My Saviour

Chapter 19

"We'll all be dead by morning"

"You're not going anywhere" she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck.

Fear came over her once she realised who had grabbed her. It was Montague. She felt him drag her further until she pushed her onto a chair. He must have had this planned by the ropes already around the arms of the chair. He began tightening them around her wrist and ankles. And then put a gag around her head and in her mouth.

"You really think you and Draco are going to have a happy ending" his cruel words left his mouth.

"You're both delusional" he spat. Lena couldn't do anything but sit there and listen to what he was saying.

"No one is going to survive tonight, we'll all be dead by morning" Montague snarled as he paced around the room.

"As we speak Voldemorts army is on their way, probably on the school grounds now-"

A loud boom echoed through their ears.

"See. None of us is going to survive. So why not have some fun in our last hours on this miserable earth" Montague said.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Theodore Nott walked in. Someone Lena didn't know but she knew he was a friend of Montague's, and a friend of Draco's. She felt hopeful. Please help me. She said to herself.

"We need to go-" Theodore noticed Lena "what are you doing,"

"Only having a bit of fun. Wanna join?" Montague laughed carelessly.

"Nah. I was coming here to let you know me, Pansy and Blaise are going to try and get out of here but I see you are busy" Theodore said and Lena's hope left her body in a second. She was stupid to think he would help her.

"You go, I have something to do first" he smirked evilly at her.

Theo nodded and left the room giving Lena a look. She couldn't tell what kind of look.

"Where was I," he said as he walked closer to her and began loosening the rope around her wrist and ankles. He then took the gag out of her mouth.

"Please- don't" she stuttered in fear.

"But I have to," he said as he stroked her cheek.

Lena quickly pushed his hand away and his grin was wiped from his face.

"Wrong move" he snarled as he grabbed her throat, pulled her out of her seat and slammed her against the table. Her back was on the table as Montague leant over her, his hand tightly around her neck, as he stood in between her legs.

He began touching the inside of her thigh with his free hand. Lena cried in fear and he looked like he was enjoying it.

"Please" Lena begged as her eyes pooled with tears, terror all over her face.

He began unbuckling his belt and Lena wished to be anywhere but here. She wanted to be in Dracos arms, where she felt safe. Why her? This is wrong and shouldn't be happening. What did she do to deserve this? She's only ever tried to be kind, only done good things, never broke the rules or was a bad child. She helped others, she was sweet to everyone. So why did she deserve a fate such as this?

She closed her eyes, tried to forget what was happening. But the sound of the door being kicked open startled her eyes open. She looked other to the door and saw Draco walking in and Theodore by his side, he had just kicked the door from its hinges and was now walking toward Montague with a deathly rage on his face.

"Malfoy? Come to join-"

Draco punched Montague across the face, so hard Lena heard a crack. Montague fell to the floor, his hand loosening from Lena's neck.

She began to sit up as Theodore came over to help her up. She looked on the floor and saw Draco repeatedly punching Montague across the face, his face covered in blood.

"Draco!" Theodore yelled as he stood beside Lena.

Nothing, Draco didn't even turn around to see what Theodore wanted. He just kept punching montages face.

"Draco" Lena said and Draco stopped. His heart pounding in his chest. He turned around and saw Lena. He stopped punching Montague even though Lena wished he'd continue, she knew he couldn't.

"Are you okay?" he said as he walked over to Lena.

"I'm fine!"

"I thought I told you to leave," Draco said.

"I was leaving but he stopped me" Lena murmured.

Draco looked between her and Theodore, trying to figure out what to do next. But behind Lena, Montague was standing to his feet.

"Malfoy, you always ruin the fun don't you!" Montague said as Draco turned around but was stopped by Theodore grabbing his arm.

"Let's just go," Theodore said as Draco turned, hesitated but gave in, he took a step forward.

"I only was going to fuck her like the useless slut she is" Montague yelled as he tried to stay standing.

Draco instantly turned around causing Theodore and Lena to do the same, Theodore tried to grab him but was too late

"Avada Kadavera"

Lena and Theodore watched in shock as a green light flew from Draco's wand and hit Montague in the chest. Nothing but silence as Montague's body laid still on the ground. Draco slowly lowering his wand, a smirk on the corner of his lips like he wanted to do that for the longest time.

"Malfoy. We need to go. Now" Theodore yelled but sounded like a quiet echo in Draco's ear as he looked at Montagues Lifeless body.

"Now, Malfoy"

"Draco!" Lena said, attempting to get Draco's attention.

She stepped forward and grabbed his arm. He finally was bought out of his thoughts, looking away from Montague.

"We need to get out of here," Theodore said as they heard another explosion from outside.

Draco realised that he needed to get Lena out of here. He needed to keep her safe. He grabbed her hand and the three of them left the room. Entering the destroyed corridor.
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