lena.

"Yeah" Lena nodded but it took everything inside her to lie. Draco was bought out of his thoughts after he heard Lena's voice.

Draco walked towards her and took her shaky hand in his. They walked out of the great hall leaving Pansy, Blaise and Theo in the great hall. Montague still on the floor with a black eye.

Draco and Lena walked through the corridors until the sound of the Ball could no longer be heard. It was just them stood in the cold moonlit corridor.

Lena was still shaking. Draco didn't know what to do. Lena looked up at him and she noticed his eyes looking deeply down at her. She allowed her instincts to take over her body and she wrapped her arms around him. Holding him close. She felt safe. Safer than ever before.

Draco was surprised by her actions and he hesitated to hug her back but once he did he placed a hand on her lower waist and the other on the back of her head, hugging her tight.

Lena cried into his chest, letting it all out. She felt so close to Draco and she loved it. She loved the way he made her feel. Safe.

They stayed like that for a while. Big eventually their grip on one another was loosened.

"Come with me," Draco said "I know where we can go"

Draco took Lena to a part of the castle which was forgotten. An abandoned part. Many students didn't even know this part existed. He took her up a set of the spiral staircase to the top of a tower. It was similar to the astronomy tower but this one was much smaller.

"What is this place?" asked Lena.

"Another place I found" Draco replied "somewhere go to get away from it all"

They sat on the ledge and looked out into the night sky. It was just them at that moment and they only needed each other.
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