My Saviour

Chapter 4

"Some memories never leave your bones.
Like the salt in the sea:
They become part of you..."


Draco walked through the corridors, making his way to class. He deciding not to skip his lessons today, with the hopes of seeing the girl from last night. Draco wanted to know why? What was the reason she had to want to end her life? What happened to her? Draco had many questions. Questions he wanted to be answered.

He didn't even know her name, what house she was in. Nothing.

Draco thought he was the only one. The only one who didn't want to live but when he saw the girl hanging over the edge of the astronomy tower, a spark of curiosity grew inside him. Maybe he wants to know who she is or what made her want to do it because he liked the thought that he wasn't alone.

Draco always hated being alone. He didn't grow up with many friends, at least not the type of friends you can truly count on. To tell all your troubles too and they'll actually listen. Not because they needed too but because they wanted too. Crabbe and Goyle weren't his 'friends but Theo and Blaise, Draco knew if he wanted to he could talk to them and they'd listen. But now they are no more than strangers.

Draco spent the day looking for the girl but he never saw her. He thought he'd forgotten what shed looked like, but something told him he'll know when he sees her.

He walked along with the bridge, looking over the lake. He found peace when he'd walk along the long bridge. Especially when the sun was setting. Or rising. He didn't know why but he did. Not many people would walk on this bridge and wasn't known by many students. He liked that.

As he walked further across the bridge he noticed someone else was on the bridge. As he got closer he saw that it was a girl. The girl had long brown hair, could it be her?

She had Ravenclaw robes on. She was stood resting her hands on the edge of the wood looking out onto the lake.

Draco was a few steps away when the wood of the bridge creaked and she turned her head and saw Draco. He stopped, wasn't sure why but he did. It was her. She looked confused. That sadness in her eyes still lingered.

They looked at each over for a few moments. Draco was the first to move. He stepped forward, walking towards her.

"Your not gonna jump, are you?" Draco said.

She laughed but it quickly faded as she looked down and then back over to the sun setting.

Draco noticed her eyes, he had thought they were dark coloured but through the brown, they had sparks of green and hazel. Her saw eyes like it before.

"No, don't worry. You won't have to save me again" she said still looking out into the sun.

"I'm afraid I can't thank you" she looked at Draco. "Not yet at least, I'm still trying to find a reason to want to live"

Draco felt almost sad for her. But he could relate. He didn't like that she felt the same as he did but in a way he did. He wasn't alone.

"I know what you mean," Draco said "you don't need to thank me"

"You do?" she asked.

"Yes. I know what it's like to wake up and still be tired. But no matter how much sleep you get, you'll still be tired, because sleep doesn't help if it's the soul that's tired. I know what it's like to want the pain to stop. To want everything to stop because life just keeps dropping shit on you. And there's nothing you can do to stop it apart from the end it all" Draco regretted saying all that. He didn't know why he said it, it just came out, but he felt a sense of relief. Like the weight of his shoulder.

She looked at Draco, trying to figure out what he meant and why he told her that. But she hadn't spoken to anyone is a long time, so she didn't want to go.

"I didn't think that out of anyone, you. The tough and powerful Draco Malfoy would relate to how I felt" she said, "what happened to the school bully?"

"Reality hit him across the face. He realised that not everything is about power, the world his a shit show. And power is the worst thing a person could have"

She looked at him trying to figure out what happened to him. She remembered him mean school bully but now all she sees is a broken boy who needs fixing.

"And what about you?" Draco questioned "whatever your name is"

"My name is Lena Elson," she said "and I have to live every day with memories. Memories I'd rather forget but some memories never leave you. Like the salt in the sea: they are part of you. Never leaving you, not even when you sleep, they'll be in my nightmares.

"Well Lena, it appears we are both as fucked up as each other" Draco said as he pulled a small flask from his pocket. He took a sip of it and then offered it to Lena.

Surprising herself she took it. The burning liquid was a sense of relief. She handed it back, he held a smirk on his face.

"Appears so" Lena replied.

Lena continued to look over at the sun which was almost completely set, almost everything running through her mind. Was she really talking to Draco Malfoy about how she's feeling and relating to him?

She looked back over at him to find he was still looking at her. She felt uncomfortable, she didn't know why he was looking at her but it was making her nervous. Not so much as she was scared, more so because she was confused.

"I should go," Lena said.

"Yeah. I- me too" Draco said as Lena walked passed him, back to the castle.

Draco watched as she walked away. Draco didn't know what he was feeling but it was something. Something he was unable to get rid of.
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