~Winged Serpent~


Everyone knows about what happened that fateful night at Godrics hollow, what they don't know, is what happened to their "savior" from the dark lord. As planned, Dumbledore brought little Hadrian to the terrible Dursley's despite their hate of magic, but petunia didn't keep her word. She took him to a magical orphanage, in what she thought to be out of the good of her heart. Well, that was probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to him... ━━━━━━━━ No upload schedule I own nothing but some art and all plot changes aswell as any character changes Slowburn bc they start at ages 11 and 12 so it will take a couple years. (Harry Potter x Maleficent) (Slytherin harry) (Please comment I love to know what people think!)

Fantasy / Romance
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~When one became two~

A young raven haired boy of eight walked down to his favorite tree to read one of the new books from the orphanages library. He did this almost daily to get away from the other children who alway seem to be watching him, waiting for him to do something... something like accidental magic. He never did.

When he got to his secluded tree, he noticed he wasn't alone due to the sound of humming from the seat like branch in the tree. Naturally he got annoyed thinking one of the others had found his spot and taken it for themselves, so he planned to confront them to leave. As he turned to see who it was, he was shocked to first see... feathers? That's odd. He continued on to try and see the rest of them, but was once gain shocked to be greeted with what appeared to be a yellowish-green wisp of magic, and a growing flower. Being all to curious and full of suspense he goes for it.


Simple yet efficient.

The being turned towards him to reveal a girl around his age, with eyes the same color as her magic, chocolate- auburn hair, and horns.

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