My Saviour

Chapter 16

"Any day now"

Many weeks passed by. Lena and Draco becoming closer as the days felt longer. Draco knew that soon he'd have to let Lena go. He still didn't believe that he was right for her, although he could never quite leave her. He tried. He tried for her sake. He didn't want anything to happen to the sweet girl he cared so much for. Draco didn't want to ever leave Lena's side but he would if it meant she was safe.

Draco wandered through the evening corridors, making his way towards the owlery. This was something Draco did every morning and evening, even if he received no letters. He had to go, just in case, Lucius decided to send him a letter.

Tonight he did. An owl waiting on the ledge of the black railing with a letter in it's beak. Draco took the letter from its beak and begun opening it up.

'Any day now. Be prepared.'

Draco scrunched the letter as an annoyed and tired sigh escaped his lips. Nothing seemed right anymore. Often Draco would wonder if he was doing the right thing. He kinda just did it. His father would tell him to do something and Draco would do it, without question. That's how it's always been. But was it how it was meant to be. He wasn't sure. He's never known any different. Never knew the difference between good and evil.

But Lena came along and Draco felt something. He wasn't sure what but he felt like she was the only one who understood and noticed him.

When he saw Lena for the first time he wonderedβ€”who is this girlβ€”with eyes so empty and lost. Lips dry and begging to talk her truth. She looked like she hadn't slept in days β€”just like himselfβ€”her face held no colour or emotionβ€”again just how he lookedβ€”but yet he saw through her tired eyes and saw thousands of different stories, dying to be told. He had never seen her before, with her tear-stained cheeks. Where a smile should be, but instead her lips quivered.

All alone. Just like Draco.

Draco took a final sigh before disappearing out of the Owlery. Entering the dark and lonely corridors once again. Making his way back to the common room. It was late and Draco was tired. Tired but not tired for sleep. Just tired. Draco walked into the common room and saw Pansy sitting alone by the fireplace.

She didn't notice Draco until he sat down beside her. Pansy passed a bottle of tequila to Draco. Draco took it and took multiple sips before handing it back to her.

"Are you scared?" Pansy asked starring into the green flames of the fireplace.

"Of what?"

"What's to come" replied Pansy.

"No" Draco responded with a hint of sadness on his tone. "Are you?"

"I'm scared for what's to come after," Pansy said as she offered Draco a cigarette. Draco took one and lit it after Pansy.

Draco likes the burn. The burn of the alcohol and the burn of grey cigarette smoke, that slowly turns his lungs black. He used to use it as something to feel. Something other than nothing. Like Pansy did.

"How is Lena? I haven't seen her since the ball" Pansy said as she looked at Draco for the first time.

"She's good"

"That's all, just good?" asked Pansy.

"No, she's more than good. She's perfect. I mean- I can't explain how I feel about her-"

"It's okay, I know what you mean. You are worried about her. I am too" replied Pansy.

"You are?" asked Draco.

"Yes. I saw her at the ball, how she looked so sad and lost. I saw her before the ball too. She was so lonely and quiet. She went unnoticed by everyone"

Draco looked down saddened.

"I also remember I was her potions partner in 5th year. Before anything really happened. When you and I were just some stuck up purebloods. I remember she seemed so happy. I envied her. How she was smiling almost the whole time. Laughing with her friends. And even though I was a bitch she was still kind to me. She seems like a different person now. That's why I talked to her at the ball. I wanted to know why and when Montague came over to her and her friends who were once laughing with her were now laughing at her. That's when it all made sense." Pansy said as she looked up at Draco.

"I thought you hated everyone?" asked Draco.

"I do but I've always liked quiet people; you never know if they're dancing in a daydream or screaming for help in a silent nightmare," said Pansy.

Draco took a final hit from his cigarette before flinging it into the fireplace in front of him. Draco wished he could make Lena happy. She deserves it. A kind girl like her with big dreams shouldn't have to live in a nightmare. She deserves more.

"Back to your question. If I'm scared" Draco said "I am scared, but not for myself. I'm scared that something will happen to Lena, I'm scared that I'll lose her"
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