My Saviour

Chapter 21

"Maybe they were meant to meet,
but not to be"

Draco and Lena fell to the floor as the killing curse hit them. As they laid on the ground, they saw the two death eaters leaving. Walking into the distance, away from them. Through blurry vision, Lena looked at Draco.

"Draco" she stuttered in a weak voice as she felt the life slowly draining from her body.

"I know" Draco replied in a sad voice as he realised what's about to happen. He felt his body growing weaker and weaker. He used all his remaining strength to find Lena's hand and he gripped it.

"I- I love you" Draco stuttered.

"I love you, too" Lena murmured in a quiet voice as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Tears streaming down her eyes.

Draco kept looking at her, as much as he hated seeing her like this, as the life drained from her eyes and as his eyes kept blinking shut but he forced them open. Every breath he had left will be spent watching her until his last breath is taken. He wished he could have seen things differently. He spent his remaining weeks alive, making sure she was happy. It's all he wanted.

He hated himself for not being able to keep her alive, he hated himself for not being able to give her the life she truly deserved.

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me" Draco murmured his last words as he looked at Lena. He was now too weak to say anything else even if he wanted to. His heartbeat fading into oblivion.

Lena heard him, every word he said, even though she couldn't respond. She heard him.

She remembers she said that surviving was the worst type of pain. She was wrong. The worst type of pain is knowing you no longer can survive. Knowing you won't be able to live. Or to fight. Even though she didn't survive this war, she survived life, which was much harder than anything.

She met Draco at her lowest point in life and although they didn't live past seventeen. He made her feel like she had lived a lifetime, he made her believe that there was a point in living, even when he didn't believe there was a point. But still, so much will go unsaid.

Lena believes that they were meant to meet but not meant to be, because they lived a life of almost, almost happy, almost loved. But they met each other and they did feel happiness and they did feel love. And then on their last day together, they almost survived.

But she finally got her happy ending she was waiting for, even though she was lying there without a heartbeat, she's happy, somewhere.

The end.
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