My Saviour

Memory 1

"The start of the end"


Lena's pov | August 1997

It's a late summer evening, the sun is setting behind the hillside. I look out my window and the orange and yellow sky, from my bedroom window. I'm waiting for my parents to return home from the shops. They'd usually be back by now, but I'm not going to worry myself. I'm sure its just traffic.

I hear a knock at the door, did they forget their key or something?

I wander downstairs and open the door. It's my aunt, Cora. She's covered in blood, crying and her wand drawn.

"Cora?" I question "whats happened?"

"You need to pack, now" she walks into my house.

"NOW" she yells. I walk upstairs quickly while she goes into my father's office, I see her open the safe and take a handful of money and a few of her bits that are in there.

I grab a bag and take a few clothes from my wardrobe. As I'm doing, Cora walks in. "Quickly! They will be here soon"

"Who," I ask her.

"Just hurry up" she yells.

"No," I say "not until you tell me what's going on"

"You ungrateful, bitch" Cora shouts as she takes a step closer "I could have left you here to be killed but I made a promise to your mother that I'd care for you"

"But- why would you need to care for me?" I asked confused.

"Because they are dead. Your parents are dead. My sister is dead" she yelled "killed by death eaters, during an attack in Diagon Alley"

I felt my world fall around me. I didn't want to believe it. No. This can't be true.

"Your lying," I said as tears fell from my eyes.

"I have your mothers blood on my clothes. Does it fucking look like I'm lying. You foolish girl" Cora said in a bitter voice.

"Your father refused to take the Death Mark because he thought he was protecting you. The death eaters use the Cruciatus curse on them first, then they stabbed your mother twice in her abdomen while your father watched. They stabbed your father next as the death eater told them they are coming for you. Finally, they used the killing curse on him. The death eaters disapparated and I appeared from the corner I had been hiding in. Your mother was still alive and made me sware to keep you safe, to care for you. I'm doing this for Elana's sake, not yours"

I cried. I couldn't say anything. I wasn't prepared for those words. I'll never get to hear my mothers kind words or feel my father's protective hugs. Never again. Gone.

"It's your fault they are dead. If you don't want their death to be for nothing, I suggest you get your shit and get downstairs before they come here" Cora spat and then turned around and left.

I followed soon after, grabbing my wand as I left my room. As I followed after her, it was like my world was moving in slow motion. My vision blurred from the tears I couldn't keep in.

Suddenly, two death eaters appeared at the door. My house elf, Fiona, stood at the door. I watched as the death eater sliced her neck with the tip of his wand.

"Fuck" Cora spat.

"Your turn," one of the death eaters said with an evil grin on his face.

"Stupefy" Cora yelled causing the two death eaters to fly back at hit for the wall behind them.

"Run," Cora said "that won't keep them down for long"

I followed after Cora as we ran out of the house, stepping over Fiona as I did so. It didn't seem real. None of it seemed real. I didn't realise it yet but this was the start of the end.

As we ran out of the house, hexes and curse started to be fired at us. I covered my head with my hands. Cora threw curses back at them.

Cora stopped running and grabbed on to me, disaparating us to her cottage. As soon as my feet landed I fell to my knees, I cried and cried. I'm not sure for how long but it felt like forever.

A few days later

I haven't left the spare room my Aunt is letting me stay in. I can't. It's as though all the happiness and energy has been dragged out of me. Even if I wanted to I couldn't leave. But it still doesn't seem like they're gone. I haven't eaten or tried to drink anything. I haven't showered or anything. I don't feel like myself anymore.

I heard the door open and in walked my aunt.

"Get up," she said. "You're going back to Hogwarts tomorrow"

"Why," I asked.

"Its the first of September tomorrow, the first day of school. And you're not going to stay here" she said "maybe you'll feel better"

"I don't have any of my stuff"

"You do. While you were sleeping for the last week, I went back to your home and got your shit" she said "its not all of it, but it's enough"

I really didn't want to go back to school. It was the last of my worries but maybe Lisa is right. Maybe I'll feel better, my friends are at Hogwarts.

Once my aunt left the room I forced myself up, I needed to shower and eat something. During my shower, I spent most of it crying. Something I couldn't stop doing. After I went downstairs and are something, again I just cried. I tried so hard not too but whatever I did, I was reminded of my parents. Reminded that I'll never see them again.

The next day

Lisa dropped me off at King Cross Station. I walked onto the train with almost no emotion. It's like I had nothing left to feel. I didn't feel happy and I didn't feel sad. I felt nothing. Numb.

"Hey Lena" I heard Cho's voice "the others are sat up here"

I followed her to the compartment. Once she opened the door Michael and Lisa where sat laughing together.

"Merlin, Lena you look like shit," said Michael.

"What happened to you," asked Lisa.

"Nothing, just- a long night that's all" I lied

"Oh. Okay" said Lisa and they continued their conversation. I sat by the window, looking out of it. Nothing seemed the same anymore but the world still looked beautiful. My mum always used to say "even on the worst days, the sun will still shine bright" and indeed it was, and it was giving me a headache.


Over the next few weeks, Lena didn't say anything. Not like she used to. She was slowly disappearing from everyone's lives. She didn't hang out with her friends anymore. Skipped most of her lesson. Only left her dorm if it was important. She barely slept because when she did she dreamt of her parents, sometimes it would be happy memories and then she'd wake up, to realise it was just a dream. Or shed dream of them being killed. She never saw them being killed but she had a good image in her head of what it would be like, an image that wouldn't leave her mind.

She stopped sleeping and by looking at her you could tell. But no one looked at her anymore, no one noticed her.

Lena used to love partying and seeking around the castle after hours but now she didn't find joy in any of it. She used to be there for others, helping them. But now. Now she just existed. Lived every day in pain. Time flew by but for her, it felt like year's had passed but only a few months have.

She was sat in her dormitory when Cho walked in.

"Hey," Cho said "I haven't seen you much. Is everything okay"

"No," Lena said m. She hasn't spoken to anyone in months, she forgot how to. Instead of trying to seem okay, she didn't. She has completely given up.

"What's wrong," Cho asked.

"My parents died," Lena said plainly.

"What?" Cho asked in shock.

"They're dead"

"I heard you," Cho said "I'm so sorry"

Lena said nothing.

"Hey, I know what will make you feel better"

"What's that," Lena asked.

"A party! We are throwing a party later and you should join us. It will be good for you"

"No, I don't want to go"

"Oh come on! You used to love parties" Cho sighed.

"Just come"

Lena didn't want to but she knew there would be alcohol and Lena thought it might help her.


"Yay!" Cho said "ill go tell the others"
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