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Chicago Is My Home


Justine Severide. Yes, you heard that right. Kelly Severide's little sister comes to Chicago to move there permanently to work with her brother and everyone else in firehouse 51. She is also a firefighter. She doesn't know by moving there... her life will change dramatically by someone who she never thought will come into her life... once they do. All hell breaks loose.

Action / Romance
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** Be aware. This book is 18+**

You ever had your life suddenly change even you are like what the fuck just happened. Well that was me... is me I should say. Let me start from the beginning shall we.

**15 years ago**

“Kelly!!” I had one last energy burst to scream for my brother. I couldn’t move... I couldn’t talk anymore. I was feeling numb. My vision was blurry to the point where I can’t see far away. It’s all shapes and colors. I felt something going down my face. I saw glass was all around me and car parts. The stuff that was going down my face is now going into my mouth... the taste... it was blood.

“Justine!! Where are you?” I heard my brother calling out for me. I heard something like a popping noise. I felt around around me. My brother is 17 years old and I am 13 years old. He was driving his car and someone ran a red light hitting my side hard to the point that we flipped multiple times... and also the driver was drunk. We were trying to get to a family reunion. We were almost there.

“Justine! Stay with me. It will be okay. I got you. I will always protect you” I felt Kelly pull me out. Something hot was all around me. My eyesight was coming back slowly. We were far away when the car exploded. I heard other people around me and lights flashing.

“Just save my little sister please!! Justine stay will me. Don’t leave me please” a hand squeezed mine. I was lifted into a ambulance with my brother by my side. That was the last thing I remembered.

** Present time**

At almost 28 years old, a lot has changed. I still remember bits and bits of the accident. Apparently, I hit my head very hard to the point that I go into a coma for almost a year. I had a broken collarbone, 2 broken legs, a broken arm, broken ribs. I actually died then came back. No one knew why or how. After I woke up, my brother was by my side through thick and thin. Years go by and we both grew up starting to realize that we want to be firefighters like our father. We were born to do this. My brother lives in Chicago and at firehouse 51.

I live in Boston, MA and I was a firefighter at 55 but I am moving to Chicago to be with my brother right now. He just lost a very good friend Andy in a house fire. He called me crying about it and that he blames this Casey guy I don’t know why. Plus, I always wanted to live close to my brother and work with him. He already has a good reputation I've heard from some of the guys. I've heard stories of what my brother has already accomplished. They didn't know that he was my brother though. I used my mother's maiden as my last name. I like to keep it that way but I know once I get to Chicago everyone will know who I am.

I arrived in Chicago last night. The flight here was painful. I didn't sleep at all. Just running on caffeine right now. More like 4 cups of it. I didn’t tell my brother so he has no clue. I eventually found the firehouse. It wasn't hard t find. I parked in front of the firehouse. I saw my brother with 2 other guys. I smiled looking at him. We haven’t seen each other in years but always stayed close. He looks older and different somehow. He looks happier.

Kelly went away for a little bit so I took the time to get out of my car. I walked towards the firehouse looking around. It is a big place. I went to the firetruck and touching it. I smiled remembering the memories from Boston.

“Hi, can we help you?” A voice startling me. I turned to a couple of guys at a table. I looked at some of them. I smiled at them.

"I didn't mean to startle you" A bald guy said to me standing up near a desk. I smiled a little. I walked towards them.

" I am actually looking for someone. My name is Justine" I said to them. They smiled and introduced themselves. A few guys were checking me out. I felt there eyes on me. I turned towards them. My glaring always works because they looked away so fast, I thought they would break their necks.

I was about to speak again but at that moment, my brother came out of the double doors. He stopped when he saw me standing in the entrance of the firehouse.

“Justine?” He says to me with a confused but shocked expression on his face. The other guys was staring at Kelly then at me with confusion. They were whispering with one another.

“Hello brother” I smirked. He laughed and runs to me for a hug almost knocking me down. He picks me up and spins me around holding me close. He puts me down but doesn’t let go.

“You... you sneaky son of a...” I covered his mouth with my hand. Some people by the desk chuckled. He glares at me. He hits my hand away. I just laughed at his reaction. I looked at him closely. He looks more like our mom. Little gray hairs is beginning to come.

“What are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were visiting” He says to me.

“I am actually moving here” I put my arms out smiling “surprise” He laughs and gives me a side hug. More people came outside to see what was going on. I can tell all these people are close. In Boston,

“Oh everyone. This is my little sister, Justine. Justine this is well... everyone” we all laughed at his comment. I smiled and waved at them. I got a lot of introduction and smiles.

“Justine!” I looked up.

“Shay!!” She ran to me and hugs me tight. We both laughed. When Kelly became friends with Shay, I did as well. It was an instant connection with us. Something I cherish very much.

“What you doing here?” She yells holding my arms.

“I am moving here” she screams and hugs me again. I laugh at her reaction so did Kelly. I saw a few people coming towards me.

“Hello there, how do you do? My name is Otis” This guy with a mustache came up to me smirking. I laughed at his attempt to flirt with me. Kelly crossed his arms and glares at him.

“Hi Otis” I shake his hand smiling. He looks at my brother and put his hands up like he is surrendering. We chuckled. I hit my brother on the back of the head like I always did with him. Over - protective older brother.

“Ow” He says looking at me. I shrugged looking at him smiling.

"I would think by now, you would get used to it" I said to him. He just scoffed at me.

“Ignore him like we all do. Name is Joe” Another guy comes up from behind me says to me. I shaked his hand smiling. A lot of names. I am the kind of person who remembers a face rather than the names.

“They are best friends” Kelly says to me. I nodded understanding as I saw them talking to one another. Two other guys came up to us.

“Chief Boden” Kelly says. This older dark skinned guy with a mustache. He looks like a giant towards me. The other guy had a stern expression on his face and dark blondish hair. His face soften when he saw me. He was kind of cute. They stood in front of us. I was pretty timid by the older guy. I think he noticed because he smiled at me.

“I don’t bite” We all laughed. He put his hand out to me. “Chief Boden” I shaked his hand.

“Justine Severide. Kelly’s sister” I smiled at him. He looks at Kelly then at me. He laughs.

"I see it now" He says.

"But, I am the better good looking sibling" I said to them smirking at my brother. He just gives me an eyeroll as the others laughed.

“Nice to meet you, Justine” He says to me accepting me. I saw the guy with blondish hair come over. Kelly glares at him a little I've noticed.

“Justine... this is Matt Casey. The other lieutenant here” Kelly said with no expression on his face. Matt looks at me smiled a little and shakes my hand

“Ahh so you are Casey. It is nice to meet you” I said to him. He looks at me then at Kelly. My brother was just staring at him. You can feel the tension.

“So, you heard of me” Casey says confused at first.

“You can say that” I look at him then at Kelly. Casey looks at Kelly with an unknown expression realizing how I knew him.

“Is my idiot brother causing trouble? Wouldn't be the first time” I smiled at him. Casey chuckles shrugging. He should smile more, it fits him perfectly.

“Hey!” My brother yells at me. I laughed at his reaction. I shrugged. They all seem so nice here. It is definitely better than Boston. I loved it there so no hate towards them but Chicago feels like home already. We were in the kitchen/ sitting area just hanging out.

“So many names I have to remember” I said to my brother. Some people chuckled.

“It is okay. You will remember our names... eventually” Herrmann said to me smiling as he sits on the couch with Mouch.

“Hopefully since I might be working here” I said eating the food that was in front of me. They all looked at me.

“What!?!” My brother yells in front of me. I laughed. I handed him some papers that I had in my folder. Transfer papers.

“No fucking way” He smiles at me. He hands them to Chief Boden. He looks them over and smiles.

“I am going take this to my office and fill it out. Get you settled in but welcome to firehouse 51” He nods to me smiling and walks away. Everyone congratulated me.

“A female firefighter. This should be good” Otis says. I raised one eyebrow at him.

“What the supposed to mean?” I said to him leaning back in my chair looks at him. He noticed my face expression and gulps.

“Nothing. My bad” He turns away from me. I smile at him a little sighing.

“Yeah... don’t mess with her” Kelly says about me. Otis looks me scared as I was smirking at him.

“Wait... where are you staying?” Shay said next to me. Gabby was next to her. I am not a huge fan of her. Sorry not sorry.

I shrugged. “Stay with us” Shay said pointing to her and Kelly. He looks at me smiling.

“Oh... um. I don’t want to be a bother”

“You...a bother. Never” Shay says to me. I smiled. Agreeing to move in with them. We all got along and before I knew it the alarm went off in the firehouse.

(alarm wailing. over PA)
“Pin-In accident. Columbus Drive Bridge. Ambulance 61, engine 51, truck 81. Squad three, battalion 25”

" Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Chief Boden yells from down the hallway. Everyone rushed out the door. I wanted to hang back on this one. I saw them go to the middle of the firehouse change and then leave.

“Damn that was fast” I whispered to myself. I looked around and sat on the couch watching tv until they got back.

**This story is also on my wattpad account too. Same title**

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