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Chicago Is My Home


I dropped my last box on the ground and flopped down on the couch. I heard some laughter throughout the apartment. I sat up and looked at my brother and Shay in the kitchen. I mocked their laugh but they did my weird and obnoxious laugh that I hate.

“Stop laughing at me” I said standing up stretching quietly. I started walking towards them. Shay skipped towards me and hugs me holding onto me while I still continue to walk.

“So first day candidate. Excited?” My brother said to me while handing me my breakfast. I smiled silently thanking him.

“Yeah but also nervous. I don’t want to mess up” I said having Shay sitting down on one of those spin chairs next to me. I felt my brothers hand on mine. I looked up at him and smiled.

“You will do great. You are a Severide. We are great. I know you will too” He winks at me. I shaked my head eye rolling him.

“Cocky much?” Shay laughs while making her coffee. I laugh at my brothers face expression.

After a while, we finished our breakfast and went to get ready. I looked in the mirror. While putting up my hair, my brother came to check on me then we were off to the firehouse.

** at the firehouse**

I blopped down next to Mouch sighing. I already feel tired today.

“You okay kid?” I look at him nodding.

“Yeah, just tired” I said smiling.

“Aren’t we all” Herrmann said behind me sitting drinking his coffee. I laughed a little.

“Justine” I looked up and saw my brother. “The chief wants you” I nod getting up stretching.

“Damn nice tattoo” I looked at Millis laughing. Casey looked at him then left. Kelly was glaring at him then at me. Ugh brothers... I stopped stretching.

“Thanks” I said smiling winking at them. Millis nodded but blushed a little. The guys were laughing. Millis looks at my brother and surrendered like Otis did. I flicked my brother in the forehead and walked around him to go to Chief Boden’s office.

“Hi Connie” I smiled at her and surprisingly she smiled back. I think she likes me a little. I heard stories about her and the guys. Some were pretty funny actually. I knocked on the chief's door. He looks up and waves his hand at me to enter. I opened the door and saw Casey there. I closed the door.

“Chief. Lieutenant” I nodded at them.

“Have a seat please. I have signed your transfer papers so everything is all set. It is your first day here so Casey will show you around and answer any questions you have” Chief Boden asked.

I nodded. “Thank you sir. I can't wait to start” They smiled at me. They can sense I am nervous. I just want to make everyone proud.

“Well since we have two candidates now. One will go to truck and one will go to squad for now until we officially decide where to put everyone. Would you like to be on truck 81? Their lieutenant is Casey” Chief said to me while sitting behind his desk.

I look at Casey saw him staring at me and then at the chief. “Yes, definitely” They smiled at me.

“Okay good. Casey, show Justine the way around here” He nods to Chief Boden. “Before you do, you have to sign some things that every candidate need to sign then you are officially a member of firehouse 51" I smiled and went to his desk. Signed some stuff. He congratulated me so I thanked him and followed Casey out the door. He was silent. Only time he would talk to me if I have a question or he is explaining the firehouse and it's background. I don't know if he likes me.

“Um... Casey? I mean Lieutenant” He stops and turns to me with a confused face expression.

“When we met, if I sounded a little rude or anything. I didn’t mean too” I said shyly biting my lips. His expression changed, he looks at me softly.

“It is okay Justine” He looks at my brother. “I know he talks about me” he looks down. I walk to him looking up at him. He just stares at me.

“I know about Andy” He looks at me surprised. I nodded my head to my brother. He understood. I know he was close to him too. He is hurting the same way my brother was.

“It is not your fault. Don’t listen to my dickhead brother. You did what you had to do” I said to him shrugging. He is looking at me like he was studying me.

“You and your brother are nothing alike but thank you I appreciate it” I laughed and nods. He smirks.

“Yeah, I get that alot actually” He laughs and continues to go near the truck. He told me the basics about everything. He is actually a really nice guy. I don't know why my brother is a dick to him.

Later on me, Herrmann and Mouch was watching tv when Millis comes in. The tv went crazy.

“What the hell just happened?” Mouch said putting his arms out.

“Ah, damn thing’s fried” Herrmann says putting his feet the table.

“Two hours left in the shift and no calls yet. That happen very often?” Millis said. I laughed knowing what is going to happen. It is jinx thing that every firehouse has.

“Oh shit” I said still laughing.

“He did not just say that” Herrmann said to us.

“[Alarm blasts] Accident, truck 81, squad 3”

I laughed at Herrmann’s reaction. I walked with Millis and slapped his back.

“It’s okay. Show time” I said smiling. He smiles back. I walked past my brother and he fist pounds me. I ran to truck 81. Change and hopped inside. Lieutenant Casey hit the firetruck and off we got with sirens and horns honking. When we arrive on the scene... it was madness. A black car on the side and another car is on the wall ready to flip over on its hood.

“Oh boy” Herrmann said. He then turns to me.

“You ready for this?” I nodded looking at the scene.

“Show time” We got out of the truck and ran to the car that was going to flip over. I followed Casey to the other car though. The guy was flat out drunk.

“Ugh! Field test this idiot” Casey said pushing the guy at the officer. I leaned in and grabs one of the can and hold it up the Casey.

“Open containers right there. More on the other side” I said to the officer.

“I’ll take care of it” He said. I put the can in one of my pockets. I shaked my head. People need to learn to not drink and drive. We heard the guys yell. We both ran over and tried to help. We eventually got the dad and son out. The son doesn’t look good. I looked over at the officer. Taking off my helmet and coat. I walked towards him. Casey followed me knowing what is going on.

“Where’s the driver?” I asked him while I got closer to him.

“Uh, some officers took him to the hospital” I scoffed and look at Casey.

“You’re kidding me” He said to the officer. The officer looked at us.

“He was complaining of leg pain, and you guys looked swamped over there, so...” The officer said shrugging like it is no big deal.

“He should’ve been c-collared and transported properly” I said to him firmly. I glared at him.

“My bad” He says nervously. Casey looked inside the car then at me. The cans were gone.

“Did you bag the beer cans?” Casey aled him

“Look. Detective Voight... behind me, the guy in the jacket” I looked behind him at this 40′s guy with a badge and a black jacket on and black pants on. “that was his son driving this car” He shaked his head. I turned to Casey in disbelief. He stares at Voight with a glare. I turned to look at him with my arms crossed. I was livid. I know the consequences of a drunk driver. He looks at Casey for a while then at me. I glared at him a little. I walked over to him not losing eye contact.

“Justine. No” Casey yelled. Getting the attention to the guys including my brother. I walked over to Voight take out the can that was in his son’s car and in my pocket. I slam it on his chest.

“Here. Your son might want to finish this” I said firmly frowning. He looks at the can and at me smirks a little. He grabs it. He is actually pretty handsome up close. He had these hazel eyes that could freeze you up and get goosebumps. Sharp features. A little built. I heard my brother come over to me. We kept staring at one another.

“Justine. Come on. Enough” Kelly said pulling me away. Never lost eye contact. He is loving this interaction from the smirk on his face

“Swipe that smirk on your face before I do" He glares at me but then laughs a little. He put his hands in his pockets tiling his head studying me. I gulped feeling the goosebumps again from the way he was staring at me. What is the world was that?

"This is your son’s fault. He is gonna pay. Daddy privileges must be good huh since your parenting skills obviously sucks” I said to him shaking my head. He was frowning now looking all around him and my brother. He looks pissed that I said that. But, I don't care. He was about to say something but I turn around and walked away going to the truck. Everyone was staring at me. I got in and slammed the door. Sighing knowing I just got in trouble on my first day.

Everyone piled up and got into their trucks. The guys in the truck was staring at me.

"Remind me to never piss you off" Herrmann said to me. I look at him smirking. I shrugged. I know I will regret that later on but I am too pissed off. Casey looked back at me. I could tell he was a little pissed. I frowned and closed my eyes sighing. The window to my side was down. I took out my ponytail in front of the window and looking out. Detective Voight was still looking at me. Just looking. Not smirking or anything. The truck started to move. When it did, I stuck out my middle finger at him and waved. He shakes his head glaring.

I know that is not the last time I’ll see detective Voight.. I am sure of it.

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