My Saviour

Chapter 20

"Hope of happy ending"

They entered the destroyed corridor, rubble and stone everywhere. The once beautiful corridor destroyed. Windows smashed and paintings on the floor. They stepped over it all as they hurried down the corridor. None of them knew what was going on or what had happened, if any of their friends had died if any of their professors had died. They knew nothing as they walked into the in known.

"I need to get back to Pansy and Blaise," Theodore said. "We are getting out of here. You two should come with us"

Lena looked up at Draco in question. Lena wanted nothing more than to go. To leave. And she knew Draco did too.

"Okay," Draco responded.

They walked through more destroyed corridors, a few bodies as well but they couldn't think about that now. They were leaving. Finally, Lena and Draco had hope of getting the happy ending they both deserved.

As they walked they heard screams and more spells being cast and then sounds of explosions in their ears. Lena was scared, they all were but the hope of a happy ending was what was keeping Lena going. She was so close.

Theo walked in front of Draco and Lena, they held hands as they followed Theo. But suddenly two death eaters walked out in front of Lena and Draco. Theo stood on the other side of the death eaters. Theo turned around and realised. Draco held Lena's hand tighter as he took a step back and then stood in front of Lena.

"Malfoy, Nott? What are you doing?" one of the death eaters said.

Draco and Theo looked at each other, over the two death eaters and at the same time they cast a spell at them, sending the two men to the side. The two men were quick to react by cursing them with spells back.

"Go" Draco yelled to Theo. "Go! We'll find you"

Theo nodded and ran forward, slowly disappearing from Draco's and Lena's eyesight. Draco cast another spell at the death eaters and then pulled Lena away in the other direction. Spells being fired at them as they ran hand in hand.

One hit Draco in the hip and he fell to the floor with a painful grown. Lena turned and cast another spell at the men before turning back around and helping Draco up. He put his arm around Lena's shoulder and cast another curse. They began to run again. Struggling as they did so.

"Leave me," Draco said.

"No," Lena said in a strong voice "I am not leaving you. Your all I have"

They turned a corner and began running, ahead of them was a balcony, it was a dead-end but they ran toward it anyway. There was no other way to go.

A curse hit the wall beside Lena and the two almost fell but they held on to each other and they kept going. They kept fighting.

Once they reached the balcony they turned around and the two men walked towards them at a fast speed. Taking long strides towards Draco and Lena. They looked down. It was too high to jump.

Draco held his wand high while still leaning against Lena for support. "Avada Kadavera" Draco yelled but the men rebounded it to the side.

Lena cast a spell after but again it was rebounded.

"Expelliarmus" one of the death eaters yelled. And Draco's and Lena's wands flew out of their hands, towards the men.

"Avada Kadavera" they shouted as they aimed their wands at Draco and Lena.

"No" Draco yelled as he stepped in front of Lena as the green light flew towards the two.
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