The wedding from hell (dreamnotfound)


!!!!!!!THIS DOESN'T FOLLOW WHAT REALLY HAPPEND AT FUNDY AND DREAMS WEDDING!!!! Most of what happens in this story i made up.Also,this is my first time writing fanfic so please bear with me and my BS. there is a little swearing in this story,any other warning will be given at the beginning of the chapter. I hope you enjoy :)

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{The day before the wedding}

A/N I will get clay and dream mixed up please bear with me,sorry :)

It was the day before dream and fundy's wedding.Fundy was as nervous as some one could be,meanwhile dream was suspiciously naive about the whole thing and tried to just calm fundy down and tell he'll be ok.Dream knowing in the back of his mind that this wedding would end in flames becuase of his friend George. Him and Georg haven't been the same since fundy and dream started dating and now that they are getting married it just made everything wosre. Dream felt bad,so he still invited George still having hope for their friendship.

Dream was snapped out of his thought when he heard fundy calling his name."CLAAAY, DINNER'S READY"Fundy yelled from the kitchen."OK COMING" dream yelled as he spirted down the stairs (*manhunt music*DUDUDUDU lol sorry back read bish) fundy had made pasta which was what each ate at thier first date."awww,you made pasta thanks babe." "No problem" "Sooooooo"Dream started with"how nervous are you,I should be the one who is nervous,I have to walk down the aisle by myself." "Yeah but i have to go first and then you come out silly." after the small talk at the table Clay and fundy rushed into bed. Fundy fell asleep almost instantly,but dream just couldn't,there were all of these thoughts running through his head "what if George hates me and will ruin the wedding" "what if fundy has second thoughts on getting married to me" "will George even come to the wedding" "what if I rip my dress" Dream then cut him self off and just said fuck it and called George.

292 words Sorry for the short chapter Love your author

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