My Saviour

Chapter 17

"Falling in love"

Today Draco and Lena sat in potions class. In their seats, which were on either side of the room. Draco watched her almost all lesson. Making sure she didn't look too sad. Just making sure she was okay. He liked watching her. Occasionally, Lena would look back at Draco, a smile appearing on her lips and a blush on her face. When she did a bigger smile appeared on Draco's face.

The class finally comes to an end. Lena begins packing away her things, along with everyone else in the classroom.

Lena walks out and her hand is grabbed by Draco's, who waited for her. A bright smile crept on her face as she looked up at Draco.

"What are you doing?" Lena asked.

"I was thinking we could go on a walk? Just you and me. Maybe to the hilltop in Hogsmeade?"

"I'd like that" Lena replied.

"Let's go then" Draco responded as he tried not to smile too hard.

As the remaining students walked out of potions class, making their way to their great hall or their common rooms, Draco and Lena walked, hand in hand, down the lonely corridor. Slowly disappearing out of everyone's sight. The afternoon sun, shining through the large windows, reflecting on the tall detailed walls.

Lena and Draco ran through the castle and down the trail leading to Hogmaede. The sun was setting, the sky splayed with colours of pink and golden yellow. It was truly beautiful. The sounds of birds chirping around them. The sounds of trees swaying in the wind and their feet running on the stone ground as they ran. Hands still held in one another.

They walked through Hogsmeade, making their way to the hill. Wizards and Witches standing outside of their homes and nearby shops. They gave Lena and Draco fuzzled looks as they ran past them. They didn't care about being judged, all their worries and problems always seemed to fade when they were with each other.

They made their way to the gate, Draco opened it and began climbing the grassy hill, making their way to the top. The sun and coloured sky could no longer be seen by the trees covering it. Standing tall above the two.

But the sky and Beautiful sunset was revealed to the two once they got to the top. The evening sun cast long shadows on the village and fields beneath them. The slanting rays of the sun gave a warm orange and bright pink tinge to the sky. The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun, causing Draco's and Lena's skin to look golden, their eyes glistening as the sun shone onto them.

Lena turned in the other direction and saw the pale crescent moon in the darker area of the sky, shining like a silvery claw in the night sky.

Draco gazed out at the elegant scene in front of him. Not only the sunset but the girl in front of him. Although she knew about his secret and about the mark he hated so much. It's always seemed like nothing in this world mattered when they were with each other. Draco was so sure she would run and never talk to him again. But she didn't. She stayed and made everything better. It made Draco have hope for a happy future, a future he wanted with her. But something felt odd like this was the last time he'd feel like this, the last time he'd see the sun shining down in her beautiful face.

The war was approaching and he didn't want to have too much hope.

Draco felt like he was falling in love with her. A feeling he had, such an odd feeling. Something he hasn't felt before. A feeling so unfamiliar but felt so right when he was with her. He was staring at her as the sun made her features so much more beautiful. A smile forming on her lips, a rare sight but something he wishes she did more.

Something he would kill to see more of.

"Lena?" Draco said. His voice quieter than he expected.

"Mhm?" Lena turned around connecting their eyes with Draco as he leant forward, kissing her.

One hand gripping her cheek as she slowly bought her arm up and wrapped it around his neck. Their kiss growing. Draco could smell the sweet smell of her perfume, he loved it. Their kiss was gentle at first, but then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to him as if he was the only solid thing in a dizzy swaying world, their kiss grew with lust and desire. The clouds above them moving slowly as their lips moved faster. The warm sun on their face and the slight breeze brushing on their skin. Making the most perfect sensation.

Their lips parting with one another and their faces inches apart, through their heavy breathing Draco looked at the gorgeous girl in front of him.

"I love you" his words escaped his lips in a quiet murmur. So only Lena could hear his voice. His words echoing in her ears like they where the only two in the world.

Lena's eyes glistened with love. She couldn't remember the last time someone had told her that, she thought it was her mum, although she couldn't remember. But Draco saying the words to her, she felt alive again. She felt wanted.

"I love you too, Draco" his world spun around him as he heard the words roll off her tongue. His heart completely melting.

Their lips both formed into a smile, a sweet chuckle coming from Lena as Draco watched her. He kissed her again. With love and desire. She was perfect. This was perfect.

And so Lena and Draco kissed as the sun fell below the horizon, the last gasp of beauty before the death of day.
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