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They Are Mine And I Am Theirs


She didn’t know how it happened. The last thing she knew was she had a boyfriend and crushing on her bestfriends Fred and George Weasley. Now she had Fred buried deep in her pussy and George thrusting into her mouth. She knew falling for the Weasley twins was dangerous. They were known for their pranks and rudeness but, they were anything but that. Well, to her anyway. They were never mean to her unless she was bad. They were possessive. Any guy friend she had knew not to touch her or hug her. Friends and teachers and students slowly started to notice how the twins were always behind or next to her. If Fred wasn’t with her, George was and vice versa.

The Weasley family immediately took her in. Ginny thought of her as the older sister she never got. Ron also saw her as the older sister he never got. Bill and Charlie saw her as a younger sister. Molly and Arthur as another daughter. Naomi was thankful to the Weasleys. Naomi never wanted to be in You-Know-Who's ranks. She only followed for the sake of her daughter's life. She did love her husband, Jerome. But after the first Wizarding War, he changed. He wasn't the man she married. He became someone unrecognizable.

Dahlia Silverstan followed her heart. Her heart belongs to the Weasley Twins. And their hearts belong to her.

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