My Saviour

Chapter 18


Draco sits with his head furrowed in his hands as he sits on the floor. Tears threatening to fall from his eyes. A letter in his hands. A letter from his father with one simple but dreadful word written on it.


It's been exactly one week since Draco admitted to Lena he loved her and now it's all over. The time they spent with each other is over now. He is unsure how this night is going to go but he probably won't see her again after tonight. Draco scrunches the letter and throws it onto the floor.

He stands up and begins pacing back and forth. Until the rage and sadness, he is feeling becomes too much, he throws a hard punch against the hard stone wall next to him. So hard, his knuckles are bleeding and his hand is most likely broken. He can't feel it though.

He runs a hand through his hair and then walks out of the room, with long and fast steps. He needs to find her. He needs to say goodbye and she needs to get out of here.

Draco walks down the corridors, trying to find her. Students acting as though everything is fine in the world. They are clueless. They have no idea they will be fighting in a war tonight. Apart of Draco want's to warn them. But he knows he can't.

He finally spots her, she's walking towards him from her last class, potions. A class Draco didn't go to. She's walking alone and her face lights up when she sees him.

"Hey, why weren't you in class? Is everything okay?" she asks concerned.

He says nothing as he grabs her wrists and pulls her down an empty corridor. Out of sight of everyone else.

"What's going on?" Lena asks confused.

Draco stands in front of her, his head is slightly sweaty, his hair a mess. He places a hand on her arm "I need to go and you need to get out of here"

"What- why"

"It's happening tonight," Draco said in a shaky voice.

Lena's face pales as she realises. Fear spread across her face.

"We should both go. We should both get out of here. We should have a long time ago. It's not too late" Lena says as she steps closer to Draco.

"I can't. You need to go. Promise me you will go or find somewhere to hide" said Draco.


"Promise me" He said louder.

"Okay, I promise"

"I'll find you after. And we will leave. We will go somewhere far from here, together" Draco promised Lena as he held her hand.

Lena nodded "okay"

Draco took a final look at her before she slowly let go of her hand and went to turn but was stopped by Lena grabbing his hand once more. Draco turned around locking eyes with her once again.

"Thank you," she said as a tear fell from her eye.

"For what?" Draco questioned her.

"I told you one day I'll be able to thank you for stopping me that night in the astronomy tower. For once in a long time I haven't wanted to end my life, at that's because of you. Draco, you make me want to live" Lena admitted to Draco. Her words coming out so perfectly making Draco tear up. No one has ever said something like that to him.

Draco leant forward and placed a kiss on her soft lips, both crying as they showed their love to one another with a kiss. A kiss that meant much more than just a kiss.

"I love you" he breathed.

"I love you" Lena replied as more tears fell from her eyes as Draco wiped them away.

"Be careful, Draco" Lena said.

"I will" he responded.

"I'll find you after" Draco promised.

She nodded once more, Draco took a step back. His hand in hers as he took another painful step back. Finally, he forced his body to turn around and his hand slipped out of hers. He forced his legs forward and didn't dare look back.

Lena watched as Draco walked away from her. She stayed still in her place as she watched Draco slowly disappear around the corner. Only then did she look away.

Lena then forced herself to turn the other away, walking in the opposite direction, tears still falling down her freckled cheek. She promised Draco she'd leave and that's what she was going to do. For him.

Until she felt a hand grab her waist and a tight hand held over her mouth. Someone began dragging her into a room, she couldn't tell who it was.

"You're not going anywhere"
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