My Saviour

Chapter 15

"Escape from reality"


The abandoned tower was where Draco and Lena spent numerous evenings together. Ever since the ball, it had been a place they'd go to escape from reality. Because their reality's where a living hell but somehow when they were with each other everything was better.

Meeting Draco in the tower was something Lena looked forward to. She sat through her lessons with only Draco on her mind. Only the thought of seeing him and talking to him later that night.

And so as the afternoon sun slowly began to set behind the black lake and it was time to meet Draco. Lena walked from Ravenclaw common room to the forgotten side of Hogwarts. She walked up the spiral staircase and into the small room, which now had blankets and pillows in because the tower had no windows so the evening breeze would hit them.

As Lena walked in she saw Draco sitting on the ledge of the tower. She went to join him. Quietly sitting beside him as he watched the golden sun set in front of him, slowly disappearing behind the lake.

They watched in silence. Enjoying each others company.

"I envy the sun" Draco broke the silence.

"How come?" Lena questioned him.

"Because it's free. The suns only job is to travel through our atmosphere. It's seen everything and everywhere" Draco said "I hope to have that much freedom one day"

"You will" Lena smiled "one day you will be far from here"

"You think so?" asked Draco disbelievingly.

"Yes I do"

The night went on, the sun had set and now it was dark and only stars and the bright moon in the dark empty sky. As Lena looked out into the never ending darkness of the sky, she wondered if she would feel like this forever or if it was only temporary. She wondered if she would ever stop feeling Montagues hands on her body and seeing his evil eyes staring down at her. She wondered if she would ever feel as helpless and alone as she did that night. She wanted to forget about it. But whenever she'd close her eyes she'd see him in her nightmares and when they were open she would feel him.

It made her feel so scared. So alone. So helpless. Lena hid those feeling so well. But beneath all of that was someone she hid most of all. She didn't feel like she could be that someone again. Her true self. All she wanted was someone to look at her and see that someone she hid so well. To make her only feel happiness. To make her want to live.

And that someone was Draco.

Draco made her feel alive. Draco made her feel happy and most importantly, Draco made her want to live.

Lena looked over at Draco, his eyes fixed on the stars in the night sky. But once she looked at him his eyes met hers. He looked deeply into her eyes.

Lena lent forward and placed a kiss on his soft lips. As they kissed butterflies filled their stomachs. The feeling of love. A feeling so unfamiliar to them filled their hearts.

Lena broke the kiss...

"Make me forget, Draco" Lena whispered as Draco looked at her confused.

"Make me forget about Montague," Lena said as she looked deeply into Draco eyes with desire.

"I need you to make me forget. I need you" Lena murmured.

Draco looked at the broken girl in front of him. He wanted to make her feel happy. He wanted to make her forget about Montague. He wanted her. She was the poison he was dying to drink.

He leant forward, cupping her face with his large hands. He kissed her with more desire, more lust, more passion. Lena's hand gripped Draco's hair as the kisses hardened.

Their kiss grew and Draco laid Lena down on the soft blankets and pillows. As he leant over the beautiful girl beneath him, he saw the hunger in her eyes. Her chest rising with eager breaths.

"Are you sure?" Draco questioned her.

"Yes I'm sure" she nodded "I want you to fuck me"

As his ears filled with her sweet voice asking for him to fuck her he felt his boner grow. He wanted her just as bad. He has never wanted a girl more. She is the best thing that has happened to him and he wants her to be happy, he wants to be the one to do that.

Draco unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing his defined abs.

Lena looked up at the boy above her. She didn't feel scared. No, she felt safe. She looked at his defined abs and messy hair hanging down his face. Draco leant closer to her, restings his elbows beside her head. Draco crashed his lips against hers. Lena lifted her head to get closer to Draco. As Draco kissed her, he began unbuttoning her shirt. He lifted her body and moved her shirt down her shoulders. Her shirt fell down her arms and onto the ground.

Draco took a second to admire her bare chest. she is so gorgeous. He thought to himself. He placed another kiss on her lips as he moved her hair from her face, as he gripped his hand on the side of her face.

He laid her on her back once again without breaking their kiss. He moved his lips to her neck, kissing and sucking on her smooth skin. Lena tilted her head back allowing more room for Draco's kisses. A small moan escapes Lena's mouth as she felt the pleasurable feeling from Draco's kisses.

His kisses trailed down her stomach and Lena wanted more. She wanted to feel Draco inside of her.

Draco made his way lower and lower until he reached Lena's skirt. He moved her skirt up and pulled Lena's underwear from her body. He kissed her stomach once again as he made his way back to her lips. He looked up at Lena as he did so and saw her lips part slightly and a small moan escaping her mouth. It made him feel something, he found pleasure in her pleasure.

As he kissed her lips again, Draco began unbuckling his trousers. Lena felt butterflies in her stomach as she heard the rattle of his belt. She couldn't wait.

Draco broke the kiss and adjusted himself in the right place. Before pushing inside of her, he looked at her and Lena nodded, reassuring that it was okay. She rested her hand on Draco's back.

Draco pushed his large dick inside of Lena and Lena felt pressure in between her legs, mixed with a crazy amount of pleasure. She gasped aloud as he did so. As Draco pushed himself in between Lena's legs the pleasure that they both felt increased more and more.

Draco looked down at her beautiful face which furrowed with pleasure and satisfaction. Her beautiful eyes no longer filled with sadness, instead, he saw desire and lust. He saw a sparkle of light in them.

Draco groaned as Lena gripped his back. He noticed one of her hands gripping the blanket she laid on. He trailed his cold fingers down her warm arm as he continued pushing in and out of her. He moved her arm above her head and continued trailing his hand up her arm until he reached her hand. He held his hand in hers as they both gripped each other's hands.

Lena didn't know it was possible to feel this good with someone. She didn't know what this feeling was like. It was a new feeling to her and a feeling she loved. She looked up at the boy who was causing it and she felt a crazy amount of happiness.

She felt the pleasure increase by thousands as she watched dracos face furrow with pleasure. Her moans loudened and her hand in Draco's tightened.

"I need to pull out," Draco said through rapid breaths.

"Don't" Lena said.

"I'm not wearing protection" Draco quickly said.

"I don't care," Lena said "do it inside of me"

As soon as those words left her sweet mouth Draco felt himself cum and Lena felt it inside her as a wave of pleasure flooded through her body.

Slowly the pleasure came to an end. Lena felt different. For once she didn't feel Montague's hands on her, instead, she felt Draco's. But it didn't make her scared. It made her feel happy, safe. She didn't see Montagues eyes on her, instead, she saw Draco's eyes on her.

Draco made her forget. Draco made her feel so good inside.

Draco was her saviour.
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