My Saviour

Chapter 5

"I miss the person I used to be"


Draco decided to go to Potions class today, he told himself that it was because he was bored of sitting in his dormitory but he knew that it was because he hoped to see Lena. He would never admit to it though.

Draco sat at the back of the classroom, next to no one. He preferred it this way.

Snape walked into the class with his cloak following behind him. Draco looked towards the door and he saw Lena walk in. She took a seat at the table at the back also, but the other side. He watched as she hurriedly took a seat but with little effort. She pulled a quill out and her potions textbook, which bad drawings all over it. It looked like flowers and petals drawn in a pattern.

She noticed him.

Lena looked up and saw Draco looking at him. She blinked in confusion and then looked away. Draco looked away also but what he didn't know is that she looked back at him as soon as he looked away.

She watched him as he played with his quill and paid very little attention. Not once did he look up at Snape. He never wrote down a single note or read a single like in his book. He took his attention from his quill, looking up at the people in front of him. Lena followed his eyes as he did so, that's when she realised that he was looking at Lisa Turpin, Cho Chang and Michael Corner. Also known as Lena's old friends.

She saw them laugh and whisper to one another and then turn to look at her. She looked away quickly. Trying to ignore the pit of sadness in her stomach.

Draco looked up as he heard Lena's name mentioned by the people sitting in front of him.

"Don't invite Lena, shell fuck the first guy that talks to her again" Draco heard Michael say as Cho and Lisa laugh. They looked over at her, she turned away quickly.

Draco looked back at the three of them sat in front of him, he felt irritated. He felt like he wanted to stab he quill in their eyes. Draco didn't know whether it was because of the way they spoke about her or because of the way she looked once she realised they were talking about her.

"Honestly, I forget she exists. She doesn't talk and I don't think I've seen her smile in months" Cho said.

"She's like depressed because of her parent's death or something," Lisa said as they laughed.

Draco looked back at Lena and noticed she and her head leant on her hand facing the other way. He didn't know yet, but she was crying.

"Oh please, it's been months since they have died," Michael said "besides she wasn't sad that night of the party, bet Montague had a blast that night"

Draco looked back at the three, surprised by the name Montague being mentioned. Did Lena and Montague have a thing? Surely Draco would know, he always liked to boast about the girls he slept with. Draco remembered one time after a he went to a Ravenclaw party with Adrian. They came back pissed, they were boasting about something Montague did but I didn't care much to listen. He wondered if Lena could be the one they were talking about.

"That is all for today" Snape announced "you may leave"

Draco started to put his book in his bag as he noticed Lena had just walked out. He wanted to follow after her. He hesitated but he went after her. Once he got into the corridor he saw her walking, almost running as she pushed passed students.

Draco's long strides caught up to her quickly. He had to push a few students and curse under his breath as we did so, but he didn't care. Draco never did.

"Lena," he said and she stopped in her tracks facing away from him.

Draco walked in front of her. She looked away, out the window that next to her once he stepped in front of her.

"Are you okay?" Draco asked her.

"Yes, I'm perfectly okay," she said as she breathed in trying to hold back her tears.

"No your not," Draco said "you are clearly not okay. I can see that"

The last words he spoke made Lena look up at him, a tear falling from her eye, but she wiped it quickly.

"And why do you care?" she asked him.

Draco didn't know that answer to that.

"I don't know," he said and she laughed a little as she went to walk away from him but she was stopped by his hand on her wrist "but I do," he said.

"What happened to you? I heard what they were saying about you in Potions" Draco said.

"I was hoping you didn't hear," Lena said as she still struggled to hold in her tears.

"Why?" Draco questioned.

"I never used to be like this. I used to be okay" she said "they used to be my friends, I was happy. I would spend every minute smiling and making the most out of every day. I miss the person I used to be. But then my parents were killed. I thought they'd be there for me but instead, I had to hold my hand over my mouth while I cried myself to sleep. Tears I had to hold in all day"

"I thought I would be able to talk to them. I thought they'd be there for me like I was for them. But instead, I was an inconvenience. A problem they didn't want to fix" Lena continued as tears escaped her eyes "until one day they thought I should go to a party. They said it will make you feel better. But what happened at that party made me worse. And when I asked for help from them they didn't listen. No one did"

"What happened at the party," Draco asked in a more serious tone.

Lena shook her head. She couldn't tell him. No, she didn't want to re-live that night. He's probably being nosey she told herself.

"I want to understand you" Draco admitted.

"Why? You don't know me"

"I want to though,"


"B- because for once I feel like I'm not completely alone. I've said more to you in the past three days than I've said to anyone in weeks" he said and he could feel tears prickling in his eyes. But he won't let them fall.

Lena looked him in the eyes trying to find some sense in all this. Something. But she found nothing.

"I think we both have a lot we keep to ourselves and I don't know. Maybe it will be good for us to share our wars with each other" Draco said.

"I like to think that is true," Lena said "maybe one day ill be able to tell you but right now I can't. I just can't-"

"I understand" Draco replied "I'll see you around"

Draco's lip curled into a small smile and then he walked passed her. Lena turned and watched as the tall, blonde boy walked through the crowds of students. She thought to herself about the conversation. Could she tell him? She didn't know. Did she want to tell him? She also didn't know.

She then also turned around and walked in the opposite direction.
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